[NEWS] July 2020
Mistfell Vale Disbandment, Rule Update, Migration Information

Spotlights for July 2020

Spotlight Soul

This month, the Spotlight Soul goes to the entirety of Mistfell Vale. After two years, this little pack saw its fair share of adventure and notable characters. Congratulations, MV, and thanks for being a part of our rich history of unique packs!

Community Soul

Our Community Soul this month is Kiri! The brain of this operation, Kiri has been working endlessly to ensure our upcoming migration goes through smoothly, been the front-runner for many board-wide events and plots, but beyond that, is a vital member of the staff without who 'Souls would not exist nor be as fantastic as it is today. For all that you do, thank you!

Featured Pack Adoptable

Born in the rugged and industrious Courtright family of Palisade, Amos Courtright is earnest and courteous, if a bit stern. His righteousness may put him at odds with others, but he is committed to his beliefs and assiduous in his abilities — virtues held in high regard among the Ashen of the Del Cenere Gang.

Newly arrived, Amos Courtright is still adjusting to life in Del Cenere and is spending much of his time getting himself acquainted with the folks around him and learning the ropes of his new home. But he’s sure to settle in quickly, with or without the help of his brothers, Hosea and Trelawney. We’re eager to see where his ambitions take him next!



News & Updates

It's summer! With the warming weather comes some measure of relief...

Table of Contents

Notable Events

The number of dead fish washing ashore along rivers, streams, and beaches lowers gradually in number. By early July, almost no new fish are turning up, and even the ones that are newly washed up, have been dead for some time. Whatever killed the fish had killed it a while ago... The smell may linger heavily in areas where a lot of carcasses piled up, but in most cases, the fish have been scavenged and picked clean by local predators and opportunists.

All that remains of the beached harbour seals is bone and rocky sand. Whether by seagulls or by resourceful Luperci, the meat and fat have all been stripped away. The smell of salt returns to these shores, and little evidence of anything strange remains.

The Minke whale and the other large carcass have mostly been hollowed out as well, but here and there, pieces of sun-baked, rotting meat still stretch between bones and tendons. The odor is putrid, but only if you stand close enough. It's still difficult to determine what the second carcass was. With all the flesh and blubber striped away, it's now clear that its head was smashed somewhere along the way, and most of its skull is missing, making identification doubly difficult.

X-Mas in July

Can you believe it's that time of the year again? The biannual gift exchange is back! Sign ups end July 8th.

Goodbye, Mistfell Vale

After two years, we say farewell to Mistfell Vale. As its members scatter to the winds, one must wonder what the next pack to form will be...

Rule Update

The following has been added to Rules>Characters:

6. Character NPCs must be realistic.

  • Characters are permitted a maximum of one (1) canine companion NPC. This can be a parent, sibling, child, friend, or any other associate of the character. (A child cNPC must be 7 months of age or older.)
  • Non-canine NPCs should be of native species. See exotic species restrictions for details.
  • At joining, a maximum of two (2) hoofed livestock cNPCs is permitted per adult character. This means your character and its canine cNPC (if it has one!) may have up to four animals between them. Hoofed livestock include horses, cattle, oxen, sheep, goats, pigs, etc. Traveling into the area with a large number of livestock is not permitted. Characters that join packs can, post-joining, obtain more personal livestock within a reasonable amount. Loners remain restricted to two livestock per adult.
  • Other non-canine, non-livestock NPCs are permitted within reason. Please consider the time and effort required for a character to care for and protect multiple creatures.
  • Please see our NPC Guidelines for more details.

Pack Livestock Caps

Additionally, communal livestock caps have been instantiated for packs, with slots allotted based on membership milestone -- which territory expansions and pNPC caps are also tied to.

Base allowance for new packs:

  • Maximum 10 large* hoofed animals (horses, cows)
  • Maximum 20 small* hoofed animals (sheep, pigs, llamas, goats, etc)
  • Maximum 20 fowl (chickens, geese, pheasants)

Additional slots per milestone

  • +2 large hoofed animals
  • +4 small hoofed animals
  • +4 fowl

Maximum allowance

  • 20 large hoofed animals
  • 40 small hoofed animals
  • 40 fowl

* we're specifically defining large as >= 15 lbs of feed a day and small as < 15 lbs of feed a day to make it easy to categorise other species

Additionally, for every 30 communal animals a pack has, there must be 1 pNPC dedicated to livestock care. This means a pack with a maximum allowance of animals must have a minimum of 4 pNPCs dedicated to livestock care.

