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Hello, my character has a relic, and im wanting her grandmothers spirit to be attached to the relic. the backstory I have listed below, just wondering if this is acceptable! I plan for her to discover the spirit of her grandmother over time, subtly at first. the grandmother would only ever manifest as a disembodied voice, not going to be a physical ghost. she would also be in my npc spot? I think? her reason for being here is to watch over her granddaughter after she was murdered trying to protect her.

Morrigan was born in the mountains of British Columbia, in Crowsnest past. Her parents were leaders of a large cult that practised witchcraft, mainly centered around herbalism including creating healing medicines and tinctures as well as poison. The witchcraft itself was gathering ingredients to make offerings on alters as well as worshipping earth and nature gods. She was raised from a young age around the knowledge of plant medicines, and as such has a solid foundation of the basics. She is considered an apprentice, and had interest in furthering her education on poisons, of which she knows a few poisonous plants.

She also is a self proclaimed ‘ seer ‘ and uses psilocybin mushrooms to embark on vision quests in the wilderness. She then interprets her dreams/hallucinations and predicts events in the future. This information she keeps to herself however, in part of not believing others are worthy of such information as well as fear of her ‘ visions ‘ coming true. This leads to occasional paranoid breaks, and bouts of mental instability.

Her cult was based around the Luperci ‘ three faced goddess ‘, the mother, the maiden, and the crone. The goddess of witchcraft and lycanthropy. An overzealous male cult member kidnapped Morrigan before her first shift, intending to sacrifice her with a a relic known as the bone knife which was used in every animal sacrifice to offer to the Three Faced Goddesss, due to her mushroom ‘ visions ‘ and paranoid episodes. However, Morrigans grandmother, ‘ The Crone ‘ of the cult knew something was amiss when her granddaughter was late to one of their late night herbalist lessons, and went searching for her.

The cult member was discovered by Morrigans grandmother and in the struggle that ensued, killed her with the sacrificial knife. However she had manage to fatally wound him in the process and before he died he cursed Morrigan with the death of her family and the cults Matriarch, ‘ The Mother ‘ ( also her mother ) and Morrigan managed to get away with only the blood splattered knife between her teeth and the knowledge that had been passed down to her, fearing she would be held responsible for her grandmothers death.

Through her travels, she was taken in by a small band of travellers who made their way to Halifax and taught her to shift. She ended up losing them over the winter, and has just arrived in Halifax as spring begins to unfold. She has noticed now with the knife she carries with her she occasionally feels temperature changes along the bond handle, and whispering in her dreams. She doesn’t find these supernatural occurrences scary, as there is something warm and matronly about the energy coming from the knife.
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The ghost part of this is fine. Yes, the ghost would need to be a cNPC.

One thing to note is that psilocybin mushrooms are toxic to canines in large doses, which may be especially dangerous for a pre-shift puppy, which would have significantly less body weight than an adult or Optime-form Luperci.
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Thank you!! I can take that aspect of her character out, it's not a problem for me. Shy
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