Musical Instruments in 'Souls

How much do Luperci know about musical instruments? I figure that their understanding of "music" is vastly different than humans' but do they have instruments? Maybe some instruments, like guitars and other stringed instruments, could be scavenged from human settlements. I don't expect many aerophone instruments (brass, woodwinds) to be feasibly played by Luperci as they probably don't have the lip structure required to play them properly.

I want to hear the community's thoughts about musical instruments!

Also I'm attempting to make a bard-ish character and I want to see how realistic it is...
Simple flutes carved from bones and wood are almost as old as human civilization is. A simple banjo or lute could be made from wood, forged metal and catgut strings. Drums are as old as humans are, if I remember right, as are gongs and xylophones. A tuning fork or triangle wouldn't be beyond Luperci, I think, but it would require a working knowledge of metallurgy. Wind chimes would also fall into this category.

Other than that, I can't think of any other instruments Luperci would know about. Anything in human settlements is far too decayed or ruined by now to be of any use. The SA can tell you more!
That makes sense. Thanks for your input!
Luperci ability to play woodwind and brass instruments is one of several realism exceptions we allow for the sake of artistic roleplay, but the scavenging or creation of instruments should still be realistic. As Dale mentioned, it'd be pretty much impossible to find good-condition human-made instruments in the "wild" now, but some instruments may be able to be repaired to some extent.

Percussion and wind instruments would be the easiest for Luperci to make themselves since many of them can exist in fairly rudimentary forms. Simple string instruments are also probably achievable, but nothing like a violin. And creating brass instruments are probably beyond Luperci for the time being.
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Oh I never saw that page in the Guide, I'm glad there's a section in there about instruments! Thanks Kiri!

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