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Being a mother was certainly different. Being confinded to home was not necessarily bad or anything new given the proper circumstances, but now having to look after the three tiny bodies that were curled up at her side was a new challenge all together. It wasn't too the point where she would be able to see herself in Artemisia's place, as the darker woman had taken her in when she was a bit older in her puphood. She wondered if once her own children were to that point in their lives if she would feel the same sense of need to get them to do something with their lives, or if she would have to put up with one of them being like a brat, as she was when she had first come to Salsola.

She'd take the former over the latter any time.

Blue gaze fell to each of the pups resting along her thick fur. It was rare to see the Paladin in anything other than her optime form, but feeding always seemed to be so much simplier when she was in her more natural form. Besides, so long as she wasn't going to be doing much aside from being at home, there was no harm in a little shifting for ease of use.

All three of their children shared the features of their parents, well save for perhaps the literal golden child. Lilium was her name, and the only thing she seemed to get from her father's family line were the black spotted patterns along her face. Well, hopefully she wouldn't act as much as her mother as she looked like her. Whisper was nearly the spinning image of her father, save for the golden patterns along her body, and Azalea seemed to just be the perfect mix of the two of them. As nervous as the mother had been about this coming moment, the three of them did seem to bring one of her rare smiles along her face.

Her head lowered down along the floor in front of her as she felt movement on her underside, feeling the little mouths latch to her underside. Eyes closed in content, letting the pups do what came natural to them.

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Idrieus Eternity
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It happened, it seemed, all at once.

Grievous had known the puppies would change his world, but he had not been as prepared for it as he expected. They had gotten the girl (who was settling in slowly) and he and Idrieus had both stepped back, temporarily, from their duties. This was not to say he did not make efforts to tend the horses, but his wife – and his children! – were more important.

There were three of them, three perfect little bodies that would one day be walking and talking and true, real people. Grievous could hardly believe that this family, his family, was now complete.

Idrieus had been the other half of a circle he was missing, but these babies filled the space between.

She had done it largely on her own, though he had been with her throughout the birth. With the house clean and the space quiet once again, Grievous was content to simply admire the things that they (largely Idrieus) had made.

He felt huge and clumsy next to the smaller form of his wife and the incredibly tiny bodies of the puppies, and was content to watch them from a distance most of the time. After years of not smiling, it seemed impossible to stop. Even now he was merely lingering, not wanting to disturb what seemed to be a perfect moment.
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Never before had Idrieus felt this sense of being tired. Guess it was just something that came with children, something she wasn't really happy about. Getting tired after work or a job that was assigned to her was what she was used to, not these little bodies suckling at her underside. At least on the plus side, she wouldn't have to go through any of this alone. She still had her husband, and their new servant would come into good use for the two of them. She couldn't help but find that fact being something she would need to get used to.

Even since she had first come to Salsola, she didn't think she'd ever see herself sharing a space with a servant. They couldn't wholely be trusted. Even so, if Grievous was willing to give this one the chance, then so too would she. But one little slip up in the wrong place, and the servant would have the Paladin's wrath to deal with.

She wasn't losing anyone close to her anymore.

The dog woman opened her eyes again, spotting the pale body of her husband some distance away from his small family. She could feel the tiny jaws leaving her, seeming satisfied with their meals for this time of the day. A small smile crossed over her face as she turned away from Grievous to give the little girls a glance. They each gave their own little yawn, which was enough to let her gaze trail back to her husband.

He didn't seem right sitting so far away. Idirues lifted one of her front paws, making a gesture along with her leg to invite him over. Her smile shifted to more of a grin, "Come join us Grievous. They aren't going to bite." At least they weren't going to right now. Maybe they would when they got older, but time would tell before that moment come.
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Sorry it took me so long to get a reply to this.
Idrieus Eternity
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“I know,” he said. “You all just look perfect.”

If he could have taken a permanent image of it he would have, and shown her what he saw in the room. They had gone from having few close family to now creating their own, and those little girls were the future of their house. Here they had brought to fruition all promise of their rank and name. All of their collected knowledge and wealth would eventually pass onto these three, and ensure that they lived in a better life than they had.

War seemed far away, like a bad dream.

The wolf made his way over to where Idrieus and the girls were settled and joined them. He thought about shifting down to join them but chose against it.

“I never really thought about having a family like this until I fell in love with you,” he admitted quietly, looking from his wife and to their children. “What names did  you want to give them?” Grievous asked. They had discussed several options leading up to the birth. As they had been given quite a gift in terms of female heirs, the possibilities were many.
masks beneath masks until suddenly
the bare bloodless skull
Idrieus couldn't help but find the smile she did have on her face turning into more of a grin. Her husband was such a sap, but it also seemed to rub off a bit too much on her. She moved one paw up under her chin, letting her grin grow just a bit bigger before she spoke to him, "Well, you know what would make this even more perfect? If their father came to join us." She gave a small snicker before lowering her paw back down against the wood, letting her gaze fall back down to the pups.

