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[html]<div class="txtNotoSans"><p class="wc"><strong>(400+)</strong></p><p class="ooc">Forward dated to one day after the Bautizo party (June 24th).</p>
The process was relatively simple, if one had the materials for it.<br>
Thankfully, the Prince kept hold of his trusted supplies since he'd found them and experimented with them long ago.</p>
<p>Now, it was second nature to the witchy male.<br>
The only trouble he really ever faced with thit was obtaining the fat, but with a place like this, <i>especially</i> after a large feast, it was far easier to get his hands on the ingredient.</p>
<p>Where he'd used a clay bowl before, he substituted it now with a large washtub he'd found laying about.<br>
Sugabear filled it with water, and set it upon some stones over a fire, to heat it up.<br>
In the middle of the washtub, he'd placed an old, rusty canning jar that was been scrubbed clean to the best of the male's ability.<br>
Inside, he'd broken apart pieces of beef fat.</p>
<p>The smell was horrendous.<br>
Though the Perrin du Lac mutt had grown used to the offensive odor, others in the area would likely not be pleased with his craft.<br>
That was, until <i>after</i> the product was finished.</p>
<p>Eventually, the tallow inside had melted into a deep yellow-brown liquid, and it was then that Bear was most excited.<br>
His favourite part was adding in pleasant scents, and today he'd opted for peppermint and rosemary.</p>
<p>This particular project was less about the best smell and more about use; if anything could keep away those pesky flies and ticks and fleas, a candle made of natural insect repellent would do the trick.</p>
<p>Sugabear put in some peppermint leaves whole, knowing the look afterward would be interested as well. The rosemary, however, he pulled apart and sprinkled in generously.</p>
<p>The witch picked up a cylinder shaped clay cup from beside him and placed a string in the center. The string had a small clay disk tied to the bottom of it, and he kept the future wick straight with a pair of sticks laid atop the cup.<br>
Carefully, he poured in the seasoned tallow.</p>
<p>It wouldn't take long before it would harden, turning an off-white with accents of green from the leaves and stems inside.<br>
Later, when it was set, the swamp Prince would cut the candle out, a blade along the inner circumference of the clay mug it was in and shimmied out.<br>
That way, he could use the container for another few candles.</p>
<p>He gave it a sniff while it was settling and was proud enough of how it turned out.<br>
<b>"Hm..."</b> Sugabear pondered, <b>"Perhaps I should make dat Alonso boy one for givin' me dis fat."</b> Especially if it led to more exchanges in the future.</p>
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
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So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break
ooc; here yah go!! context is morr helped put out the tobacco fields burning right after the feast. wc - 509. 5pts

So entranced in her thoughts, the yearling hadn’t noticed an horrendous scent in the air. Noting the off smell, she pondered if it had been some after effect of all that dead fish. It was a curious event, dead fish had washed up and clogged many waterways, theirs included. Not much fuss had been raised within the pack that she knew about, but with the burnt fields…. It was turning out she knew very little about the going-ons within the pack. With a small huff, Morrigan blew some stray strands of chocolate-hued hair out of her eyes. More then what met the eye was happening behind their backs, of this she was certain.

Rubbing her temples, she slowed her pace to a stop. The off scent in the air pricked at her nose, and she grumbled to herself. What is that smell? Hands on her hips, Morrigan searched the horizon. A thin column of smoke stretched into the air, somewhere to the right of her. The smell was invading her brain and knocking her thought process off kilter, so she resolved to investigate it. As she turned towards the smoke, a pit began to form in her stomach. Wait. Didn’t this just happen the other night? Panic began to rise in her chest, and hurriedly she made her way to the source of the stench, which had began to change and become more pleasant.

Logically, the single column of smoke wasn’t something to worry about. The tobacco fields were different, it had been done in the dead of night, when they were all expected to be busy or sleeping. It had been a large fire, not an isolated location as this one appeared to be. And the smell was very bad, sure, but it didn’t smell like something other the wood was on fire, like their other crops for example. Furrowing her brows, Morrigan approached the fire and… Sugabear! Quickly taking in details, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Not wanting to startle the male, she cleared her throat as her feet carried her closer.

