[P] From Survivor to Another
Tora had taken to working on his various projects outside his home, dragging a couple of fallen trees and various branches he had collected into the Court's village and piling them behind the long post he used to practice his swordmanship. Inside it was so much more cramped and stuffy and the lighting was somewhat poor, making it a choice based in practicality as much as comfort. Why would he work in the dark where it smelled like smoke and shame when he could sit in the fresh air? When he sat out in the sun on the stool he had made himself he could pretend he was functional, attempt to disguise the fact that he was becoming a broken down wreck only good for cutting wood into pretty shapes and cutting people into pieces. As soon as he stepped inside and saw the broken bottles, the mass of blankets and hides that served as a bed, the unfinished sketches and carvings scattered across the floor he was forced to confront just how worthless he had become.

Today he was practicing his drawing, a hand carved easel with a large scrap of pine bark serving as his canvas. While not perfect the soft white flesh of the bark would serve almost as well as paper. A broken shard of polished glass jutted out from the side, allowing Tora to look at every single imperfection he had. Not a pleasant experience for him but one necessary for the self-portrait he was working on. There were much better subjects for art than himself but he felt that a beginner should work on what he knew best. So far he had scratched out the outline of his head, pausing to study the details of his face.

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