What did I miss these past 5 Years?
A ghost from the past...
Hello Everyone! Vaas Here!

In light of having a heavy feeling of nostalgia overcoming me and not really knowing what to right here... (cough) WRITE! I meant write! I know how to spell. I'm just going to keep on writing/typing till i press that submit button, so forgive me if this thread is just full of the mad ramblings of an old Souls player.

As you probably already are aware of, my name is Vaas! I used to be an active Souls player who played a very angsty edge lord of a character named Leon Bloodmane a long time ago. I'm still kinda shocked at how long because the last private message I received was back in 2015. Its just five years but I swear it felt longer...

My heart feels heavy...

Anyway! Im back! And I plan on rolling a new character and hopping back on the Souls express that's been haunting my dreams ever since that day I stopped logging on!

Not only that! I'm older! Wiser! STRONGER! It won't be like last time where I didn't read the forums basic etiquette for rp'ing. No longer will I be roleplaying a character with an overly complicated past and no room for growth! Nor will I be one of those players that leave threads unfinished and without a proper conclusion! (Sie, Raze, and uhhhhh... Mel? If you are reading this. I think you guys were the biggest victims of me doing that and I'm SO sorry. Forgive my RP sins!)

No! I won't let my past self define the ME that stands today. Instead, I shall learn from it, and it shall make me a better Roleplayer going forward! That is why I shall repent by going through and reading EVERY thread I have written with Leon since I started playing Souls RPG!

I don't expect to survive.

In conclusion, I will be posting this thread under questions and help because I do in fact have a question for anyone who remembers me or has been here for the past five years. Its a pretty broad question with multiple answers and I completely understand if no one bothers answering. It is a Good Topic for a site-wide discussion though so if any admin feels the need to move this thread elsewhere, please do. Just please don't take it down.

So Soulsters of Souls RPG!

What the hell did I miss these past 5 YEARS!?

(Also what happened to Inferni!? My skull loving coyote pack be gone!?)
Ahhhh! I saw the account name and did a double take -- hi Vaas!! It's Raze! Smile <3

Attempting to answer your question to the full extent of my ability would take too long, so I'll offer some simpler suggestions that could help anyone catch up. ;> Reading through old newsposts can give you a general idea about the formation and disbandment of packs, staff and policy changes, and other big news. While our history wiki pages can be sporadic, most of the "major" events such as boardwide plots and pack wars should be linked there! Lastly, the 'Souls Yearbook is more than just fun to read through; you can find the in-depth yearly summaries on each pack's page. One of the biggest positive changes is that 'Souls has a Discord server now, too, so you can join up and chat with everyone!

As far Inferni -- hoo boy! <//3 The OOC reason for disbandment was due to the stress of leadership on me after like, six years straight of devoting 110% to the pack, so it's my fault, haha. Wink ICly, Inferni went through a lot! They warred with Salsola, and Vesper and Myrika's daughter took the pack over from Vesper and returned Inferni to its "ancestral territory" -- but a string of bad luck occurred and Inferni never "recovered" from losing the war, so they disbanded. Del Cenere is its spiritual successor (led by a couple of Vesper's "grandkids"), if you're up to playing a stinky coyote hybrid again. ;D

I hope that helps! <3
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WOOT! It's awesome to see you are still around Raze! And thank you for your timely reply!

So it seems I have a lot to catch up on. Definitely gonna have to binge through the sources you gave me the next couple nights. Already have an idea for a little brat of a coyote for a character and I can barely contain the force of my fingers punching holes through my keyboard. I can't wait to start writing with you again!

Its good to be back.
Welcome back! Raze provided a lot of links to help you get caught up. :> Definitely ask questions if you still have any!
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Welcome back! I was around 5 years ago but dunno if we ever formally met.
Hi Vaas! Nice to see your name floating around again, glad to have you back!

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I don't know if you remember me, but I remember you! I played Delilah way back when, and I loved threading with Leon (incredibly complex and angsty backstory and all). Welcome back to 'Souls! <3
Welcome back to the community! It's wonderful to have you return.

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