“ Hey Sugabear. “ The witchling greeted, trying to calm her heart beating wildly in her chest. He appeared to be making something, and the smell was far less offensive then it first had been. Rubbing her neck, she gave him an apologetic look. “ I didn’t mean to intrude, I just saw smoke from your fire and smelled.. something different, so I was worried for a moment. “ Morrigan explained, ears cast backwards slightly as she glanced at the ground. “ Not sure if you heard about the tobacco field being burnt. “ Looking back up at him, she offered a friendly smile, anyways. “ What is it you are making here? Do you mind if I join you? “ This would be a welcome distraction from the burning feeling of smoke in her throat, and the memory of Boone and Nazario yelling at each other over who was to blame. She tried not to recall Santiago’s distressed cries about his missing daughter.
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

He hadn't caught her familiar scent over the smell of his creation.
Though she was welcomed company, the Perrin du Lac hadn't expected to see Morrigan again so soon. Then again, he was still a stranger to the concept of acquaintances, let alone friends, and had never experiences pack life before...
Is that what they were now? Friends?

He was thinking too much about it.
With a friendly grin, he returned the greeting. Bonjou, bebelle.
She seemed startled, breath rapid and eyes wild. Though, here eyes always seemed to have a mischievous look to them. That was something Sugabear noticed upon their initial meeting, as he saw the same look in his reflection.

I didn't mean t' frighten ya. The Prince said with a soft chuckle, turning his attention back to his candles as he listened.
The plan was to make a few, some for around their site and some to trade to the other Ashen. When they'd joined, the Rey had mentioned crafting as being an idea skill to have around here, so Bear was eager to put his expertise to the test.
Hopefully, especially given their use, he'd find somebody interested in the bug repelling candles.

He gave a slight nod, but he didn't seem to emotional about the ordeal, Wi, I heard. Shame t' lose all tha' tobacco. Coulda put dat t' good use.
It probably wasn't appropriate to joke about the dilemma, but the Perrin du Lac youngest didn't feel much for the overall good of the pack, not yet at least. Too him, it wasn't a big deal; just some burnt crops and some adventurous kid gone exploring without her father's permission.
He'd done the same plenty as a pup, and never got too hurt in the process.

No lives were lost, so what was everybody crying over?
If the child didn't turn up, he'd admit that it warranted concern and would offer what he could. Though that wouldn't be much more than prayers and good-luck charms, he had little more to offer.

Until then, he carried on as usual.
Candles, bebe. Mixin' 'em up wit' peppehmint and rosemary t' keep them pesky bugs away. Shoo shoo! He laughed, waving his hand as if shooing some imaginary flies away from his face. I don't mind if ya join, long as ya don't complain 'bout the smell. Boo does 'nough complainin' for us all.

Sugabear smirked and moved aside so Morrigan could come see the melted tarrow in the pot and so that he could begin his explanation on how exactly these things were made.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
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ooc; wc- 325

“ Oooh, I see! “ Morrigan said, nodding. She had seen candles before, but had never witnessed them being made. They were always just quietly flickering in the alcoves of the cave system her cult had made their own. She seemed to recall that they had different colors too, not just the off-white variety. Colors represented many different things in witchcraft, and candles were apart of rituals, as were herbs and animal sacrifice.

Suga didn’t seem to be sacrificing anything here, and he explained it was to keep the bugs away. “ That’s smart. “ She agreed, nodding once more. “ You could also make a sort of a balm to apply to your coat, but this is definitely less messy. Nobody wants greasy fur, good idea! “ Beaming, the witch-girl knelt down beside him, carefully scooping her hair over her shoulder and out of the way. It seemed pretty clear from the residual stench and temperature of the tallow in front of her would be less then ideal to have spread through her locks and she kept a wise eye on the flames under the wash basin.

Morrigan smiled, and sniffed deeply. “ Well, its far less offensive then it was, now it smells kind of nice. I forgot about candles honestly, we used to use them for rituals and celebrations. To signal our intentions. “ Motioning to the flame of the fire, she continued. “ All the elements are present in a Candle, fire of the flame, the air to feed it, melted wax for water and the solid wax for earth. “ Blinking, she leaned back from the candle making and looked over at Suga. “ You use them to manifest your desires… Like being bug-free! “ A wide grin broke across her face, and she was pleased with her joke, however lame it was. In the back of her brain she wondered what he would think of her mention of witchcraft.
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

It was true that a balm could be made, and it likely would be more effective for somebody travelling. He himself would use peppermint liberally when he planned on spending a day out near the water, back in the watershed.
Here, however, he could light a candle and do some crafting.

