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The rush of the wind on her face as she and her steed galloped quickly over the lands was enough for the young Chispa to escape the dreaded heat of the day. Although, the heat never really bothered her all too much if she had been honest, not like it seemed to bother others around her. It made the days that much more enjoyable, because all of the adults were usually finding things to do that did not require them being out in the sunlight, but not Lyla, no, she wanted to soak up all the sun she could before the cold months returned again.

Slowing the horse below her to a walk, they approached the small lake that was drying up to look more like a large pond and with careful coaxing, Lyla pushed the mare into the cool water with a tug of the man as she rode bareback into the depths. The horse moved in deeper and deeper until the cool water brushed her toes before engulfing both of them as the horse began to swim circles, nickering lightly in positive response to the cooling water after their warm gallop across the dry plains of del Cenere.

"That's a girl," Lyla crooned lightly before freeing her hands to draw the water over the mare's mane in hopes of soaking her to cool them both for the afternoon.
Being alone seemed to be a bit of a double edged sword for Rhodes. On the one hand, it was nice not having to worry so much about his shiness or anxiety getting in the way when it came to interacting with others. He had gotten a bit better, if only he knew what had been the cause of it in the first place. Maybe living in a bar and hearing all the noise downstairs had something to do with it. He was used to it, but actually having to be amongst the crowd of strangers was another story all together.

Besides, in a crowd, he didn't usually have the support of those he was at least close to. Remy, Lyla, Lyssa, or even Evelyn along with her kids. He had the time to bond with them, and his family helped to push him to socialize with them. But... even being alone he didn't have them either. That was the downside to it all. He didn't feel uncomfortable, but he didn't feel the warm feeling he got from those he liked. Maybe that was what pushed him to go out.

As the young male made his way through the territory, having decided to go through one of the more wooded areas rather than be out in the open, he caught the sight of something passing by in front of him. It was moving fast, but not too much to make him miss the pattern of the one riding on the back of the horse. A smile managed to form along his muzzle, causing him to run in the direction the horse was going.
It was his sister.

The pair hadn't stopped even as they got to the water, the brother watching as the two of them swam, only for Lyla to bring the animal back to the shore and take off again. Rhodes could already feel a slight burn in his legs from chasing the animal down when he first saw them, and now he was going to have to do it again. Curse his so outgoing sister.

Once he managed to see them stop, Rhodes moved one hand out in front of him, hoping to catch them before they took off running again, "Wait! Lyla!" He huffed a few times, hands on his knees to take a couple breaths before he pushed forward, "Wait up for me. I don't feel like running anymore."
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Sibling thread! Hope you don't mind me jumping into this.
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Eee, Rhodes! <3

Swimming around in the deep water with the horse was refreshing and with little effort the young Chispa pulled herself onto the back of the mare as she was light enough for her to handle even in the water. Surprisingly, horses were excellent swimmers, which one who did not know would ever be able to guess by their sheer size and awkward hooves that did not look like it could propel themselves properly.

The girl was startled for a moment when she heard the yip from the shore before she recognized the voice that was carrying out to her. Lifting her tiny hand she waved at the shore, pushing the mare back towards her brother that stood, hands on knees panting as he had seemingly been running around like crazy, which seemed absurd in this heat.

"Rhodes!" the girl exclaimed, "You shouldn't be running around in this heat!" she said with concern, dropping down from the back of the mare before running up beside him. Too concerned over her brother's disheveled appearance, Lyla did nothing to remove the water from her own coat and now appeared to be half the size she normally was thanks to the water changing her appearance to resemble something more of a half-drowned rat.
This was definitely not one of Rhodes' greatest ideas. What on earth was he thinking trying to chase down his sister while she was on the back of a horse and he was running around on foot? He had gotten some lessons riding, seeing it as important by their mother, but he really should have known better. He was so happy when his sister decided to stop so that he could get the chance to catch up.

