[DCG] Irving Gardens

Pack Project: Irving Gardens

Taking back the overgrown greenhouse area and turning it into a communal native garden for supply and study purposes. Start date July 01. Short growing season left, so this year will mostly be preparing the area, studying/learning gardening techniques, and harvesting/cataloguing what’s in the nearby area to transplant next spring.

Lasting implications would hopefully be establishing a permanent garden, and hopefully over time building up the stock we produce and getting more variety as knowledge is gained and shared within the pack. Hoping to become an opium producer, hops for beer, berry wine, tobacco and cannabis as well, plus other useful herbs for medicinal purposes.

Project Lead: Morrigan Archeron
  • Tools.
  • Buckets? Something to transport water.
  • Sticks, rocks, branches, to construct garden bed borders/fences.
  • Seeds, plants.
  • Items to trade.
  • Manure - fertilizer
  • Food scraps - compost
  • Fish remains – fertilizer

Tasks and Threads

  1. Identifying remains of greenhouse, clearing and cutting back area: Through dirt and shadow, I grow.
    • Morrigan Archeron
    • Peony Braithwaite

  2. Figuring out water source (nearby well), watering situation.
    • Lieselotte Temple
    • Character

  3. Digging well deeper, clearing of possible obstructions.
    • Hosea Courtright
    • Character

  4. Gathering seeds, gathering plants to be transplanted: This memory, is it all that I get?
    • Morrigan Archeron
    • Rhodes Winthrop

  5. Hoeing? Tilling? The actual garden area to be planted.
    • Johnathan Winthrop
    • Zsorthia Mercedes

  6. Possible trading for seeds/gardening information
    • Helena Troy Lykoi
    • Belinda Braithwaite

  7. Identifying plants in the area, harvesting ready to eat berries, herbs and roots to increase pack stores.
    • Sugabear Perrin du Lac
    • Lieselotte Temple

  8. Gathering materials for fence/border construction, trellis construction.
    • Azade Feriqi
    • Character
6. Helena can trade for seeds once this pesky lockdown is over!!

5. John (and npc Ponti) can do some hoeing/tilling/clearing the garden beds for planting
Morr can also be signed up for #4
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Belinda Braithwaite for 6?
[Image: CWg1PfV.png]
Hosea for #3 and Sugabear for #7 !
[Image: M8AUygW.png]
Azade for #8!
Lottie can help for #2 and #7!
Rhodes for #4
Eden de le Ulrich
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Lmao, well, might as well put Zsorthia with John for Hoeing since she's good at that and tilling for #5. XD
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Kris volunteers Belinda for #8


that is #4 thread link
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AW+ with Azade and Nando building a fence for the garden!
Sign Skeleton up for #2! :)

Thread is here: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=48183

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