Besides, a balm would cover up the lovely smell of jasmine that he adored and used to scent his fur.

I prefeh candles so ya don't gotta wash it off every time. Jus' blow it out. He mumbled, stirring some herbs into the melted tallow.

He listened as his company went on about rituals and celebrations.
Candles were used in his practice, as well, but that could be said of a lot of religions and beliefs.
As she went on, the Prince gave a soft chuckle. She almost reminded him of Bugaboo, if his sister was much calmer, thinner, and more tolerable to be around for an extended amount of time.

Boo wasn't as faithful in their beliefs, either. She spent most of her time cooking and making wine and fussing over cute animals, where Sugabear was always creating talismans or praying or bettering his understandings and relationship with his admired Kings and Queens.

Dats why I started makin' dem. Different ones for different purposes. But I ain't gonna bore ya wid all dat. To the coywolf, his voodoo practice was nothing to show around. He could mentor an apprentice, sure, but it was not meant to be broadcasted about.
To do so would be disrespectful to the gods, and he didn't need that bad luck.

Sugabear poured another batch into the mould and hummed while it was set to dry.
While he waited, he turned his attention back to Morrigan, Ya seem pretty interested in candles, bebelle. The male commented, attempting to pry more information from her in a casual manner.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
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ooc; WC - 277.

Morrigan glanced at the male, nodding. He seemed to be a private individual, not willing to share details about his own life. He had a similar reaction when she had asked him about where he was from in the past. She understood, not everybody was an open book – and Suga seemed to be more on the loner side of pack life. Kept to himself, didn’t make a fuss, didn’t get involved in the drama of the pack. Perhaps it was the more intelligent route, keeping your nose clean and out of the thick of things, especially if he didn’t have a personal stake in it all.

Ya seem pretty interested in candles, bebelle.

“ I suppose, they just remind me of home more than anything. “ Morrigan admitted, sighing softly. “ Things are so strange here, and very different. “ She ventured, gauging his interest. The herbalist didn’t mind sharing about her own life, well, the parts of it that didn’t hurt. He likely wouldn’t be interested in those parts either, so she pushed thoughts of her grandmother away. While Morrigan hadn’t told anybody about what happened since she arrived, perhaps some day in the future she would have a supportive enough friend to recount her harrowing experiences. Idly, Morrigan touched the pink scar on her throat, remembering the kiss of the blade that had rested there during the attack. She was lucky to escape with her life.

Clearing her throat, she looked at Suga. “ All the leadership were females, we operated under a sort of Matriarchy. Based in witchcraft. “ Smiling softly, she remembered the scents of cloying herbs wafting through the caves, the soft tones of chanting and the rituals.
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

She wasn't exactly a polar opposite to him, but they differed in many ways.
They both seemed to have an interest in a similar belief system, both were quite fond of herbs and plant-life, and both likely found it more difficult to fit in as well as others.
But where he was reserved, she was an open book.

Strange, hm? The only reason the candles were here now was Sugabear's own doing. Maybe that made him strange.

Without much prompting, she continued, but he wouldn't stop her; while he didn't outwardly express it, he was actually interested.
The witch Prince smiled back when she elaborated. Is dat so? I... can relate to dat somewhat. His mother was their sole guardian.
The Perrin du Lac's had their Uncle Narcisse, but when he'd moved off to join Krokar, they saw very little of him. Even after the pack's disbandment and his rejoining them in the watershed, Sabine always had the last word.
She was to be respected, and her brother didn't argue with that.

Voodoo wasn't exactly witchcraft, but close enough that the family considered themselves witches; sometimes, it was just easier accepting the identity than trying to fight it.
We practice Voodoo, Boo and me. He finally stated, but was quiet as he picked loose crumbs of dried tallow from the cylindrical candle.
It wasn't a sensitive subject, and he'd go on if asked, but he'd rather not rant on without warrant.

