[RO] And it seems like it's calling out to me
Word Count → +1200 :: Oh don't mind me. Just having a little fluff. Dated for the 12th in the middle of the storm.

The howling wind seemed to never stop pounding against the wooden structure of their home. It was a good thing, at least in some regard, that their home was attached to some of the others around the square. If they were going to lose their home, then they would not be the only ones that had to worry. It would be rather selfish of them to think that they should only have to worry about themselves. All of them were caught in the middle of the storm, and the two females were lucky enough to already be home when it had begun to pick up.

In truth, it had started the previous day, but didn't show any sighs of stopping. It was at least easy enough to tell that it was getting to the later hours of the day, as the fog covered sky that came with the falling snow was growing darker with each passing moment. With the darkness came the dropping temperature. The chill rang through the home, shaking up the short-haired jackal in her spot.

Sigríður got up from her side, moving towards the door. They had been smart enough with all the snow to have gathered some dry wood, or at least as dry as they could around the territory, storing it at home for nights like this. The fire would need to be watched, keeping them both up, which was fine for at least one of them. Nkechi was, after all, used to being more awake at night for traveling purposes.

The hound worked to get it started, the embers dancing off their skin as she came to join her companion once again. The start of the fire had prompted the invitation for tea. It wasn't like the reddish one could really decline the offer, not after the many times that her companion sought to make her favorite drink. She wasn't well aware of the true meaning behind this, but perhaps it was for the better.

For now anyways.

The hound took the warm drink in her hands, giving it a sip before she found herself back along the slight warmth of the jackal's thobe. Turquoise gaze moved down to her companion, giving the crackling fire a small poke to keep the embers going, "Is it to your liking?"

"Yeah, it's nice and warm."

Silence hung over them as the hound gave another few sips of the tea she held in her hands. There wasn't much to talk about was there? Nkechi had simply been drinking her own tea, content in their current situation, or at least as much as they could be with the snow raging just outside their door. Sigríður had returned to a previous thought she had brought up before, giving the jackal a small nudge in the side, "Hmm?"

"What's the deal with all the tea huh? Seems like it's the only thing you serve, let alone drink. I've lost track of how many you've made, most for me."

The jackal had gone quiet for a moment. Strange for someone that seemed to be open about so many things. It didn't last long as the jackal's fingers drummed against her drink, "It's something very important. It's.. It's something that could be seen as intimate between others, but more often than not-"

Nkechi kept going, but the hound was hung up on what she had said before. Intimate? Well, that was certainly new wasn't it? She had blocked out anything else she was saying, until she heard the jackal again, "You listening?"

"Huh? Yeah. Intimate huh? You like me or something?"

Nkechi's posture shifted a bit, something the hound could feel from having been leaning against her. The hound couldn't help but lean down more, her head resting down in the other woman's lap, a grin over her face, "You do don't you?"

"I didn't say anything."

"You don't need to. Your body says it all."

"We don't really know each other all that well, we've just been stuck with one another by circumstances."

Sigríður saw this as her chance, moving one hand up from her drink and to the jackal, "Oh? So if that's the case, why didn't you just leave me behind in Portland?"

Nkechi couldn't help but fall silent. She could feel a little heat creeping up along her face, eyes focusing on the tea in her hands. Before she could hope to say anything else, she heard the hound's voice again, "And besides that, you don't seem to have any objection to me leaning and laying on you like this."

"Because.. it's.. it's nice."

That was all the confirmation she really needed. Sigríður's grin turned to more of a smile, sitting back up to drink the rest of her tea, returning to her original posture. Night time came fast, the cold from outside slipping more and more through the door of their home. Soon, it didn't matter that they had the fire, or even a hot drink. Hands moved up along her arms, something the hound felt as she adjusted her body.

Sigríður soon got up, moving to the back room, causing the jackal to turn her attention on her companion again. She soon returned with their furs from their bedroom, moving them in front of the fire, "Here. Set these up. I'll add more wood to the fire." Nkechi tilted her head a bit, but did as she was asked. She laid out the pelts under where she was, resting some to the side that they would pull over top of them.

Wood was tossed on the dying flames, them soon coming back to life. The reddish woman found herself slipping behind her companion, using one arm to invite her to lay down along the pelts with her, "What are you doing?"

"You'll see. Just trust me."

Nkechi laid down, feeling the slender arms of Sigríður wrapped around her chest. Her head turned over slightly, then felt the smaller woman pressing her body against the woman's thobe, "It's not so bad right? I'll keep you warm."

The jackal didn't say anything at first. She soon gave up, giving a sigh as her hands came up to meet with Sigríður's, "Get some rest. I'm going to watch the fire for a while." It didn't take long to feel the soft breath of the hound behind her, having slipped off to sleep. Pulling the furs carefully over them, the jackal relaxed against the ones under them. Her eyes focused on the fire before her, her hands returning to be joined with her companion's.

Yes... this was really nice.

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