[NEWS] Happy 18th Birthday, 'Souls!!!


Yo, can you believe it's been EIGHTEEN YEARS.

Welcome to Adulthood

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Wacky Wiki Update Initiative

The 'Souls Wiki is one of our most valuable tools for information and posterity, and yet it also happens to be the most in need of updating! Have you ever visited a page hoping for inspiration or enlightenment, only to be disappointed by outdated or incomplete information? So have we.

So, in light of the board's 18th birthday, we're launching an initiative to encourage wiki updates! Learn more here!

Thread Setting and Prompt Generator

We've made some exciting new changes to our prompt generator! Not only have we added a multitude of brand-spankin'-new scenarios (now over 350 possible prompts!!), but we've also added a new option: moods! You can now choose from a list of seven different moods that will help you set the tone for your thread. Prompts are also classed by setting/biome, so theoretically this means you'll no longer receive prompts related to the beach when the setting is set to a mountain! Shy

Try it out!

But wait, there's more! Enter a raffle by starting a thread based on a generated prompt!

A Week of Birthday Post Raffles

Additionally, we're also bringing back an old favorite: the birthday post raffle(s)! This year, we'll be raffling off acrylic charms and sticker sheets to TEN (10) lucky 'Soulsters! Details here!

Birthday Contest: Guess How Many Coasters!

Once upon a time, on a distant coast, our fearless Kiri ordered a very reasonable number (25) of delightfully illustrated 'Souls coasters that they had pure and specific intentions for (SSWM prizes!). But alas! A glitch in the matrix laid waste to Kiri's wholesome plans and, when they accepted the delivery and opened the package, they made a dreadful discovery: they had been given a very unreasonable number of coasters.

To put a fun spin on an otherwise annoying snafu, the only logical solution is to make a game of it! Can you guess how many coasters Kiri was sent? If you can guess correctly (or get as close to the actual number), you'll win... wait for it... a 4-pack of coasters!

PM the 'Souls Assemblage your guess with the following subject: Coaster Contest!. One guess per player! If multiple players guess the same correct number, all of them are winners! Otherwise, the single player who first guesses the closest number is the winner. Winner(s) will be announced with our December newspost!

New Catacombs Skulls

It's been forever since we've added new non-event Catacombs skulls, so here are some!! Hover for their requirements!

Additionally, there is a new event-specific Catacomb! Participate in any of our FOUR birthday contests (post raffle, thread generator raffle, wiki raffle, guess-the-coasters) and claim this golden birthday skull!

New Birthday Skin!

And as always, you've probably noticed the new skin! There's no wallpaper sized version of the art this year, but we hope you enjoy the change of colors all the same! As always, please post in Maintenance if anything looks particularly weird, or you can swap to any other skin via your UCP if this one just isn't to your tastes!

(If your skin was set to Incognito or mobile, we didn't swap you over, but it's called "We're Not Out of the Woods Yet" if you'd like to take a look!)

Happy birthday Souls! Cheers to the big 1-8!! <3
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Stone the innocents, Know they deserve it.
Rejoice in carnage, Know they deserve it!

Mark my words, Retribution will never come.
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY 'SOULS! Here's to many many more years of epicness! <3

P.s. LOVE the new skin and thread prompt generator! *.*
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