Luperci folk music
Okay okay I know this sounds like I really dumb question, but hear me out.

Would certain Luperci folk music be human music from the 70s-80s (and before)? Like... dogs from that time would hear that music around their owners, in public settings, on the radio etc etc, and the oldest/original Luperci would then be able to sing said music once they began to mutate. Would those songs get passed down from generation to generation over the decades? Like... modern day Luperci would have no idea where these songs came from and probably just assume a long forgotten Luperci wrote it, but there they are... belting out Billie Jean or humming along to a somber Slipping Through My Fingers by the campfire.

Some of the lyrics would sound like absolute nonsense to them, but some folk songs we have don't make much sense to our modern ears, you feel me?

Anyways, I know this just sounds like sh*t-posting... but I actually have legitimate plot reasons for wanting to know this, I swear!
Going off of this Tumblr ask, I don't think that having pre-1988 songs passed down through generations of dog ancestors would be improbable.

That said, considering the nature of oral tradition, some things would eventually become altered, misremembered, or altogether forgotten as the song was spread out through time and individuals. For example, how Queen's "We Are the Champions" might sound after several generations of oral transmission would likely be much different from the original song.

Since you have a specific plot in mind, though, it might be best to PM the 'SA with your scenario to make sure everything is kosher. c:
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I think that theory -- dogs echoing songs they heard from humans and passing it down -- is pretty probable, but I agree that songs may be distorted out of recognisable form very quickly. In the early post-human days in particular, oral records would be most Luperci's only record, and I think it's improbable for any passed down songs to be able to be accurately attributed to an original source.

So, for example, I think it's pretty unlikely that any modern Luperci would be able to say "X song is by Y human band" without specifically uncovering evidence of such. They might know X song because their parents sang it to them, but it's probably different from the original song, and even if their parents told them that S artist wrote that song, it's probably not accurate (e.g. "Y" actually wrote it).

But yeah, if you have a specific scenario in mind, best be specific. Tongue
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