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AW - Moonstone lakes

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I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.

Borya hadn't thought about leaving the pack borders since the winter. Before he'd wanted nothing but to run, but now it felt wrong to even leave for a day out with Zena and Tlama to keep them safe. Trying not to focus on his fears, Borya instead focused on the feeling of Zena's hooves beneath him, clicking against dirt and stone. Riding the gentle mare was a dream, albeit a bit uncomfortable due to how small Borya was and the fact that he was forced to ride her without the support of a saddle or reins. But it was the best option for the handicapped boy to take to avoid issues; he wouldn't want to be barred from riding his horse just because he couldn't get her equipment on without help.

Tlama didn't have a direction in mind, but it was clear the woman was happy to out exploring again, listening to the desires of her avian soul and seeking new sights. Since they'd travelled down by boat after Borya's brush with death, it had been a long while since Tlama had been able to see these lands. The bear woman seemed to have a place in mind, as she guided Zena and Borya to the east. The smell of water started to mingle in the warm air, as Borya watched them approach some lakes in the distance. For a moment his heart sunk, that feeling of drowning coming back to the boy just from the sheer glance to a body of water, but an instant later it was gone. The expression of fear wasn't lost on Tlama though. "Don't worry, you don't have to go in, I just figured it was a nice enough day to enjoy some water." She explained, guiding Zena over to the side of one of the large lakes,.

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In certain light I can plainly see,
A reflection of magnificence,
Hidden in you,
Maybe, even in me.
Lupus form

The woodlands surrounding the group of lakes sheltered the humble ruins of a little rural community, its cabins and trailers reclaimed by nature. Weeds cracked the asphalt, and saplings branched through destroyed windows. An old church made of crumbled stone provided the best shelter in the tiny neighborhood, and Skoll slumbered within its walls -- dreaming of peaceful times long past.

Good dreams often left him hollow when he woke, and so the aged wolfdog walked almost mechanically toward the lakeshore, following a weaving road that ended at shattered docks. They were little more than smashed and rotten wood now, motorboats long since sunk in the lake's depths. He scooted his way down a dirt bank, his forepaws stepping into the gravelly shallows as he slaked his thirst.

Water droplets fell from his chin and whiskers as he lifted his head, his eye squinting in the direction of a group heading along the shore: two canines and a horse. Ears pricked and tail curled over his back, the male jumped away from the water's edge and trotted toward them, his grin broadening when he caught their scent.

Ah, Cavaliers!

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