Eyes moved up, watching Lyla as she slid off the animal and made her way over to him. He was still resting his hands over his knees, bent over so that he could catch his breath. He could feel some of his fur had moved out of place from his running, and he probably had some dirt and plants mixed in from that too. He must have looked like a total mess to her. He turned his head up to her, letting a smile come over his face, "Ordinarily I wouldn't be. I just didn't expect the two of you to take off so quickly. I'm glad you decided to stop, or I'd probably look a lot worse."

The young male pushed himself up from his knees, brushing his legs off before standing upright. He was finally able to get a good look at his sister since she had gotten out of the water. She looked so much smaller when she was wet. He couldn't help but have his smile grow more as he looked at her. They were quite the pair of siblings weren't they?

He briefly turned his attention over to the horse and then back to his sister, "So you decided to go out riding? You should have asked me to come with you. You know how antsy I can get when I get left at home alone with patrons there. Besides, I miss spending time with you. We're almost adults now."

Adulthood probably meant he wouldn't get to spend much time with her. They would have their own things to focus on, and had to pull their weight to provide for their home.
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The young coyote gave her coat a shake, trying to get rid of most of the water from her pelt so she did not resemble a half-drowned rat. It did little to relieve her of her state and instead left her with tufts of fur sticking out in odd directions that if not brushed down would dry and leave her in much of the same mess as her brother looked at the moment. 

Lyla could not help but giggle lightly as she reached forward with her dainty little fingers and plucked out a particular large twig with a couple of leaves on it that stuck haphazardly out from the tufts of windblown hair on his head. Dropping it to the ground before running fingers through her own hair to smooth out the knots and mats to resemble something that may somewhat have been civilized she could not help but giggle again at their appearances. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were awake. I thought for sure you were still snoring away when I first left this morning," she grinned, offering a sheepish smile in apology. "They were so loud last night I could hardly sleep at all, so when the sun started to rise I just gave up and decided to go for a ride," she said sighing wistfully. Sometimes the patrons of the bar kept them away, and while Lyla was usually good about blocking the noise out, something kept her up all night. Growing up with that much noise usually did not bother her as she quickly got used to it and therefore generally slept like a rock and therefore left her awake if it was too quiet - which was quite rare. 

"Blech, don't remind me," she replied to his statement about the pair being so close to adulthood. Adults were boring. She wanted to stay this age forever. She was old enough to do everything for herself, but the adults did not make her do too many chores and she had so much freedom to do whatever she wanted to.
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Rhodes instantly moved his hands up when his sister began to shake the water off her fur. He should have expected that to happen when he had finally caught up with her, seeing at it really didn't seem to bother her until he turned up. His arms moved down, slightly soaked now and dripping with water. She had reached out, pulling a twig and a couple leaves from his hair. He couldn't believe he had managed to get those snagged in his locks without noticing. Guess running will dead that to someone.

He soon found himself moving to the ground, giggling along with his sister. He needed more of this in his life.

The young male couldn't help but lower his ears when his sister offered her explanation. It made sense, as when it got very noisy, it was hard to sleep at night, and when the quiet finally came, that was when all of them would usually drift off to sleep. He would sometimes be able to sleep through the noise, but if that wasn't enough to keep him up, then the unnecessary worry of strangers coming to them, or talking about him, certainly did. Lyla must have left after he had fallen asleep then, otherwise he would have probably been out with her long before now.

He gave a small shake of his head, "You're probably right, sorry. I hate when they get so loud. I can't stand so much noise." It was what made the quiet that much better.

Rhodes tilted his head a bit. He could understand the desire to stay young so they wouldn't have to worry about adult tasks, and the like, but there was no avoiding it. He didn't like the idea of having to try and figure out what to do with his life so soon, wishing he could have more time that wasn't offered to him, but what other choice was there? He tried to think of something to counter it, and seemed to get something, "Well, there's one good thing about becoming an adult. We can move out of the Ugly Coyote. I don't know about you, but I am ready to get out of there. Might be a bit... freeing to find my own place you know?"
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