[P] A Goal Without A Plan is Just A Wish
Vahn Fam
The horses were cared for and Ezra stood back from them. A long, forlorn look was given over the herd he'd developed. At Basilie, Recherchè, Magni, Akasha, and Muse. At the empty stall where Fierce once kicked at the walls. Mottled gaze then finally landed on Fantasy, and he lead his hand out to her. Elbows propped on the stall door as he pet her lovingly for a moment. Their whole world had once collapsed. The strength of the pack didn't matter and there was no ill will toward Saga, of course, but hard times were beating on their door again.

If it was anything he knew, it  was that they would survive now. With, or without, a pack's boundaries to make life simplier.

Arrow walked in the stable quietly and addressed Ezra with a motion of his hand. Ezra nodded.

Beneath Arrow, was Muse, and beneath Ezra, was Fantasy. The two men worked the horses on their way to the old Wyvern church, eating up the ground as they went. The news had been heard. Mistwalkers had all moved, or were packing. Ezra was unsure who was going, or who was staying. Falcon would spend a time with his family, but it was temporary. The Vahn's needed to figure out a game plan. There wasn't any more time to waste.

Hitched up, the horses groomed at one another while the boys walked in the door. A serious nature befell Ezra, emphasized by the growing wrinkles and peppered gray in his face," Fiorenza," He called into the house as he took the initiative to wash his hands before Arrow," Come sit."

Fiorenza padded into the main room, tucking her dress beneath her and sat quietly on her hands.

"Fiora. Orin. We need a plan," He spoke, leaving little room for argument or panic to sink in. Arrow washed his hands behind Ezra, then moved to sit on the ground beside Fiorenza, taking his place as a listener as well. They were both very well ready to follow whatever instruction their family had to offer as the sun set outside.

"So, we all know it. Mistfell Vale is no more. To which. We are loners. Our mill is unprotected. There are only so many of us, so we will all have to work hard. Arrow and I will continue to run the mill for trade as well as care for the horses. They're valuable enough to help us come winter be it meat, or trade," A nod was given to the boy. Arrow winced at the idea. They all loved the horses, but what must be done, must be done. Tears began to well in Fiorenza's eyes, but she didn't argue. She may very well have to learn young what survival meant, "Trade with close packs and positive relationships will be vital for us all. I've spoken to the Cavalier's across the Loch, and they approve of a trade route by water. There are members of Del Cenere to the north that I have spoken with and have opened a new route as well. We can take advantage of that when their borders open up. Helena is a long standing customer of mine and is to be trusted, but has sent word of some kind of trouble in the pack, so we cannot depend on them for now," He felt it was unnecessary to speak of his long standing ill will with Salsola, and that trade with them should not even be humored, much less considered.

Taking a breath in after filling them all in on what he's been up to, Ezra turned to Orin first, and then left his loving gaze on Fiora lastly. He didn't want this for his family, but if they could make it work, it would all be worth it. He let out a hand for Fiora to hold. He needed her greatly, now, to help him be the pillar they needed,"Let me know what the both of you have been considering to offer up for trade, or work, so I can ensure that this information moves to our allies to the North and South."

They had lost their home again, what was this number three? First it had been her birth pack, the place she thrived the most. Next was the court, a place that followed a monarchy but felt like home none the less. Then it was the lasted pack, vale in the mist. It made the healer feel that maybe this was all her doing, was she a curse to those around her? It seemed that everyone left her in one way or another, including her mother and sister. They just moved out of her life, not understanding how much she needed them. Now it was her home, always disintegrating through her grasp, slipping through her fingers. This caused another small round of depression to come, a withdrawing into the room she shared with the man she loved but it was her daughter that helped her stay within reality this time.

The boys had done most of it, kept them afloat as she toured to control the darkness threatening to take over her mind and soul. She had helped with her garden, her friend and traveling companion, Orin, was forcing to make her social. Having her out of bed and into the most therapeutic location her mind and fingers could be.

Her mind had wandered to the point the did not really know how she got into the living room of their shared space but there she was. Her husband spoke, taking the leadership role and telling them they needed a plan. She nodded, this was true. How would they keep their little home up amd running, how would they get enough grain for their horses, how would they keep the pigeons happy?

He spoke of trading and she could only think of her selves and herbs, would that make enough of what they needed? What else could they do?

"I could hire out my skills, make custom pieces for those wanting to pay nicely for armor or clothing. As well as make paintings, just be prepared to have me covered in paint more than dirt!" The marron headed woman spoke, her large hand patting Fiora on the shoulder. Reassuring her.

"Ah.. I.. um.. could make salves.. and ah, pot plants to sell.." Her words shook as she looked up at her husband with dreamy yet sad eyes, was she even useful enough for this?
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Orin did no hesitate to offer up her trade to keep her hands busy and their mouths full. Ezra nodded confidently, knowing Orin's skill to be quality grade that he would be more than happy to honor his cart with her wares, “Thank you, Orin,” A dip of his long muzzle paid his respect to her generosity, “I understand,” The response came to her one request. It was reasonable enough and Ezra didn't mind a bit of grit on him.

Fiora spoke then and a familiar set of blue found him. Lost. Unsure. Filled with doubt and love all the same, “Those are great ideas and fantastic while have the summer,” Wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled her close, “Will you help with the garden to keep the foliage healthy for the fibers? The better the stock we grow, the longer we can utilize it for the cross over winter. Paper can support us in any season, so a stockpile of it would work in our benefit if we run short on supplies,” He knew that Fiora would be the best one for the job, as well as her salves and potted plants. Ezra just did not have the green thumb she seemed to possess.

Arrow stood after Fiora's response to Ezra, determination in his eyes, “I dun care I gots'ta work all days'n night. Ya'both got mah back t'work. Ya needs'? Jus' axe. Droppin' off. Pickin' up. Tradin' or horses'r 'nythin'. Ya'lls my home. I dun' wan ta lose yous,” Moving toward Orin, he started piping up conversation of what it was he could help with in her ventures. Lifting, transport, seeking out goods so she could get properly started.

Fiorenza took the moment after to find her feet and rise, to make the space to her parents and wrap her arms around them both, “I love you both so much. I want to work hard, too, okay? I don't need dresses or fancy things. I just need you,” It was her first time losing her home and while the rest of the family was familiar with the feeling, Fiorenza was not holding so steady, “I can work the horses if Arrow is busy. Mama, I can help you with the plants, too. I can do it, really. Papa, I'll take over the dyes from you so you can focus on everything else. I don't care if my fingers turn green,” Small hiccups slipped from her chest and Ezra patted her back, pained eyes finding Fiora over their daughters shoulder.

A hand gripped what of his wife he held, the glisten of his ring bouncing the shimmer of the fire from it's aging surface, “We can do this,” He reassured them all, but marbled gaze rested in the deep ocean of Fiora's grace. Black lips mouthed quietly over the slender shoulder that pulled away. I love you, he said, without a word. They were in a for a rough ride, and he wouldn't want to even think about attempting this without Fiora at his side.


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