Eventually, Grievous had made his way over, choosing to remain in his optime form rather than shifting like she had. There really wasn't a reason for him to do so in the first place. After all, she was the one that had to feed the girls, not him.

The Paladin scooted a little closer to the pale man, resting her head against him, though her eyes remained on their children. She gave a small laugh, "Funny what life does to you sometimes hmm? Seems both of us had life toss us a surprise." She gave a small pause, letting her paw lift up again as she pointed to each pup, "Azalea and Lilium for these two. I thought you would appreciate having some plant based names given what your hobbies are." She moved it once more to fall on the white and gray one, "I wasn't too sure which name to go with for her at first, but I thought she needed something different. Your family's line is... interesting with names, so I thought I would try it for her. Whisper seems fitting don't you think?"

She found her gaze trailing up to Grievous now, "Do you approve of those?"
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Idrieus Eternity
[Image: kAsWGPo.png]

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“Very fitting,” he reassured her, admiring the sight of the children. Whisper was gray and gold, Lilium bright, and Azalea streaked with white. Though he did not believe in the gods of Khalif with as much fear as he once had, Grievous took this as a sign that good luck had favored them. There were no black-furred children touched by a cannibal-god. Misfortune had not made its way into their home.

He had done everything right, and Idrieus was so strong – she would not have needed him to defend herself against evil.

The wolf looked at them for a long time.

“Yes, I like them. There's power in plants, they make for strong names. These are all wonderful,” he concluded, wagging his tail.

This was his family now – filling and replacing the places left empty when others had left. Grievous had long ago sworn himself to this place. After all his sacrifices, after all the secrets, he had found a true reason to remain. Ever since Idrieus had first taken with child, Grievous had gone through a shift of rationalizing, radicalizing, and acceptance in what Salsola meant to him.

They had to endure for their children. La Familia was in front of him, and they would have  everything they needed here to succeed and find higher places than their parents.
masks beneath masks until suddenly
the bare bloodless skull
Idrieus had paused once she had revealed their names, watching her husband's face once she had done so. She had pondered if he might have had something to say regarding their names, given that she had named all of them after him, or things he liked. It just seemed easier, and quite frankly, much more natural. This was their family, but it brought the greatest amount of joy to him. One thought had passed through her when she had been choosing their names, if she should name one of them after her late mother.

Well, knowing her husband, there would be a chance in the future for that, even if she wasn't thrilled at the idea of going through this again. Such was being a woman she guessed.

The Paladin fixed her attention back on Grievous' voice, as well as a wag of his tail. Well, that quelled any worries she might have had over the matter. It gave her the chance to turn her head away from him and towards the girls again. Her paw had moved back down, ushering the little bodies a little closer towards their father, seeing as their attention didn't seem to be solely on their mother anymore.

Head rested back down against her husband, another thing crossing her mind. One eye closed, the other looking back up at her husband. He too had brought someone new into their home, and they were going to have to accomidate her to their own lifestyle, "How's our new house guest settling in?"
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We can probably wrap this up if you want.
Idrieus Eternity
[Image: kAsWGPo.png]

Avatar art by Nic · Sig art by Nina
Gently, and slowly, Grievous moved and settled so that the girls could sniff at his hands. They hadn't been able to do much more than that at first – small and fragile, it had been many days before they began to grow into the world. He had not known exactly how long this took until now, and made efforts to notate it in records for others. They needed good, accurate information to reference in the future days. He imagined Eden and Argive would have their own knowledge to share, especially as his own role began to shift again, dictated by the demands of family and duty.

The Equinest watched the little bodies as they moved, wanting to memorize each spot and each little thing they did. He loved them and was, perhaps, obsessed with them already. There was no greater pride nor honor within Salsola than having daughters, and he had been blessed with three by the strongest woman within the pack. Their line would be indomitable.

Grievous didn't even look up from the children when Idrieus brought up the servant girl.

“Well enough,” he offered. “She's like a horse from a bad handler,” the wolf went on, thinking it entirely appropriate to compare the ex-slave to an animal. “I have to make her unlearn things while she learns others. As long as we teach her what we need, and work on reforming her, I think she will be good.”

This, of course, was more certain. He had trained Associates before, and commanded slaves – ensuring that their servant understood his expectations for her would be easy.
masks beneath masks until suddenly
the bare bloodless skull

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