[NEWS] April 2020

Spotlights for April 2020

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for April is Daniel (Vida)! Son of Mistfell Vale's Ursarchon, he fled on stolen horse to the coyote-run gang to seek his own life and strengthen his reputation, with nary a lick of sense behind the motion. His impulsive nature, his bravado, his very panache has allowed him to fit a snug little niche among Del Cenere; just as rough, crude, and intrepid as the rest of them. He recently became one of the Gang's Lawmen, and his road to achieving his status as a Bounty Hunter sure looks like an interesting one.

Community Soul

The Community Soul for April is Salena! With characters in every pack, Salena is a constant and pleasant presence in community chats. Regularly open to plots, Salena has been an active player whose willingness to help out her fellow roleplayers has not gone unnoticed. We've really enjoyed seeing all of Salena's characters throughout the years and are keeping our eyes open for what's coming next!

Soldier of Love

Due to a low number of votes, there is no Soldier of Love this month. Don't miss out on your chance to get a cool new avatar and be sure to vote daily!

Featured Pack Adoptable

This month's featured character is Kaimkillen of Salsola, a mysterious young man from the far west. Nobody knows much about Kaimkillen's past - Only that his present has been the result of a series of extremely unfortunate circumstances. His voyage to Nova Scotia was pitfalled with hardship, from poverty and hunger to illness. Destitute, and with a deadly winter nipping at his heels, Kaim made the poor mistake of falling in with the Underhill Camp gang - who were, themselves, about to become victims of fate.

Persecuted by Salsola for their nearness to the border and unrelated, less scrupulous crimes, the Underhill camp were confronted by a raiding party of some of the Thistle Kingdom's finest. Whilst the other members of the crew were swift to fight, Kaim - wise for all his youth - saw the inevitability of their capture, and submitted. The only detained survivor of what turned out to be a bloodbath, the coyote was dragged back to the kingdom and sentenced to serve as a Mendicant until the totality of his debt (being, if temporarily, an aggressor to the crown) is paid.



News & Updates

Temperatures are rising, the sun is out more, and all sorts of things are popping up in 'Souls!

A Strange Spring

The long, cold winter has finally loosened hold over New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and 'Souls is bursting with new life. Throughout the land, grass is growing and trees are in bloom. Warming weather and sunshine make for pleasant days, all of which show signs of the coming spring. After suffering through food scarcity, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as prey numbers rebound and swell.

There's a strange, wondrous scent on the wind too...

Visiting Plague Doctors

Three strange travelers have set up camp near Fort Cumberland. They warn of sickness and plague and are peddling a cure. Good fortune for the illness prone or a plain swindle to avoid? You've until the end of the month to decide whether you want to buy into their tales or not...

Wiki Guidelines Updates and Clarifications

A small style guide has been put together further clarifying the Wiki's visual guidelines (also updated) to hopefully lessen confusion! We understand players want to make things look cool and creative, but we'd like to re-emphasize that the Wiki isn't really the place for it.

We've seen a surge in fancy markup on the Wiki to make them more like websites, but while some rule violations are more subtle than others, and while many of them do look very nice!, we need to be able to enforce rules evenly across the board so's not to confuse anyone. Regcry Please do look over the guide and guidelines and make any appropriate changes at your convenience. We'll begin sending PMs regarding remaining violations around the middle of the month. Thank you for understanding!

We highly recommend free website hosts like Google sites, Wix, or Weebly, for those who want to go all out on design!

Spring Spree

Miranda is hosting an unofficial contest to encourage posting! Sign up here!

In case you didn't know, members are generally welcome to host and run their own contests! The administration has no hand in these sort of events and does not sponsor or guarantee prizes, but that said, as long as the contest doesn't break any common sense rules, they'll likely be permitted. Shy

SoSuWriMo Prizes

Speaking of contests, the avatar prizes for SoSuWriMo are here for you to feast your eyes upon!

Tangible prize packs were shipped out on March 31st. Keep an eye out!


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