Bear dusted off the piece he was working on, examining it with a strict eye before deeming it worthy of gifting.
With a grin, he offered it over to Morrigan. He'a, bebe. I've made myself plenty.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break
ooc; WC - 387

“ Well, strange to me. Now that I’ve spent time here I am seeing the way my home… was structured, is much different then most packs in the area. “ She explained, brushing some hair out of her face as she looked over at him. Hesitating, Morrigan considered whether to share the next piece of information with him or not. Deciding Sugabear was not the type to get overly offended about something that she had no control over, Morrigan plowed forward. “ The males were… of a lowly station, I must say, while I was highborn. That is not the case here. I hardly interacted with them, now that I think about it. It could be I never noticed them because I wasn’t taught they were of any importance, or that they were kept away from me specifically. “

It was weird the more she thought about it. Looking a bit uncomfortable, she decided to talk about something that was a pleasant memory instead. While she had no control over how her mother ran things, she didn’t want her newfound companion to think she thought that way now. No, males weren’t of no importance to her – they were scary more then anything. Yet? Males had also helped her stay alive and reach these lands living, so it must be also true that they could be helpful and kind. Suga then offered a little information about himself and Morrigan answered with a smile, pleased. Voodoo? She had little idea of what that was due to her life experiences being so limited, but wanted to find out more.

“ Voodoo? “ She repeated carefully, looking at the candles before them. Well, if they used candles for that as well – maybe there were more similarities? “ I serve the three faced goddess, but don’t know much about Voodoo, could you tell me more? “ The witchling asked, keeping her tone neutral and light. As she asked, he handed her the candle he had been working on – as a gift. Happiness was clear across her features and her tail wagged behind her, she beamed at him. “ Thank you Suga! “ What she wouldn’t say is that this was the first gift anybody had ever given her, and even though it was a small gesture – it touched her heart none the less.
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

She seemed a tad apprehensive to share the particular tidbit of information concerning male roles in her former community. Did she figure that Sugabear would be offended, being a male himself? He liked to think he was more than that to most.
He grew up with a fierce respect for females, and oftentimes questioned his identity. He did not fit into specific gender roles, and therefore wondered if he was what others would consider masculine.

Was it not that which could be seen as aggressive or territorial? Not just being born male, but the stereotypes that one fell into?

The witch shook his head, thinking to far on a subject that was relatively simple.
I find it best to jus' treat everehbody equally. Ain't no real difference between male an' female, jus' different assumptions. He didn't want to be considered unimportant based purely on his sex, but he knew Morrigan was logical enough to deduce that he was a unique and interesting individual.
At least, he hoped. That was how he viewed her, after all.

In time, bebe, in time. The Perrin du Lac Prince laughed, amused by the witchling's enthusiasm.
He would be happy to share more, as he'd already offered small dips into his beliefs here and there to be met with intrigue, but today was spent with craft and he liked to keep it that way.
Crafting, mending, making was a way the swampy mongrel calmed himself and got out of the routine.

With his hands, he could focus more of his energy into something productive, instead of letting is swell up inside him to later explode.
And seeing the way Morrigan beamed with joy at the mere gift of some insect-repellent candle, Sugabear could make the point that the craft helped others as much as himself.
Ya welcome, bebe. With other herbs or berries, I could make ya more. It was a task he enjoyed after all.

The stink of the chilled tallow had finally faded away to something far less offensive as he suffocated the fire he'd been using.
After about four candles made (one gifted away and another to be handed over to Alonso for his help in obtaining the beef fat), the Prince counted the work as well done.

The peppermint he'd collected had been well used up, but he still had plenty rosemary left unused.
Looking to Morrigan, he offered up a use for the herb, Would ya care t' join me for some tea, bebelle?
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break
Wc- 309

“ Yes, of course. I agree. I can see now upon further reflection that divide likely led to .., problematic events. “ She said slowly, an ear flicking to the side as she heard songbirds sing in some nearby trees. “ I don’t feel that way, now. “ Morrigan stated, with some finality. That was that, though some males could be fools, it didn’t seem so far fetched the same fate befell females. Every member of the Gang seemed to possess sharp wit and a decent attitude and work ethic, she hadn’t witnessed too much folly. Well, besides the entire mishandling of the burnt fields and losing of the girl.

Her gaze dropped to the ground, unfocused. That, was an example of stupidity. A slight breeze ruffled her coat and Morrigan exhaled a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding in, willing the tension that had suddenly appeared in her chest away.

