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<h3 id="nameOfSubheader">[Image: eUb59ul.png] Wikimania [Image: eUb59ul.png]</h3>

<p>We all know the Wiki is a rabbit hole of information, the Library of Alexandria for our lovely 'Souls! We spend hours and hours combing over our character pages, player pages, etcetera, and turning it into a hotbed of shiny up to date information! After a lot time weighing up the pros and cons, we've decided that Mistfell is going to take the Del Cenere Gang's lead and migrate our pack site onto the Wiki!</p>

<P>This is where you lovely folks come in! Wink Moving and updating this much information is no one-man job and the Vale needs your help to make our lovely Wiki pages brand spanking new! Naturally, this will not be a thankless job... For each relevant action you perform, you can earn a number of entries into the Wikimania Raffle! Prizes include icons, titles, and, most excitingly, shiny new artwork!!!</p>

<h3 id="nameOfSubheader">[Image: aFsXpiE.png] Jordheim Papermill [Image: aFsXpiE.png]</h3>

<p>Elkenfrey, Ezra Vahn created his first mill in Vinatta, and it ran wonderfully until the meteor hit. It destroyed the mill and tore the place up. Ezra loved that dang mill and it brought so much prosperity to Vinatta, and purpose to his own life, that he felt like a piece of him was missing. Ergo, Ezra came to Saga with a plan to make a mill, in order to bring that same prosperity to Mistfell Vale!</p>

<P>Prizes are also up for grabs for participating in the building of the Papermill! Whoever participates in the most threads will win a shiny new icon! And what's more, each thread you participate in nets you an extra entry into the Wikimania raffle!</p>


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