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Beatrix always rose early, heading outside to "practice her spirituality". She would return, not too long later, smelling of earthy smoke. Jamie didn't like it, but what could he say? She had made her own choices about how she was going to live her life, just as he had. He just had to bear with it for now, until she could leave in a few months.

When Jamie was ready to start his day, she would follow him around like his snow-white shadow. She had nothing else to keep her busy as she waited for the pups to grow larger in her belly. Life in the pack was so much simpler than her life in the woods: There was someone else to protect you and feed you. So she chose to follow the Scotsman around, to learn more about him and the life of the pack.  The other Clansmen teased him relentlessly, for she was a mistake that he wasn't able to run away from.

It was true, another mistake had come around to bite him. However, she did not expect him to be committed to her, which was a great relief to Jamie. She only asked that he play a role in the pups' lives, and not even a full time one. Once they were weaned, they would be able to take turns raising the children. Jamie thought it was odd as they had completely drastic interpretations of what life looked like, but the woman had insisted that it was important. Yet, he still agreed to the terms, and let her stay to make the pregnancy easier on her.

This morning the Scotsman was on his way to the training ring. The white woman padded along beside him, panting in the already warm sun. As Jamie hopped into the ring, she found a spot nearby in the shade to lay down. Jamie was very aware of her eyes on him as he warmed up. "Enjoying the show, lass?" He called out sarcastically. With a smile, she said nothing. It was her mysteriousness that had grabbed Jamie's attention when he first met her, but now, he was beginning to find it annoying.
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Things had been different for the Hushhowl clan ever since the earthquake had collapsed their home. It had already been taking a good deal of time trying to clear everything out so they could rebuild, the actual process it would take to reconstruct the den would take even longer. Until it was finished, the Hushhowls had returned within the walls of the fort, though they were all separated. Night, Remus, and their kids were staying somewhere together, Armani and Dawn were above Armani's workshop, Zetsu had been kind enough to let herself and Borya stay with him, and the others were all temporarily staying elsewhere. It was definitely an odd feeling, not sleeping together in a jumbled mass of bodies as she had been accustomed to. The den and sleeping pile was one of the few more feral ways of life the clan still had, with that gone Dusk just didn't really feel like herself.

Having been born to a highly feral pack and spending most of her early years in her lupus or secui forms a majority of the time, a feral lifestyle was honestly still what the Hushhowl matriarch preferred. Regardless, the clan was happy and thriving in Casa. Dusk wouldn't even consider taking that away from any of her kin. Casa was clearly their home, even if it had originally meant to only be a temporary residence.

The white woman had quickly fallen into a new routine when she started staying within the walls of the fort. Having rose before the sun, she took off for an early morning run to loosen up before heading to the training ring. A scent filled her nose as she approached the ring, realizing it was already occupied. She figured it shouldn't matter too much though, there was plenty of room for more than one person to practice within the ring. Perhaps they could even get a spar in, would certainly be nice to have a partner. Dusk slowed to a walk as the ring came into view, noticing a male she wasn't too aquatinted with yet. She did at least know his name, so long as she didn't mix it up with one of the others he had joined Casa with. Her ears perked up as he called out to someone, bringing her two toned gaze to the white female lying in the shade. Seemed everyone was having pups recently, which surprisingly made Dusk a little jealous. She wanted more pups, to have a family, but it didn't seem like that would be happening for her any time soon.

Leaning against the fence surrounding the ring, Dusk called out to the man. Wanna give her more to watch? Could spar if you're up for it. Might as well offer it, after all, she was already coming to get some training in. While waiting for an answer, the Hushhowl matriarch hopped over the fence, moving into the ring. Regardless of his answer, she'd still be training.
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Instead of a reply from the pregnant woman, a soft, feminine voice came floating up from behind him. He turned to see another white-coated woman, with the unmistakable markings of a Hushhowl, leaning against the fence nonchalantly. At the offer of a spar, the Scotsman's grin grew widely. "Ay, your presence would be much appreciated." And it would help distract him from his annoyance at his new shadow.

It was not like he could do anything about it though, she would be there until the pups were born, and then some. She didn't must trust the other wolves, but it seemed she found some security hanging around Jamie, so he let her do what she wished. Just a few more weeks and she would be gone anyways, and life would more or less go back to the way it was before. Though, perhaps he would need to be a little more careful with the ladies. He was now up to two accidents after all.

Jamie looked over at his new opponent, letting his distractions fall away so he could focus on the fight. "What kind of spar would ye like lass? I generally train with my short sword, but I can switch it up if you need." He didn't much care what kind of training he did: Swords, shields, bows, fists, it made no difference to him.
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The Hushhowl matriarch was pleased the male before her agreed to a spar, as she was in need of a bit of a distraction at the moment. With his approval, Dusk hoisted herself over the wooden fence surrounding the training ring, landing on her feet inside the ring with a light thud. As usual, she wore her dark blue tunic and knee length black shorts, having left the foot wraps and bracers back in the room she was currently sharing with Zetsu. She also still had on her metal pendant with the Hushhowl crest, something she hadn't taken off since given to her by her mother many, many moons ago. The sword she tended to use had also been left in the room, as she hadn't been intending to spar when she had initially arrived. 

Dusk's newfound companion posed a question to her, mentioning how he usually trained with his short sword but could do something else. I'm sure I could borrow a sword from the weapons storage if you prefer? Otherwise, perhaps hand to hand? Kickboxing was certainly what she was best with, something she had been studying and practicing ever since she had first shifted. She was still no master of course, there would always be room for improvement, but she was at least confident in her skills with hand to hand combat. If he wanted to continue training with swords though, that surely wouldn't be an issue either. 

