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Rubbing her hand, the female groaned. Why did Aeron have to cut her hand again? It was bad enough that she had to go though it once then joining and then again then she and Aeron became mates. What was it, and this pack everyone and everything required them to cut the hands. She sighed as she let go of her hand as she gave her cut hand a shake. She loved Aeron and Panda with all of her heart, but really this cutting thing needed to stop. She looked around…the pack lands, where always so dark, always so depressing, but she knew anytime she went out of the pack lands she found herself in trouble.

She shook her head, she needed to get to work, her rank was shameful for that of the Angela’s mate. Then Charm was also being shameful of Panda with her low rank and her rank upon the Upper Council, with her rank of Malpas. Charm needed to get to work. She called for any member that needed help with their rank, she was willing to help in any way that she can.
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why hello there

Medusa huffed quietly as she fiddled with some pieces of glass she collected. She didn't have a forge and wasn't able to make any sculptures as she was used to, imposing creations of glass and metal meant to inspire and instill fear. Without the forge though, she was able to make small trinkets, provided she had a hot enough and large enough fire. Carefully putting the glass back into a small leather pouch, she looked at some ribbons and silver chains she had found and put them in another small bag. She would make necklaces, perhaps. People enjoyed those, she thought.

Her head snapped up and to the left when she heard a short howl from Charm, a lovely lady she had met on a few occasions. Getting up and walking towards the call, Medusa realized it was for people who needed to achieve higher places on their rank or wanted to work. A grin spread across her scarred face as she upped her pace to a steady clip, reveling in the idea of being able to fashion some things from glass and possibly help Charm with her own rank. It would be mutually satisfying and a great bonding experience as well!

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Charm Sawtooth,
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A mistake I'm makin'

But what you're giving I'm happy to be taking.

The pregnant she wolf was always willing to help out a pack member in need, she had made it clear to her family member that she would help her however she could. She was being selfish; however she knew that she needed to move up in ranks also. The lady brought her maw down as she allowed her eyes drop to her swelling stomach. She felt like she could tear up over the thoughts of the last litter.

She shook her head, clearing her mind of that thought; she could not let that get her down. Charm needed to keep her mind set keep herself focused upon her task at hand, moving up in her rank class. Seeing the scared lady move towards her Charm gave a chipper yip, as she waved at her. She was so glad that the being that came to her call was someone she knew and someone that she enjoyed being around. The female looked to the sky as she howled at the blonde lady, she was so happy to see her, and her body made no effort as to hide that excitement! ”Oh Medusa! How have you been dear?” Charm piped out in excitement.

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