[P] Transfixed on you
Quote:Set for just after she got her supplies from the "Doctors", Carya is walking along her stallion, mumbling to herself, and not paying attention. She smells oddly sweet, perhaps from the strange flowers.
Dated for 04/05/2020, it's midday and quite sunny.
WC: 396

It took Carya only two days to get an opinion about the current “strange flowers” and hear the rumors about the doctors. Upon her better calling, and better judgement, the white and cream female approached the creatures with strange masks. Then she began a barter with these strange wolves. She had traded, and then Carya studied the bags she had received from those strange doctors. They spoke of a plague and had given her two cures for the plague.

Now, she walked a little further, and holding the bundles close to her, she sat carefully on the ground producing all the little things around her. Fixing her hands around each of the bottles, remembering what they told her exactly, and giving a little “hmm” with each one she looked at. They had mentioned to her that she got two bottles of cure for the coming plague. She was flabbergasted but heard of the plague that was ruling the outside world, and she was utterly fixated on figuring out what the heck was going on.

White hands curled around each object careful not to spill her seeds or anything else, and she gently packed them away into her own satchel, gentle hands putting them in, one by one. The two bundles she had gotten from them, was more for her own safety. And partially wondering if she could help out Seira at Bete Noire. Maybe he little skills she had for Medicine would prove to be worthy enough, and her asthma, of what her mother called it, would be able to get under control.

Without further assessment onto the strange objects she had obtained, Carrie lifted her head towards her stallion and gave him a kissy sound, before he approached her and gave a small snicker towards her hair. That’a boy. Using his head as a sort of crutch, she pulled herself up off the ground, and gave him a gentle squeeze on his mane. Thank ya old friend. Her gentle words and gentle eyes glanced into his glassy brown eyes. She smiled and then began walking onwards, her stallion following behind her casually, even though Carya didn’t have his lead.

Despite her best efforts, Carya found herself distracted with the contents of the bags, and began speaking to herself, muttering about what was what and about the plague. It was an interesting time, that’s for sure.
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