[DND] when the wind blows

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The weather was nice. As the brown female was beginning to gather wood, and various roots and berries. She looked up at the skies, ears pricking and pink eyes narrowing. Was being the key word here. Aani trekked slowly through the snowy lands already, the sun quickly dispersed. Irritably she looked up at the skies. Snowflakes began to fall, fluffy and white. And all that the brown and black female could do was mutter curse words under her breath. well this is absolutely fantastic.

Perhaps that was why the female had left the Loch an hour ago, whenever the clouds had begun to get darker. She stumbled upon a cave near Commune of the Salmon. Her pack had begun to get heavy, and when the snow began to pick up and get slicker and heavier, the female picked up her pace, and approached the entrance of the cave. Slowly, the female entered, her silencing steps taking in every sound as she slunk inside the cave. Luckily, it was a single entrance cave that didn't have any secret caverns or anything. Nor did it have any winding caverns. Perfect. she whispered to herself, her ears still listening for anyone or anything. Slowly she put the pack of hers down and her eyes adjusted slowly to the dark. She produced the flint from her front pouch in her pack, grumbling as she took out kindling and wood, she placed them in a perfect circle, and it took her a total of twelve times before a spark finally landed on the kindling. Thank the Gods. she muttered to herself angrily, blowing on the kindling, and allowing it to catch the wood on fire.

As she warmed her hands near the fire, Aani glanced around for some sort of stones that she could put around the fire to keep it a little more contained than where it was on the dirt floor of the cave. Now that she got a chance to look around the cave with some light, she discovered some stones placed in a corner. Finding it odd, she removed them one by one, carrying them to the fire and setting them in a circle. Producing her blanket from her stuffed bag, she laid it on the ground. Pink eyes looked out towards the entrance of the cave, wind and snow howling outside. Thank Odin I'm not out there. Sitting down, Aani relaxed and fingered the soft fabric underneath her. How peaceful. Mother would be pissed. And with that, it brought a smile to her face.

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