The candle felt light in her palm, and she turned it over, admiring it. It would work well in her new home, a source of light in the Apocathary she was building when the sun dipped behind the horizon. Perhaps she would tell Suga of it when it was more filled out, he might be interested in building more stores with her as the summer stretched on. Wild lavender already hung in upside-down bunches from the old rafters, filling her space with a relaxing scent. Quietly he smothered the fire in front of her and gathered his things, offering her a cup of tea.

The tension slunk away, and her chest felt light and airy again. “ Why, I would love some. “ The girl answered, tail wagging once more. She would have to be sure to craft something later on for him as well, maybe a marijuana infused tincture once she had crafting alcohol down pat.
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

I should hope not. The Prince said with a soft chuckle. If she'd still considered male companions as lesser beings, it wouldn't be likely for her to continue spending time in his company.
He didn't mind that she found comfort in his presence, it was a pleasant change from being previously perceived as strange and offensive, but it was also nice to hear that somehow her former opinions had been altered to something more accepting and progressive.

Thinking on it now, the mongrel never considered taking in another herbalist as he had Morrigan. They may have no title for their relationship, friends perhaps, but he felt a sort of responsibility over the youth.
She was an adult, sure, but still had room to grow and lacked experience, especially compared to the almost four-year-old swamp witch. In ways, she could already remind him of his own half-sister, so it was easy for him to take on a brotherly manner around her. It was bold to assume she was comfortable with a sibling-like companionship, so Bear often found himself holding back from playful jesting that might offend or light affections.

When she accepted his invitation to tea, the coywolf clapped his hands together excitedly.
Great! I'll fetch some mugs d'en. He probably should have kept the fire going, but the offer was an impulse. It wasn't too difficult to start it back up, anyway, and it gave more time for the stench of the heated beef fat to completely fade away.

He was gone only a moment, turning away to retrieve two crudely shaped clay mugs he'd made years ago. He laughed sheepishly at the shape of them now and made a mental note to try his hand at new ones.
But for now, they worked fine.

After removing the container of fat, he thought it best to dump the water used before and start fresh. Thankfully Bugaboo had plenty enough rainwater saved up for her current culinary passion, so he would just borrow some of that.
He filled the mugs, started another, less intense fire (mostly just some red embers in the ashy timber, something warm enough to heat the water but there was no reason for flames), and set the clay pieces in the steaming ash.

Boo might have some honey somewhere, too. Sugabear mentioned as he picked the rosemary apart for tea, If ya like it sweeteh, d'at is.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break
wc- 250 

Morrigan sat in the dirt, not caring if she looked ladylike or not. With a toss she flipped her hair over her shoulder and watched Suga with a soft expression. Interested, she observed the clay cups he placed in the glowing embers. “ Did you make those? “ The youth had seen lots of clay ware during her time home, but never the hands that made the pieces. The women in her clan were very good at carving out intricate designs with sharp tools, she had often wondered where the inspiration for the shapes had come from.

Suga seemed worldly and experienced, and Morrigan found that intriguing. “ I do like it sweet. Boo sounds like she has good taste. “  Digging in her pack, the hybrid looked for something else to contribute. “ Look, it’s your favourite. “ Morrigan chuckled and handed him a joint wrapped in tobacco leaves. She had just taken some prior to the fields being burned, and it felt odd in her hands, but would go down smooth. “ So, Suga. “ She began, glancing at the cups in the ember pile. “ How do you like the Gang? “ Had he stayed on the fringes like her, or would he dive into the politics and mess?

Morrigan had to create some goals and dreams for herself once coming here, otherwise she would just be adrift. The feel of the work beneath her hands was a welcome distraction from the uncertainty that tainted her thoughts.
[Image: 7HdY84l.png]

From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

He gave a brief nod, Oui, I did. My Uncle Narcisse showed me how. D'ey ain't flawless, but d'ey work. The mention of his uncle made him miss his mother's littermate.
He was unlike Sabine; he was friendly and suave and eager to meet new people. He happily spent time with the Perrin du Lac offspring and showed them how to craft and cook, where their mother, more often than not, treated them like burdens.
She wasn't the textbook definition of abusive, but she was a little on the negligent side and made it clear that she wasn't a perfect fit for motherhood.

He was glad that her words could drag the worse memories away, bringing him back to the present where he was retrieving some honey.
Boo definitely has taste. The Prince grinned, Maybe da two of ya should meet some time. His sister would be ecstatic, meeting a younger witchy female to spoil and fuss over.
And Sugabear could catch a break from Bugaboo's desire to play with his hair or do his nails or whatever else she was in the mood for.

