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In getting to know Eden (in a friendly, business-like way), Morgana had grown curious about his family. He was a third generation Salsolan and already of notable importance. How else could a young man so rapidly ascend in a place like this?

His family were long-standing members of the Coven, and his father in particular a curious specimen. Though Salsola preached its continued strengthening, there were allowances made within their own people – a man without a leg or an arm, for example, would be allowed to live and prosper. What could have been lost if they were cut down was apparent to Morgana, who saw not only these individuals values, but value in their offspring.

She was a clever thing, and she knew which way the wind was blowing.

Morgana rode her (oh how delightful that sounded now) horse south along the coastal trail, enjoying the solitude. She had made deliveries earlier in the day to the old folks in the Marketplace and picked up a few things she thought might be needed. There had been only light talk between her and Coax when the topic came up, but never one to come empty-handed, Morgana had a collection of odds and ends along her supplies. These were things best suited for the task at hand.

Finding the lodge was difficult even though she knew where to look, but Morgana spotted the building ahead soon enough. Riding Pythios up the narrow trail that led towards the place, she called out – there were other creatures that lived here besides the two Luperci who might have spotted her already, of course.

“Hello! I'm here,” Morgana announced. She dismounted Pythios and looked for a place to hitch him up.
O what will she do, a soul bitten into with wrong?
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Voyage o'er the mountains and wastelands

There were pros and cons of having moved, in Coaxoch's opinion. While the church had offered space, and plenty of it, it also was extremely creepy at all hours of the day. This cabin in the woods was homely, having once belonged to some capable hands before him, but it was much smaller than Coaxoch was used to. It felt like they all were living on top of each other, and while he knew he would get used to it someday, he wasn't particularly happy about it. Still.

Eventually he would get used to it. This was part of the morning routine when he found himself buried under a bunch of cats and a dog in the morning. They would get used to it. They all would find their own little spaces within this place, and things would become normal sooner or later. He just needed to keep telling himself this.

Somehow, he was able to sneak out of bed early, without waking up the sensitive sleepers, with the exception of Ixion, whose help he needed. He and Ixion worked together to put the supply bag harness on the feline and once it was secured, Coaxoch began to pack away some things in the ghostly feline's bags. Herbs, an athame, candles, flint were among some of the items that were packed away. When it came to dressing himself for the ritualistic endeavors of the morning, he found that he was only able to really get his loincloth and the white wolf pelted cloak that was common-sight for the potions-maker.

With Ixion in tow, he left the front door once they were ready, and they had almost been immediately greeted by the Fox-colored woman and her horse, Pythos. "Hey, I wasn't expecting you just yet, but I'm almost ready!" he told her with a friendly smile as he motioned for her to hitch Pythos towards the side of the home. They still had a bit of work to do with cleaning up their new home, but they had been able to clear most of the plants that took over the cabin while it remained unmaintained. The large home still needed adequate shelter for his horses, but they had managed to build a hitch post for when they needed the horse to be close to the home.

Coaxoch grabbed a few more things that were located on the outside of the home and put them in the cat's bags. "Is there anything that you might not have with you that we might need? We won't be too far off from here, but it would be a pain to have to come back for something, ya' know?" he asked, hoping that she would have everything she thought she needed for this. Coaxoch had his basic things, as well as bringing a hatchet for cutting some wood to place the alter upon. He knew that at some point he would have to look for a flat-ish stone that would also work for the altar, but these proved often to be very difficult to find.

Far beyond the sea lies fortune
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