As she approached the male, a hand was extended out towards him. It's Jamie, right? Dusk Hushhowl. Her introduction was short, sweet, and to the point. Like her father before her, the white woman wasn't much of a talker. Oftentimes, she'd go as far as to actually avoid interacting with others outside her own family. More recently though, she had been attempting to be more open, at least with the other members of Casa. Her reasoning behind the distance was rather simple, she just didn't trust easily. After all, her own mother had put her trust in certain Luperci and called them "friend" and that had a rather dark end. Still, she wanted to at least make an effort to get a bit closer to some of her pack mates as some of her other siblings had.
Dusk; Another aptly named Hushhowl. "It's nice to finally be acquainted lass." Replied with a smile. He turned for a moment, taking off his scabbard from around his waist and placing it near the edge of the ring. "Well then, hand to hand works well for me. No need to go get equipment when we have all we need to spar right here." He came back to the center of the ring, ready to take on his opponent.

Again, he felt the heat of Beatrix's eyes on him as he got into his starting position. Would this woman ever stop watching him? He tucked his arms in close to his chest, while he balanced his weight evenly between his feet. He would not make the first move for he knew nothing about her fighting style. Just because she was smaller than he did not mean that he had the advantage when it came to hand to hand combat. In fact, it was probably the opposite. He would wait for her move, waiting to see what style she would bring forward to their match.

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After the brief introduction, Dusk watched as her new sparring partner turned his back to her, placing his weapon aside. Returning to the center, he confirmed hand to hand would be fine, to which the Hushhowl woman gave a simple nod in agreement. She never had been much of a talker, similar to her father in that aspect. She preferred to keep herself busy with training rather than standing around with idle chit chat. The fact that she had a hard time trusting others after Shaamah certainly didn't help either. Made her a bit antisocial when it came to anyone who was not family. She was trying though at least. After all, they were all members of Casa.

Mismatched eyes looked over Jamie as he took up a ready stance a bit different than her own. She studied his form, standing at similar heights as she fell into position. Her paws were roughly shoulder width apart with her left foot forward, fists held up near her muzzle. Watching him for a moment, it became clear he was waiting for her to strike first. 

Without waiting a moment more, she shot out a quick combo of jabs with both her left and right hand. The Hushhowl matriarch wasn't expecting these first two hits to land, not if he was as experienced a fighter as he seemed to be. No, she simply wanted to test his reflexes and blocking skills first. Her next move was to bring her right leg around to kick at his upper thigh and as soon as her paw touched the ground once more, she side stepped so she could hopefully get to his left side instead of right in front, throwing another combo of jabs as she moved.
His partner eyed him, cool and calculated. Her form was a little different than the Scotsman was used to, her hands balled into fists ready to strike. Jamie was more used to wrestling than this form of fighting; It would be harder to counter the quick, tight movements of a boxer.

She rushed forward like lightning, her white coat a blur. Jamie jumped back quickly, barely avoiding her. Quickly his own arms drew inward, providing a wider defense for his upper body. Just as he calculated for her style of punches, a leg came flying towards him. He was lucky enough to escape that move, but his relief was short-lived when she immediately rotated and came around with another kick.

That one landed, along with a few other jabs. The air rushed from his lungs with a loud grunt, his arms and upper body already sore. He backed away, desperate to catch his breath before he made his own move. "Good one lass," he wheezed. Behind him, the watching mother chuckled playfully. Well, I'm glad she's amused, he thought sarcastically, not daring to look at her.

Instead, Jamie kept his eyes on his opponent. She was deadly fast. Take his eye off her for one second and he would be on his back. Now ready to get back in, he approached slowly, testing her reactions. What he needed to do was get her off balance. Jamie progressed, throwing punches of his own and deflecting the woman's. He was waiting patiently for her leg to come up again, and when she did, he would dodge and sweep her leg from out from under her. He smiled with confidence through his panting.
As soon as Jamie backed away, Dusk ceased all attacks, though she did keep up the ready position. She managed to successfully land a few hits, but she wouldn't let herself get cocky just yet. After all, she was just beginning to test his own fighting abilities. It was still unclear how skilled this man was. He wheezed while offering a compliment, to which Dusk gave a simple nod as thanks while patiently waiting for Jamie to catch his breath. 

Two toned eyes watched her opponent approach slowly, the pair throwing punches at each other. He managed to land a couple that left her shoulder a little sore but she kept right at it while he continuously deflected her fists. The white woman was pleased with how this spar was going, glad to have a skilled partner. A leg came up, aiming for his side once more but he managed to dodge her attack and before her foot touched back down, his own leg reached out to sweep her other out from under her. 

In that next moment she was falling onto her side and was on the ground. The moment she hit the ground, she let out her breath in a sharp huff, swinging her legs up and around while her hands reached up by her head, pushing back up off the ground. In one smooth motion, she had popped back up onto her feet as quickly as she had fallen. "Nice job." Her jaw hung open slightly as she panted, starting to get a good workout from this spar. 

Moving in quickly, the Hushhowl matriarch threw a fake out, pretending to aim her right fist towards his shoulder. Instead, she ducked to dodge any attack from him as she moved to his other side, her left fist coming down for a sharp hook to the back of his thigh, just above the back of the knee. Right after throwing that hook, she backed up quickly, putting a little distance between the two of them. A smirk tugged at one corner of her lips as she beckoned for him to make a move. She wanted to see how he would attack now.

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