His company dug through her satchel and the male's swampy green eyes lit up at the sight of what was in her hand. Oui! Oh, Bebe, ya know how ta make me happy.
Gingerly, he took it from her and gave her a brotherly pat on the head.

Sugabear watched as the rosemary-filled water became to steam up, I like it fine, I guess. He mumbled with a shrug, before grabbing the mugs from the fire just as the liquid inside began to boil. He used a rag to keep his finger pads from burning, and set the cups on a nearby rock to cool the clay outside.
It's nicer den home, sure. It's a relief to have somewhere safe t stay. The Perrin du Lac witch went on without enthusiasm.

Before too long, he touch-tested the mugs and found them cooled enough to hold, but the tea still steaming.
Letting honey drip into one and not the other, he claimed the one without the added sweetener and handed the other to Morrigan.
What 'bout you, Babelle? How are you likin' it he'a? He asked, happy to turn the conversation away from him and to somebody else.

He took a sip of tea and sighed, relaxed.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break
wc - 416 

Steamed rosemary entered the air and Morrigan sighed in contentment. This was nice. Her aura had settled down, and now that they had been talking for some time the initial feelings of stress started to ebb away. “ It smells so good! “ She said happily, having forgotten all about the concept of tea. Mentally, it was added to a never ending list of plants and herbs she needed to collect and dry out. Something consisting of lavender and valerian, and maybe a little mint for flavor.. That would be calming. Speaking of which, the Witch rummaged once more and fished herself out a joint. The marijuana would compliment the tea, certainly.

“ I agree Suga, I like having somewhere place to sleep but it’s starting to feel not so safe anymore.. “ Furrowing her brow for a moment, Morrigan recalled that Boone and The Rey  had so viciously yelled at eachother in front of her and other pack members. “ I worry of what is to come. These Del Mars.. well it seems to me, knowing how much they demand from us and how profitable it is… The fire could be retaliation for trying to get ahead and not be content to just servitude… “ It wasn’t an enjoyable thought, but with the division of things since the fire… Morrigan had a feeling the coming months would be tumultuous, and she didn’t have very many people to hold onto to keep steady. Taking the offered tea, she sipped the sweet liquid and smiled, it was very good.

“ I have plans. I wish to make a garden and grow our own medical supplies, cannabis and opium for profit through the Ugly Coyote. I see how overgrown the garden is, I’m sure they would want that done. Will my garden be burnt? This all started because we had a lean winter… are we doomed to repeat the same, at this rate? “ Sighing Morrigan leaned back so she was lying flat on the ground and stared up at the sky, blankly. “ I dislike uncertainty. “ The tea steamed, sitting beside her head. The clouds lazily drifted overhead, changing shapes as they went. Forgotten, the joint lay in her fingers, and she lit it, taking long drags off of it before looking at Suga. “ The worst of it is I cant even defend myself! I mean, pretty sure I could make someone really sick, but Ive never been in a fight in my life! “
[Image: 7HdY84l.png]

From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

An' dat's jus' rosemary! Imagine it wid some lavender, or catnip, or- Suddenly, he stopped himself. He had a tendency to ramble when it came to herbs, especially when referring to how they'd fair in making into a tea. He waved his hand and sipped his tea again, Well, ya get it.

He'd decided to save his gifted joint for later, perhaps when he was venturing out again to free himself from his sister's groaning. Though Morrigan had treated him before, he wasn't going to assume this was a usual behavior of hers, and until he could find a loyal provider, he had to savoir what he had.

With another sip of tea, Sugabear relaxed his shoulders and listened to his company's worries.
I guess she has a point... The witch thought, realizing he wasn't helping those problems being essentially a shadow among Ashen. He was noticed enough to become Probado, but he had offered very little in terms of assistance or comfort to a place he'd expected those very things from.

Her idea of a garden, well tended and filled with useful plants, was something he could get behind. The Prince perked slightly at the thought of it as she went on, listing possible future herbs that could be more easily cultivated, but his excited was smothered by the concering thought that followed.
Dey are... unpredictable, it seems. He knew nothing of the Del Mars. Because of his self-seclusion from everything going on, he couldn't even offer words of assurance because he had no information to back up any of his claims.
He sounded foolish. And he hated that.

