[NEWS] October 2019

Monthly Spotlights

Spotlight Soul

Our Spotlight Soul this month is Lyssa Fontaine (Ruby). Ambitious and dedicated, Lyssa Fontaine has certainly been proving her worth within Del Cenere! Always one to try and make friends, her presence among the Gang is refreshingly optimistic and endearingly sweet. But don't take her outgoing personality for weakness! This brave and hardworking gal can hold her own, often traveling outside of the Gang's territory to establish positive relationships with members from neighboring packs, and her principles have made her one of the first Ashen to achieve an Occupation among the Gang. Go, Lyssa, go!

Community Soul

This month goes to Songbird! Always ready to assist in #help, Songbird has been flying around as a stand up Moderator who is ready at a moment's notice to help those in need. Beyond her duties, she has provided numerous assistance and guidance to other members. From her dedication to research to the wonderful artwork she's provided, Song certainly has been spreading joy throughout the forum!

Soldier of Love

Good job and congrats to Miranda, who went head to head with veldt all month before finally emerging victorious in the end. Thanks to you both and to all participants as always. You guys really help out and we appreciate it! This month's avatar prize is being provided by Mel. Please remember to send a PM to claim your prize within five (5) days!

Featured Pack Adoptable

Pledged to Lorn, Leena Nemir is a short-haired woman with her eyes always on the horizon. She was betrothed to Athras Eryn in Old Caledonia as a pledge of good faith between the clans of Lorn and Taur (but who knows what secret bargain was struck to bind the mercurial Athras and steady Leena together). During the war Leena fought valiantly with her spear, but her face was scarred. She was split from her other Lorn brethren when the clans fled. No one seems to know whether she is alive or dead, and Athras's answer seems to change by the day. Contact Stormie if interested!


News & Updates

It's spooky month time for spookiness!! jk it's always time for spooky.

Weather Events

A general reminder that day-to-day weather on board is largely up to individual players. Playable territories encompasses a large area, and it stopped making sense to provide generalised weather for the whole board a long time ago. Overall climate though, should, of course, conform to what's realistic for eastern Canada!

That said, major weather events with wide area impacts won't happen in game unless dictated in a board-wide event, regardless of whether there is a real-life thing happening or not. It's cool for individual players or packs to do things like "a big storm smashed a roof in," but anything bigger than that -- like "a big storm mowed over a few acres of forest" -- should be cleared with staff first.

Wiki Editing

We're stoked to see more people editing and contributing to the Wiki! We recently updated the Wiki Guidelines with some minor clarifications and revisions. If it's been a while since you've read them, it'll be good to give them a once-over. We also clarified a bit further in a Tumblr question about the Wiki.

We'd love to see more member initiative in the Wiki Collaboration forum with regard to general, "ownerless" pages, so if you see a part of the Wiki that needs updating, but feel it's too daunting a task to handle yourself, try reaching out and rallying up some help!

Weather Events II

Traveling loners and the forest rumor mill have some small mentions of a big storm happening somewhere far from 'Souls. Some are convinced that something big and terrible will happen soon close to home, like a second red star. Others are quick to roll their eyes and say it's just paranoia. There's no way something as amazing as the star will happen twice in their lifetimes. Meanwhile, locals have noticed a lot of fog in the mornings and evenings lately, extra thick and spooky...

What's that about? Regthinking


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