[NEWS] February 2020
the storm is passed! everything's great now! jk u thought

Spotlights for February 2020

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for February is Evelyn de le Ulrich (Mads)! Improving the reputation of her noble House, Evelyn's prowess, skill and influence grow rapidly by the day. She started to make a name for herself by attending the trade convoy to New Caledonia, and under the careful guidance of her mentor Grievous her mercantile abilities are blossoming. Evelyn is no wilting bog flower, and her pretty face belies a strong spine and sensibility, as shown when she fearlessly assisted Spartacus in chasing off an aggressive Outsider who trespassed on crown land. The hierarchy of Salsola is a steep, vicious climb, but we are excited to see Evelyn's star on the rise!

Soldier of Love

Thank you, Dark, our most persistent voter for January! The avatar artist this month is Gen! Please remember to PM to claim your prize within five days!

Featured Pack Adoptable

This month's featured character is Thelma Del Mar of the Del Cenre Gang.

The ambitious member of a trade-and-drug mogul family, Thelma Del Mar is vicious and conniving in her own right as a cutting-edge business woman. Her sense for a trade is unrivaled, putting her at odds with her brothers. Tasked by her father to keep an eye on her illegitimate half-brother, Ash Del Mar, while they reside in the Del Cenere Gang, she prays her payoff will be worth the hassle of keeping him out of trouble. Now that she understands the culture and current state of affairs within the Gang, Thelma is ready to use her charisma and cunning to start making a name for herself.



News & Updates

January has ended!

Weather Updates

In the aftermath of the blizzard, things seem to have settled down. Unfortunately, the massive amount of ice and snow has not left 'Souls unscathed.

Though the worst of the snow drifts have subsided by now, the blizzard's damage remains noticeable throughout 'Souls. Prey scarcity continues. Many areas begin to show more damage as dead plants become exposed after warmer, sunnier days. Punctuated by cold rain and light snowfall, February seems – at first – to be calmer than the month before.

Sometime during the middle of the night on February 6th, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rattles northeastern Nova Scotia. The worst of the damage is suffered in the Eastern Realms, especially the Concrete Jungle, which sees tremendous catastrophe as the largest and most unstable of its remaining structures collapse. The same occurs in neighboring Skeletal Sanctuary. Exposed underground pipes finally burst, and freeze and thaw throughout the month. Pieces of the overgrown streets begin to collapse, opening sinkholes at random.

Though the southwestern portions of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will feel the earth tremble, and its aftershocks, damage is significantly less.

Unfortunately, the large amount of snow dislodged from the Halcyon Mountain finds its way into the surrounding waterways. The Pictou River swells at its banks. In the Eastern Realms, The Yahraw River, Vapor Lake and the Sosye Basin flood.

As the temperature climbs past freezing around the middle of the month (Happy Valentine's Day!), a midwinter thaw strikes and more flooding occurs throughout the territories. All waterways are affected.

Additional Considerations

  • Areas damaged during the earthquake will be highly dangerous. Exploring them should reflect this!
  • Flood water is likely to carry debris, increasing its danger.
  • The water will mostly recede completely by the end of the month. ;>

Terrain Updates

In an eerie bit of deja vu, portions of the northeastern Nova Scotia coast begin to splinter off in the aftermath of the quake, with various small islands breaking off into the sea. Black Rock Isle gains many small satellites, and even parts of neighbouring St. Paul Island begin to break away. Other parts of the coast seem to disappear entirely, sinking into the sea and vanishing overnight. The edges of the Skeletal Sanctuary now face the sea directly, with some houses falling halfway and others only a few feet from what seems like an inevitable fate.

On the other side of the peninsula, some of the islands near Fundy Crossing seem to have shifted, or grown larger? Or multiplied? It's hard to tell from a distance. The bridge itself remains only accessible during the low tide, but the sharp, icy rocks are still more treacherous than they seem.

SoSuWriMo Winners

It's over! You're free! Big congratulations to our NINETEEN (19!) winners!! That's a new record!! Wow!! Make sure you finish editing in your prize claims by February 7th and start placing your bets on whether you'll get your avatar and prize pack in one month or six.

Regthinking Regthinking Regthinking

Thanks to all thirty-six participants this year, too. Even if you didn't hit 50,000 words, we're glad you tried! And we're glad this annual event is still fun, exciting, and, we hope, pleasantly stressful, after 11 years. Shy

Rest now, and maybe we can get 20 winners in 2021? 21 winners? Regthumbsup


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