Her worries mirrored his own, at least when it came to being unable to defend themselves. He was never trained to fight, he'd never needed the know-how. He knew of some poisons and could hunt, but the swampy mongrel knew nothing of protecting himself from physical harm. Gah-lee, don't I know it. Sugabear sighed, shaking his head in shame.
I ain't not much 'sides knowin' teas and candles. I can pray, but I ain't much help in a brawl. He was tall, thanks to his red wolf and coyote genetics, so there was something intimidating about the witchy male, but he was a rather passive individual; if he could prevent any sort of altercation, he'd find some way around it instead of risking his skin.

But! He grinned, trying to make light of the situation, Dat's why we got d'ese odeh guys 'round. Folk like Nazario an' Hosea an' dem. Fightin' types. The Prince rolled his shoulders and rest a hand on Morrigan's shoulder gently, in attempt to comfort her, We can be here t' support dem.
As much as he loathed drama, there seemed no way to avoid it now.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break
wc- 341

The Witch relaxed back onto the ground by leaning on her elbows, now taking sips steadily of the warm liquid. Cold tea was the worst. Forgotten, cold tea, even worse then that. Though there were many things on her mind, the sweet drink made by her friend helped ease those worries. She listened to him then, and was grateful for his comforting hand on her shoulder. A small smile was sent in his direction and the Witch resolved that all would be well, if she had someone like Suga around. “ Boone, too. “ Morrigan added as an afterthought, raising her eyebrows at the thought of the scrappy red male leading them apparently into a perfect storm. Sighing once more, she cast her gaze up towards the sky, musing.

“ I guess we have to trust they are making the right decisions. “ The crux of the problem was understandable. The Del Mars had been shaking them down for their trading materials, demanding almost as much as they were able to produce, leaving hardly anything leftover for them to make do with. Then, the fields were burned and Luciana kidnapped. It was something that deserved swift and terrible retribution, but the Witch had divined there to be much unneeded struggle and suffering in their future. What that looked like remained unclear to her, but as she drained the cup of the remaining liquid she suddenly grinned and flipped it upside down on the dirt, looking pleased with herself.

“ I wonder what’s in my future? “ Morrigan asked huskily, feeling light-headed and warm. The marijuana she had harvested for this batch was strong, very strong. It was muddling her brain and making things blurry. Flipping the cup back over, she examined it closely in the afternoon light. “ Well, I suppose that can’t be accurate, I’m not supposed to be reading my own cup. “ Looking back at the hybrid male, Morrigan sat back up and straightened her back. “ Would you like me to read your tea leaves, Suga? “
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From my ROTTING BODY, flowers shall G R O W, and I am THEM & that is E T E R N I T Y.

The Prince nodded when she added the Comandante's name to his list of fighters. Though both leaders differed in their methods, they were both just as persistent and headstrong. While he hadn't met Boone personally, it was impossible to spend time within Del Cenere without hearing of him and his impact on the Ashen there.

Bebe, we ain't gotta trust noti'n. Sugabear stated with a short laugh, We can hope an' we can pray, but ain't not'in' makin' me trust nobody unless d'ey earn it. He wouldn't fight either for their position in the pack, but he couldn't be sure that either were making the best decisions, especially not when he could be affected directly by their actions.
While he wouldn't assume their leaders were malicious or foolish and acting out without thought, he also knew better than to give himself comfort in false hopes.

Then again, he knew a lot about that.

The witch's brow raised in curiosity as his companion put her mug down on the ground. He stayed quiet about the action, unsure of her intentions and knowing better than to interrupt anything that could be some sort of occult magic or ritual.
Morrigan looked back into the cup after picking it up from its temporary bed in the dirt and her comment afterward elicited a smirk from the Perrin du Lac mongrel.
Ah, so it is magic... Of course it was.
She was a witch as well.

Though he'd never experienced reading or being read tea leaves, the mutt had heard of the process. Another wile story from his Uncle, who knew of some other shaman who mentored some aspiring... something or other.
He shook his head and gave a grin, I would like dat very much, bebelle. Sugabear admitted, eager to see what she came up with.
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Lover indeed they have covered with weeds
↞ My body but my soul remains 
So play louder, and faster, and stronger
Make this soil break

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