Packs are permitted to trade in slots of small hoofed animals for large hoofed animals in a 2:1 ratio. Thus, if a pack with maxed out milestones chooses to forgo keeping any small hoofed animals in order to maximize large ones, they'd be able to trade those 40 small hoof slots for 20 additional large hoof slots. Fowl slots cannot be traded in. Packs do not need explicit permission to make this trade-in and they can swap back the slots at any time -- basically, all the numbers just need to add up properly at any given time.

These caps only apply to communal animals collectively owned by the pack. Individual characters may still have "unlimited" personal animals within reason. Non-livestock animals of "benefit," such as resident cats and crows, also do not count. Non-hoofed mammals such as rabbits also do not count. Communal raptors (falcons, eagles, hawks) are not permitted (or realistic) and should be individually owned/partnered with by specific characters. (It's permissible for a raptor to be partnered with a pNPC, who may then join characters on excursions involving the raptor.)

We are working on additional provisions that will allow packs to obtain more livestock slots if they've realistically built additional infrastructure to accommodate them (such as dedicated stables or pastures).

Packs that are currently over-limit have through the end of the month to make necessary adjustments to pack livestock counts.

Why is this happening?

Livestock requires a lot of work!

Horses and cows eat 15-20 lbs of forage a day and typically require large pastures to accommodate this if they aren't being provided other food directly. The Northeastern corner of North America is not the wild west. Instead of endless pastures of grass, we have mountains, dense forests, and abundant meadows with a wide variety of growth, none of which are livestock-ideal. We want to ensure packs have the resources to realistically maintain a certain number of animals.

But space isn't everything. Animals require a lot of dedicated care, especially horses. While many characters might chip in here and there to do chores like muck stables or clean out hooves, realistically, these things can be a full-time job, especially when there are a lot of animals. And since played characters can come and go, we figured requiring a pNPC for the job would be most convenient for everyone.

As animal husbandry begins to spread in the area, livestock are increasingly a sign of wealth, resources, and power. Therefore, in order to maintain balance and fairness, we feel it pertinent to control the amount of wealth packs can accumulate with little effort, as well as the amount of wealth that can be casually brought into the game by newcomers.

As the game evolves over time, so, too, do the rules. We're excited to see the direction 'Souls goes in! But as the local Luperci society advances, the rules of the game that keep it fair need to be updated to keep up. We've carefully considered and thought a lot about these new rules, but we're sure specific details and numbers will be tweaked and adjusted over time.

We're currently working on a Livestock Guide and an Agriculture Guide to help players familiarise themselves with these topics and to establish our expectations of realism in these areas. We're hopeful we can all meet somewhere in the middle of maintaining game balance and allowing players and packs the degree of freedom they need to write the stories they want.

Board Migration

As previously mentioned, a board migration will be happening soon. We still don't have an exact timeline, but it will likely be towards the latter half of the month. Don't worry, as soon as we have a date, we'll be informing everyone everywhere.

Here's some good news that can be confirmed so far:

  • It will be a true migration (which means all current users, posts, etc, will be transferred directly to the new board).
  • Archived threads will retain some HTML rendering (inline styles will work, stuff in <style> will not), but for the sake of future sanity and preservation, current and new posts will not allow HTML.

There are still a lot of small unknowns that are being worked out (titles? board skins? mass moderation tools for staff? post checker???), but our goal is, of course, to preserve as much of our current tools and features as we can.

In the meantime, we encourage players to:

  • Swap to using BBCode only for new threads, or at the very least HTML with inline-only CSS
  • Update signatures to BBCode only
  • Clear out old, unnecessary PMs as much as possible, especially those on inactive or retired accounts (the less stuff we have to migrate, the faster it'll go)
  • Back stuff up*

*The risk of losing data in this move is low, but everyone should be in the habit of backing stuff up anyway.


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