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Heya guys!

So, I find I always choose really simple outfits for my characters because I have no fashion sense; I think the main reason is because I don't really know what kinds of things Luperci can make.

For those of you with characters that wear Luperci-made outfits and such, where do you find your clothing inspiration from? Could you share some links with me, too? <3

Thanks, everyone!
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The costume designer for the Witcher recently put up a ton of photos, which are great for a general medieval fantasy reference. A lot of the more intricate details like lace or fringe and, imo, pants of any sort, are impractical for Luperci, but it can be a good starting point and just something visual to look at.

Like I think this is pretty great for a simple, basic outfit. This is good too. The patchy, raggedness a lot of the characters have make it good for 'Soulsverse, where Luperci-made cloth and fabric are still pretty rare, so most of it would be scavenged, cleaned, and repurposed.

This vest feels borderline to me in terms of "why would someone bother" with all the tiny stitches, etc, how much time/effort is fashion worth to a clothesmaker/etc, but in terms of "can this be made" I think it's pretty doable. It's just pieces of leather sewn together with more leather with some decorative stitching and bits of metal. Luperci probably can't stitch that neatly with their big ol' fingers, but some sort of decorative work is still possible. Here's another shot of the same vest.

Simple dresses like this are also nice. I think these are actually great examples because all the dresses look a little too big for the girls, which of course would happen a lot in a world with limited resources! If a tailor isn't making something for someone specific and are hoping to sell it, they'd want to make it in a "default" size, which may or may not fit any given individual. The chances of a Luperci happening upon something that fits them perfectly is very small, so having clothes that are too big or too small really adds to realism.

Great peasant shot. While as RPers, we tend towards big shot fancy characters who come from privledged backgrounds, most Luperci wouldn't really have the want or means to have very complex clothing.

Geralt's armour is a great example of what Luperci might be able to do for armour -- I really like that you can see basically every single piece of this and how it comes together. The main shirt and especially the collar and sleeves here are way too tight for a Luperci to be able to maneuver under, but the vest, shoulder guards, arm guards, and belt are totally doable, imo. Studding a leather vest with small bits of metal is way easier and more practical than metal armour of any sort.

So yeah! That costume design gallery is really cool. :3
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