[RO] Late Night Thoughts Through Feverish Dreams
Seira Greyfire
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The moon had risen high as the night went on, all of her siblings had returned from their chores only to find that their mother had saved Seira's life not only bringing her back from the brink of freezing but the winter warrior had reopened the frail dolls airway with the steam from her special tea. Even if the day had started poorly for Seira, she couldn't help but feel the day had taken a turn for the better. Nomos had taught her a new way to split wood, a way that would make it so she could do the task on her own without supervision or help. Her heart soared with the knowledge that not only would she become useful to her family, but if she had decided one day to live on her own and take a mate, she wouldn't become a burden. To be able to pull her own weight, instead of having someone else do the tasks that had become too dangerous for the frail broken girl.

As she lay by the fireplace, the low flames consuming the log that had been placed inside just before her family had turned in for the night. Amethyst gems watched the flames dance within its stone home as thoughts swirled within her mind. What would have happened if her mother hadn't returned in time? How would Nomos have reacted when he had gotten home from his long day of chores only to find that she was no longer there? What would Nomos have done if she had left this world forever? A shudder ran down her spine as a sickening feeling churned within her stomach. Her time in the snow had taken its toll on her body, beyond her muscles aching, her sore throat and the burn she felt in her lungs she could tell that she had a fever. Even with pelts piled on top of her, and her close proximity to the stones that had been warmed by the fire she still felt as if she had been frozen to the core.

How long would her sickness last this time? Would her parents have to take days away from chores to watch her? A soft sigh escaped her as she brought an arm from under the blanket of pelts. Resting her arm over her face to cover her eyes, guilt swept through her. How could she have been so reckless, to have risked her life for hardly any profit and now her actions would have caused one of her parents to stay home with her, forcing them to be mindful of her health even more than they already had been. To watch like hawks circling prey as her weak body tried to fight off whatever sickness came it's way.

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