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For Julius

All things truly wicked start from Innocence

Dahlia knew that she was going to do it, that she was going to leave Salsola. It was a shame that she was starting the climb the ranks, making herself some more headway into what this kingdom was actually all about, but with the scare from the Boss and now the new Inquisitors wandering around, a huge target would be painted on her for the cause of such a curse.

After all, she was the bad blood that was floating around here along with her sister's children. With any luck, the pups would not be blamed for what might have been the fault of the two Inferni women, but if that was the case, then Helena should have as much of the blame as her. After all, even if the new Inquisitor wanted to say otherwise, she was once a member of Inferni too. No amount of loyalty to Salsola was going to change that.

Even so, the gray coyote had retreated to her small home. Since coming here with her sister, she had seen no reason to move into one of the places in the Ruins. She never wanted to bring them into her life, just the small amount that was already there from Eden and Evelyn's side of the family. Even then.. it was a bit too much. She had begun to gather her things together. It was only a matter of time now before she made the break. The children had... in a sense, expressed they were alright with their Aunt moving on with her life.

For her one chance to be happy again.

It tore at her inside, but there wasn't much that could be done about it. No matter which choice she would end up making, it was only going to lead to heartache in one way or another.

Dahlia wrapped herself in her small jacket, stepping outside of her home as she padded through the lines of houses. She began to make her way to the stables. Both Spitfire and Spirit would need to be in top shape if she was going to see this through.

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pump your veins with gushing gold

He had followed, he had followed, he had followed, if anything just to see how far she could go, would go, and found himself roiling and seething with that vicious pressure each and every step along the way in quiet silence, until her horse had broken into gallop, and Julius was left in silence to return home.

'It's not your business,' Avault had insisted, and his fingers bit sharp into palms - The sister to Coaxoch's Infernian fling had made a habit of vanishing away into the night, like the ashes the coyote clan had before her. Avault was wrong. O'Riley had made it his business. There was no room for treachery, not here, not now, not ever; he had camped out at the border, made himself inconspicuous, and ate as he needed until the thunder of hoof beats announced her re-arrival, and he had observed her actions, until nothing came of it, and instead camped nearby, trading shifts with the white dog until there was movement once again.

The gray coyote was on the move, lurking about as she was, hiding her secrets away. Poorly. Julius dropped the whittling he had picked up, a part for a new trap, and went to confront the ex-Infernian.

"Going somewhere?"

hey buddy where u headin
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