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➤ All Roads Lead Home

Year III in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis; Summer in the Thistle Kingdom

As a sense of normalcy and routine returns to Salsola after the bizarre natural dilemmas of the previous month, the pack basks in the relentless heat of the long summer days. Bloated by the midday haze and the unending drone of insects and birdsong, the rolling fields of Upper Tantramar have started to bleach into rippling oceans of gold. The lingering warm has a lackadaisical nature, begging for indolence. But of course, there is always something going on – though the dead fish no longer plague the waterways and the foul smell has subsided, the cause of their mass expiration remains an ongoing mystery to those with an inquisitive mind.

But even as we stew in the heat, Salsola's ravenous coffers demand sustenance. Beyond the reach of our local rumor-mill, the dissolution of Mistfell Vale to the west has apparently opened the clearest route to Portland up once again. It is high time, the Queen believes, that we should reap of the fortunes being ever-amassed by our brethren in the over-burdened halls of Fort Preble; Though the road south is ever fraught, the riches of trade beckon brightly.

Seeing an opportunity, the Thistle Kingdom and its subjects look ahead to the coming season and try to determine where their talents will be most needed...though in some cases, being less seen may be more appealing.

➤ Portland Expedition

Summer's enduring and relentless haze lead to restlessness, and in the wake of several mysteries and tragedies, the prospect of a profitable expedition to our lesser stronghold seems a welcome respite. To this end, and to help bolster our Portland Outpost while the weather remains favorable, the Boss has organized a caravan to travel south.

With Emissary Kamari Kaiser leading the group, the large number of Luperci will depart in the cooler pre-dawn hours and make their way on the sometime-treacherous pilgrimage to Fort Preble.

Leaving July 17th, any returning Salsolan party members will be gone for a total of 14 days round-trip. If you'd like your character to join the expedition, please let us know by replying to this post.

OOC Note: It is standard practice for SL Leadership to offload long-term aNPC characters to the Fort Preble Outpost to free up room for active characters in our on-board ranks. If you are the owner of one of the below-mentioned NPCs and do not wish to see them moved off-board, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Current members attending the trade voyage are:
    • Kamari Kaiser (Caravan Leader)
    • Velimir Voronin
    • Sionann de le Poer
    • Mors Einar-Nocturne
    • Jaketta Einar-Nocturne
    • Pandora Nocturne
    • Maelyx Nocturne
    • Julius Valentine
    • Oiseau Troy Lykoi
    • Lithia Napier
    • Totem
    • Micheal
    • Narcissa Greygrief
    • Atlas Greygrief
    • Tesla Greygrief
    • Renly Greygrief
    • Baie Troy Lykoi
    • Saint D'Aabt
  • Livestock that are leaving to Portland:
    • Ozzy
    • Reiner
    • Caprice
    • Celeris
    • Filch
    • Galila
    • Fortuna
    • Soot
    • 3 pigs (sows)

➤ Shifting Livestock and New pNPCs!

In compliance with the July 2020 Forum Newspost regarding new pack livestock rules, we will be shifting around some of our livestock (you might have seen our horse announcement earlier this month in our Discord server), as well as gaining three new pNPCs to aid in the care of our farmyard companions! We hope you are as excited to meet and play with them as we are to introduce them to you. These new Associates will arrive in Salsola July 31st, accompanying the returning Portland Expedition members on their trip back to the Kingdom Proper. Keep your eyes open for more extensive information about them, which will be revealed soon!
  • Cole Eachan
    • A young chap from across the Atlantic, Cole heard about Salsola from none other than the infamous Tigress herself - Salvia Eternity! Sent to the Thistle Kingdom bearing signed and sealed letters and seeking to prove his worth, this foreigner specializes in horsemanship.
  • Blanche “Fleetfoot” Briarhart
    • Having shown a talent and skill for her work with sheep, Blanche proved her mettle as a capable rancher. She and her mate, Flint, ran their own successful farm and homestead for a time. After misfortune and disaster struck, the protections and comforts that would be offered by a well-established pack became irresistible to the pair. Luckily, a chance encounter with Jaeger (the alias of Heine Kaiser) would provide such a welcome opportunity.
  • Flint Gaumond
    • A rancher who lost his fortune to bandits, Flint made his early living tending to livestock. He and his wife, Blanche, came east to begin their own farm and had aspirations of a humble but sustainable life together. Though successful for a time, they lost everything when disaster struck. Now, however, they believe they've found a second chance - behind the formidable protection of thistle-lined borders.

➤ The Outer Reach

Portland remains an ever bustling, lively city — and its growth, like so many other places, is undeniable. Within Fort Preble and the surrounding land, those members of Salsola who live in Maine can feel the open space shrinking all around them. With fewer prospects available, Governor Blair devises new prospects for Salsolans looking for work. To this end, the Outer Reach was born.

OOCly, Team SL has realized that Portland has collected so many NPCs over the many years since our Outpost was created that housing them (and their animal companions) indefinitely is simply beyond the capacity of Fort Preble! To that end we have come up with the Outer Reach — a series of rotating trade missions that may (or may not) see every character make it back. This will allow inactive players the opportunity (and flexibility) to decide the future of their off-board Salsolan characters, as well as help those intended for future play to develop more interesting backstories and gain experience in skills not normally on show at the Fort!

If you would like to have your off-board character accompany our first foray into the Outer Reach, just PM us! Don't worry if you aren't sure yet, as there will be plenty more expeditions in the future.

➤ New Policies Wiki Page

Long overdue to be transferred over from our old website, we have finally created Salsola's Policies Wiki page! Please refer to this page for all information regarding our OOC and IC policies and procedures on things like interacting with potential Joiners, a/c/yNPCs, thread completion criteria, and visitors - just to name a few.

➤ Other Wiki Edits and Updates

Woah - June was a busy month for our official pack Wiki pages! We're happy to announce that a large majority of our informative pages have been given a substantial face lift, and have been updated with the most current and relevant information we have available for you. We hope this helps with offering our players better immersion and familiarity within Salsola, as well as cutting down on inconsistencies when making references to Salsolan content! Check out some of our newly updated pages like the Clinic, Garden, and Storage!

Did we miss something? Double check our Companion Animals and Residency pages to make sure we have the current and proper information regarding your character(s)!

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Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola
Sorry to getting to this a little late, but I would like to send Saint (Saguine's cNPC) and Baie (Silas' cNPC) can be sent to the Outpost along with those in the list.
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