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event thread, march 11th
Ceridwen was not exactly sure how she would transport her rooster in the event that something happened within the Court. Always the type to prepare for any situation, she had always anticipated luring the crows with something tasty, but was not exactly sure how to bring the rooster. It would not do to try and drag him along on some kind of string, lest he somehow tangle himself up or end up strangled to death, but she could not expect him to follow along like the other two. All morning, she had spent time prowling the forested area around the temple, looking for suitable branches that she could cut down. With these green limbs, she would try to fashion a sort of cage. It did not to be pretty, nor did it have to be particularly durable, but it had to be sturdy enough to carry a clueless fowl from one place to another.

By the time noon had come around, she figured she had enough to make something worthwhile. She had also pulled slender reeds out of the shores of the nearby frozen lake. Those would be good to weave into a floor for the cage, and perhaps a door if she was particularly clever with her craft. This was something of a new endeavor to her, however, and she doubted she would end up with anything extravagant.

Trudging through the snow, she headed back to the temple, enjoying the increasingly warm temperatures of late. With a halt on the garden preparations, what everyone hoped would be a temporary affair, Ceridwen had little else to do but keep herself occupied and her worries to herself. Shaking the snow off her legs, she climbed up the rickety temple stairs, deciding that she would open up the doors to the inner vestibule, and allow some fresh air to circulate throughout the building while she worked in the sunshine.

[March 11th]
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Mads wasn't a spiritual person, but the recent goings on had lured him towards the strange, old temple in search of something. A sign, anything. He had an incredibly bad feeling about the current events, having already lived through one disbandment he knew the signs better than anyone else. The possibilities churned in his stomach, what would he do with his livestock? With his children? With his- his Moon Moon... Already he began to walk the horse's miles and miles for fresh water, trekking back as many containers full of fresh water as he could. But there was only so much he was able to do.

So he'd turned to pleading to various deities. The old gods, the new ones, he'd even begged the ones he'd only read about in books for aid. But he was sceptical of such follies.

Though when he arrived, he found that he wasn't the only person frequenting the temple. Grey eyes widened a little in a mix of shock and embarrassment, the Vidame faintly remembering the... thing, after the ball. Guilt rippled through his stomach, but he greeted his packmate with a faux relaxed, 'Hey.' all the same.
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Her ear twitched as Mads approached, turning in to his voice; intimately familiar as possible, yet not so familiar on a day-to-day basis that she could match it to his face right away. Either way, her reaction would have been the same. Her lips pulled together in a tight grimace, a flash of annoyance clearing her face just before she turned to face the intruder. Drawing a blank, she regarded Mads for a moment, before vaguely recalling the shenanigans immediately after the ball just a few months ago. It did not seem to change her opinion of him in the slightest.

"Anything I can help you with?" It was an automatic response that she offered in attempt to efficiently discover what they wanted with her, or the temple, or both. She loathed to think that she might have to leave the wooden building behind, but it was an option that she had to keep open, should worse come to worse. "It's been awfully busy lately," She mused, puttering about the front entrance, tidying things up. "Normally I could leave for days without having to worry about visitors." Especially during the winter, when it was a hassle to travel from one end of the territory to the other, she rarely had such an overabundance of company.

"I hope you and uh, Moon Moon, are doing alright. You have pups too, don't you?" Squinting, she tried to recall his connections within the pack. Unlike him, Ceridwen had no sense of guilt; not so much as the fleeting thought of wrongdoing crossed her mind. If anything, she felt a little bad for storing so much for her own personal means, but if it was between life and death, she would save herself every time.
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