Canoeing With A One-Armed Character
Firstly, I want to apologize for the bit of mess I've made with this being mentioned in so many of my threads.

My character, Shale, uses a dugout canoe to get around. She has only one arm, and I completely forgot about this until I was going back and editing posts, realizing how hard it would be to paddle with only one arm. I was wondering if it was possible for her to hold her paddle's stick in her jaws for extra support, or use a bent, modified paddle with a harness for support like the One-Armed Freedom Paddle? The harness would be made out of leather and metal, attaching the paddle to one shoulder to help brace is, and the paddle is just a paddle modified to have a bent pole for better support.

This is the Freedom Paddle: [x]

If this doesn't fit 'Souls, I will go back and edit every thread so far that mentions Shale canoeing and edit it out.
Not 'SA, but, from the looks of it, the basic gist of how the One-Arm Freedom Canoe Paddle is constructed looks to probably be within Luperci means :O Again though, not 'SA xD

A thick branch with the proper angling could even be used instead of a pole (though, might break over time, but! That could work for plots/self-thread prompts!). Instead of the velcro blue strap as shown in the product's images/how-it's-constructed gif, you could make use of natural offshoots on the branch or just tie things to the pole to keep the chord from slipping off the end.

The plate would be the tricky part, but, with proper banging (or maybe commission a metalsmith of some sort), you could obtain the right angle for the "duck tail." If leather were applied over/around this roughly molded piece of metal, that would allow you to make the proper holes without figuring out how to drill into the metal itself, as well, allow you to add something to act as the brass knob (a piece of scrap metal? A toggle?) shown for the One-Arm Freedom Canoe Paddle. The shock chord could be replaced with twine or chord.

For the paddle, you'd have to find some way to attach it to the pole. Your best bet may be to just tie an actual canoe paddle to the arm part that extends down to the water xD

It would probably be best to attach the whole construction to a vest, as it would give it more stability and less likely to just twist off the shoulder. You'd probably need another Luperci to do the actual construction part of the apparatus itself too :O

All in all, it probably won't be as durable, but, again, that's something that could be fun for you to play Wink Finding replacement parts or doing repairs! As well, it might be good for your character to figure this out through some trial and error, with earlier prototypes that either failed or didn't last long!

Another thing to keep in mind too, this would have to be something that Shale would have to haul around with her (unless she stashes it with her canoe in some place safe from scavengers and hooligans), so, be aware of that too!

ALTERNATIVELY (and to go the easier route xD):
You might take a look at these Youtube videos on one-armed kayaking: link 1, link 2.

Kayaks and canoes (from my quick Google search) look to be pretty much the same other than how you sit and how you use the paddle/what the paddle looks like? Canoes are deeper and typically meant to be large enough to carry more junk than a kayak, but, this is post-apocalyptic, and Shale could commission whoever built hers to be built to her personal wants/specifications Wink

For someone like Shale with one arm, the longer, double paddle would probably work just fine since the boats are both of similar weight and shape? She could make use of her chin this way, and she wouldn't have to have some sort of special construction specially built for her.
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It's pretty unfortunate that such a significant disability was overlooked until now, but...

Concern 1: I'm not sure it's practical for Shale consider a rowing vessel in the first place over other alternatives. Shallower waters can be traversed by rafts steered via grounding stick, or -- Luperci are capable swimmers, and a three-legged Lupus or Secui is less handicapped than a one-armed Optime on a boat.

Concern 2: Something like the One-Arm Freedom would not be impossible to build via primitive means, but it would take time, dedication, and a lot of trial and error to develop it, especially since Shale came to 'Souls without any boating experience, or even significant exposure to waterfaring ways.

Concern 3: Paddling is hard, especially when stronger currents are involved. Since Shale's other arm is missing from the shoulder, she doesn't have much for a counterweight either. Arm muscles would need to be strengthened over time specifically for this or similar tasks if she isn't already doing a good amount of arm-heavy work.

So basically -- the end idea of using a one-armed freedom is fine, as is one-armed paddling in general, but it'd make more sense for this skill to have developed over a period of time. Not sure when this canoe use began, but it'd be best if there's at least reference to earlier ventures being extra difficult or unsuccessful.
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Thanks for the replies, Kiri and Songbird. I don't intend for this to happen again. The idea is that this skill developed over close to three years, learned and practiced when Shale was away from 'Souls. I'll go back and edit my posts to reflect either swimming, hiking through shallow water crossings, or using a raft.

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