[RO] a drink to your victory

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Hold your bibles tight, you're sinking in this swamp

These times were strange, so strange that he had wondered if the Gods were cursing these lands that he and his collective inhabited. The Earth had shook beneath their feet like it had not before, knocking many of his jars from their shelving and having wasted quite a bit of his own brews that he still was trying to get the sour plum smell out of his room. Coaxoch was more than happy to have a reason to get new jars and bottles, but he knew that he would have to go outside of Salsola to get some from a trader that he knew passed by the area sometimes. The earthquakes might have scared the merchant off for all he knew too.

He hoped that the Marketplace could help him with that but he hadn't thought much about it until he had began his potion making once more. He knew he would have to travel outside of Salsola for other things, as well, but he found himself reluctant to leave the safety of Salsola's borders. He didn't know why, but the closer he was with his family, the more he wanted to make sure that everyone was present and accounted for, whereas when he lived out in the Blackwoods, he could care much less about what they did. The closeness had also benefited Seb and their children, for they could easily visit one another with the change of location from the old Church to the Coast's lookout tower.

He sat upon the perch at the top of the tower and was greeted by the arrival of his father's owl. She held a parchment in her claws, dropping it in an outstretched hand as she flew by and circled once more and coming in for a landing on the windowsill of the stone tower's window. Coaxoch looked at the seal on the letter and knew that this message was for his father, not him.

Coaxoch wondered why this message was given to him and not his father, but he only assumed that Till was not in the area. Coaxoch gave Muerte a bit of meat and motioned for her to stay where she was, for she had one more stop to take this message. He descended the tower and read the contents of the letter as he moved down the steps.

"He's going to be pissed that I got this first." he spoke as he rolled the parchment back up and walked back up to Muerte's temporary perch.

"I'll give it to him." he told the bird, and with that, she was back off into the night.

there's no key to your survival, that's a door that's locked

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