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Xies listened to Jaden and the old one that had came. It would appear that he and X'yrin were not alone in thinking that the male wolf was acting out of conduct for a leader.. But this didn't make a difference, what did was Jaden's implications. The boy was trying to reason that he came here now because he no longer cared of X'yrin's opinion and that it had only been her preventing him from doing it before. X'ies smirked, "...It wasn't her holding you back...it was your own weakness.." With Jaden's climactic finish there was only ever going to be one way in which this was solved. One of them would lay bloodied in the dirt. The only problem at this time was that Jaden held the overall advantage in that he had come prepared for battle. Tactically this was sound and he had caught X'ies unawares. "If those are your terms then I reject them.....I report to my alpha...none other." His eyes drifted to X'yrin as the challenge was set. In his mind, he knew that he was on the lower ground for this fight. Jaden had more experience fighting, but X'ies was a thinker, a planner. A schemer and a manipulator, he had no sense of honor like X'yrin. He would use everything and anything to win this battle.

"And you Jaden, are not fit to be her equal."

Right now several things were in his advantage from right now. Jaden's weapons and armor, whilst providing him with an offensive advantage did little to benefit his defense. They were on a mountainous terrain, easy to lose footing and trip. Even easier if you were weighed down by unnecessary equipment. This led into his next advantage, Jaden's additional weight would slow him down, the Optime form was not the fasted of forms to begin with, and X'ies currently had him as far as agility went. "Should you win against me, I will accept you as her equal...for now......Should I overcome you despite my obvious disadvantage however...I will ascend to your rank and title for the time being...and you shall be thrust into the front of assimilation, you will be taught how to be a Nomad...whether you like it or not..."




The other two wolves stayed silent after the compromise was issued. Perhaps even they wanted to know how the Lambda would respond to this just proposal. It would be far safer for everyone involved if he agreed. But, unsurprisingly, the dust colored male did not choose the easy path. The mention of Jaden’s weakness was appropriate. Loving X’yrin had been weak. The emotion was poisonous and dreadful. Thana had broken him with it once before and he had been even more perfectly shattered by the loss of his first lover. This was a mistake he would not make again. Just like other unnecessary things love could be done away with. Jaden would not give him the satisfaction of telling X’ies how right he was but only continued to watch for the answer he wanted.

No. In more words that were not of significance but there it was. He even went as far as to state his desires for their confrontation: to be Issum and force Jaden into the life of a nomad. It wouldn’t happen. Even if by some movement of fate X’ies won out over him, Jaden would never be a nomad. Their ideals were flawed and bread deceitful characters like those that stood before him today. Cowardly thinkers and manipulative, heartless warriors would not dominate his home. Jaden reached down fluidly and striped off his quiver and bow then tossed them out of the way. “We shall see.

He glanced momentarily at X’yrin to see if she or her pet would interfere before quickly putting eyes back on X’ies. This wolf was now a target and his mind shifted easily. All he knew of X’ies had been analyzed before today in order to predict how he would fight when confronted. Little training indicated that he would stick to instinctual movements. The deceit he thought the male was chock full of meant he likely had little plans to fight morally. Underhanded trickery would surely have to be dealt with. He would be quicker in his four legged form too. All that and a logical mind made an opponent who would not go down easily. This was the type of fight he had been trained to avoid. A lesson hammered into him during his youth: “Even the weakest of prey are a threat if cornered and allowed to fight.” The words of his father and the reason he had been taught to kill before he had been taught to fight. The optime settled into a left oriented stance to hide the blade still concealed on that forearm. Black gauntlets shielded his white belly and he advanced a few steps on the slightly uneven ground.

Jaden does. Jaden speaks. Jaden thinks.

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But your thoughts will soon be wandering,
the way they always do, When you're ridin' sixteen hours

And there's nothin' much to do
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Despite the cold fire from Jaden's blue eyes, the touch of X'yrin's nose at his hip and the soft yip she made confirmed in him that his was the right position. He might catch it later from Jaden, but he would deal with that when the time came. For now his place was here. As Jaden spoke to X'ies, the man subsided into a crouch that was no less prepared than standing upright; was perhaps more so because he could drive the point of his spear upward and into the chest or belly of an advancing Optime foe and was more level to one in Lupus or Secui. He listened intently to the Issum's proposal: that X'ies would be required to report directly to Jaden, and that the Lambda opposing Jaden would not be tolerated were gleaned from the piebald's words.

Had Asgeir been in X'ies place he would probably have done just as the ashen wolf did, and rejected the proposal. Jaden was not the only alpha in Sangi'lak, and therefore it was not solely to him that one should have to report. X'ies boldly rejected Jaden as his alpha, saying that the Issum should not be on equal footing with X'yrin, and then proceeded to name his counter proposal, saying that they would fight, and if he won, that X'ies would become Issum in Jaden's place while the latter learned true Nomad ways. The challenge for position rang true in Asgeir's ears.

As Jaden glanced their way, Asgeir half-turned, signaling his intent to stay out of the fight while also removing X'yrin from harm, carefully but firmly pushing her further into the den, issuing reassurances and a promise not to let death befall either party. He knew she would not approve, that she would want to watch or potentially to interfere with the fight, but the patched elder would not let her, for her own safety.

And you don't feel much like ridin',

You just wish the trip was through
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ooc: Katie has provided Asgeir's response since he and X'yrin will be 'silent' for the duration of the fight.

What she knew of her mate had been true to a fault. His convictions were as unwavering as Jaden’s though his disposition was far less hostile. Rather than succumbing to the ferocity of a predator, he chose instead to survey his prey, rile him and issue his own terms in the calm finesse of the Lambda. But in his words was a danger more so to himself that the Issum primed for battle. The Issor silently looked on with ears pinned forward and legs quivering with nervous energy. The cost of his failure to overthrow the Alpha was a price she was not confident her mate was able to pay. A blow to his pride, perhaps the tear of his fur and flesh. Injuries of which the woman was not inclined to let befall him regardless of how far or likely the possibility.

Angrily, X’yrin stepped toward with claws clicking soundly on the ground to call for attention, but she was denied her voice to interrupt this dispute as she was ushered back into the safety of the den like some helpless female that would only get in the way. And unfortunately for the moment, that was truly what she was. But she could not submit to this truth…not yet. Anxiously she paced the entrance of the den and butted her head repetitively against the hip of her elder guardian. “Asgeir please…stand aside!” She trusted the word of the male in that he would not allow death to come to either, but she did not wish for them to unnecessarily fight at all!

Barred from approaching the pair by a hand on her shoulder, the bothered woman looked to her guardian with eyes pleading to be released. Anxiety ran deep and despite how the multi-hued male attempted to console her, her worries were only lessened minutely. But for the sake of him honoring his word, she restrained herself from darting from his grasp and sat down dejectedly at his feet. “The honorable thing to do is to let the fight happen,” knowing this was true, the she-wolf humbly lowered her head but kept her ears forward and attentive. She had to hear when the fight would begin. “My first duty is to you, X'yrin, to keep you safe.” His kind profession of honor lifted her gaze to his though she remained silent. “If interference is required, I will do so, but you must stay back and stay safe. I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you.”

X’yrin was quiet still, at a loss of what more to say. The situation had been created by conflicting forces and who was she to stop opposing fronts from creating a storm? She could find her shelter and watch the storm rage even if it was the last outcome she hoped for. Her eyes said this and more as she looked to Asgeir through the depressed veil of red. But she would not step forward, only lie on her mantle and await the outcome. With a silent prayer to the Ancestors, she closed her eyes and waited.

“All must be well. It has to be.”

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