[LOG] Migration Dust & Maintenance

Migration Dust & Maintenance

Known issues

General issues

  • Rich text editor REALLY likes adding extra linebreaks if you use lists or custom BBCode. You can disable the rich text editor entirely via UCP>Edit Options > Other Options > Put the editor in source mode by default.
  • Center align via BBCode [*center] in signatures sometimes randomly revert to left align. Using divs to align seems to "stick" the best. [*div=text-align:center]

Skin/template issues

  • Lots of mobile things


  • Mobile: Forum index text resize flicker
  • User column in PMs/thread view collides into post column
  • Tablet: User column in thread view collides into post column
  • Tablet/Mobile: Mobile logo appears before desktop header disappears
  • Tablet/Mobile: Forum index doesn't expand to 100% at the same time the sidebar does

Missing features

These are things the new board doesn't support as a default. We're aware of them and intend to bring them back, but they have varying priorities.

High priority

  • Wiki edit using forum login

Medium priority

  • Various other thread searches, including 'all unread'
  • Various cosmetic/CSS fixes
  • Mobile skin has various issues


  • Thread descriptions
  • Auto-archival (mod tool)
  • Ability to view "Active Threads" or "All IC Threads." Going to User Profile > Forum Stats > Total Threads, only shows threads (OOC and IC) created by the user, not threads in which they have posted to.
  • Game Stats
  • OOC/IC profile field divisions in UCP
  • Account linking
  • Wiki shortcodes update
  • Request Checker
  • Activity Checker
  • Password reset by account instead of email
  • Open Threads
  • Migrate IPB archive forum to myBB also

Issue reports

Check that your issue hasn't already been mentioned above, but otherwise please report:
  • Things that look weird on the board skin, including on mobile
  • Functions or features that you don't think operate as intended
  • Any bugs or errors you encounter
  • Permissions errors
  • Missing data of any sort
Please be as specific as possible when reporting issues and include information like what page you were looking at, what you did to get the error, etc. Links and screenshots are highly appreciated.

An update about the Wiki:

WIki shortlinks have been updated, though this was mostly a non-issue since the old URLs are set to redirect anyway.

Wiki login via forum credentials still work as long as you're using logins from the old board. Any new accounts or password updates from the new board are not working at this time.

myBB's password encryption is more robust than phpBB's was, which is great, but now it's a lot harder to integrate logins elsewhere. Doubly so because myBB actually saved all the hashed passwords from phpBB, then once you log into myBB for the first time, it re-encrypts your password, so there's a new, more secure resulting hash, and ditches the old hash. This means that depending on if you've logged into the new board or not, you may either have a password stored in column A or column B but not both, which makes things even more complicated.

I'll look into workarounds for this, or a new solution for managing logins to the wiki, but in the meantime, you can continue to use old logins for the wiki.

If you're a new member who does not have an account on the old board, PM me for a temp password, I guess. D;


Account linking implementation will probably happen sometime next week. Please weigh in on whether you'd like OOC accounts to be a thing in the meantime.
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Quote: I noticed a few (not all?) de-titled accounts with their "Forum Info" sidebar category messed up? It's not super old accounts either (ex. my Skana account is fine, and she was de-titled back in 2017; my Ragna account is not, and she was de-titled in 2019)

This wasn't an account issue, just a visual glitch due to extra long join dates because the day of the week was included. Fixed to exclude that and it fine. :V

Quote:On User profiles in the "Forum Info" sidebar sections, the thread count is off because it's only counting their created IC threads (vs. all threads posted to). Probably related to the "Total Threads" issue, but, not sure? :O

Yeah, this is just how the thread count is counted on this board. Everything that has to do with a user's threads only counts threads they started. Threads are only counted in forums that posts are counted, so they're all IC threads the user has created. No easy way to amend this, but I could just remove the thread count altogether, I guess?

I intend to modify the search link for "Find All Threads" later to actually include all IC threads participated in, but idk that there's a point in diving into the code that updates the stored value for "all threads" since that'd be more complicated. (It's definitely way easier to keep track of threads started by a user VS setting it to count the ones they didn't start as well.)
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Real inbox link added to UCP>Left side menu.

The black folder inbox is the real inbox.
The orange folder inbox is your unread stuff.

You can rename the the unread folder to "Unread" here. Why isn't this the freakin' default and can I make it the default for new accounts? We'll see. ~_~
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Quote:The "Open Threads" list still includes AW's that have a post to them already? :O Not sure if the search is meant to find different specifications for AW's than AW+'s, or just to find any AW/AW+'s at all with less than 2 replies?
Yeah, right now it just displays all AW/AW+ threads with 1 or 0 replies. I don't think the search has a native way to string together two queries (so AW with 0 replies and AW+ with 1-2 replies), so this was my half-measure until I have time to program out a specific page (rather than rely on the native search) like our old Open Threads page.
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(6 September 2020, 02:58 PM)Despi Wrote: I've been getting this (repeatable) error when checking out Thelma Del Mar's profile?


Fixed. You needed dashes in the character birthday, so 08-08-2017 instead of 08 08 2017. It can't parse the latter as a date. This board doesn't let me set custom fields as date fields, so unfortunately it's down to users to format dates properly. D;

ETA: Added an error message for the field so it will show that instead of a PHP error next time.
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Quote:I don't see any option to access a character or player's Wiki page via their profile any more when I know that it should be there (such as on my own character accounts)? Help? Pls send Lassie, for I am lost. D:

Huh. Weird. I guess that was my fault and I didn't notice when I was fiddling. But ey, it's back now and there's also a new profile field to fix auto-gen links for accounts that may want to link a different wiki page ("Bob4" situations).
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IC/OOC-specific profile fields will now only display in the UCP for the appropriate account type. So on IC accounts, you should only see IC fields in UCP.

Switching between account types may result in lost field data.

Also, IC accounts now display & link the master (OOC) account under "Player" and all other accounts under "Other Characters" in the profile. Previously, the master account displayed inline with the other attached character accounts. If your master account is not your OOC account, this may not work as intended.
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Threads>Active Threads has been updated with additional functionality (it's not just a prefilled search anymore!). In the profiles of active characters, a threadlog link has been added under "Neato Burrito" in the profile sidebar as well.

Threadlog can be sorted by certain columns by clicking on the column headers. It's a bit messy to implement auto detect sort orders (desc/asc) as in search results, but you can still manually update the URL with sort orders.
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(1 January 2021, 11:27 PM)Kiri Wrote: Okay, it's come to my attention that some center-aligned parts of signatures are randomly reverting (to default left-alignment) without players editing their signatures? Weird.

In order to troubleshoot things further, please take note of how you are center-aligning things in sigs. There are three methods:

1. [align=center]Thing[/align]
2. [div=text-align:center]Thing[/div]
3. [span=text-align:center;display:block]Thing[/span]

Do note that to center using span, you must also set the span to display:block. Anecdotally, it currently seems that using div to align is most stable.

If you notice that your sig has reverted, please report it here with which method you used to center stuff. Thanks!

OOC account sig just aligned left on it's own. I use the forum's alignment code button for alignment in sigs.

Hmm. Has anyone noticed this happening in posts, or is it just sigs?

I guess for now, try to use div aligns in sigs since they seem to stick the most. ://
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Game Stats is back. It's accessible in the main menu under Reference.

The list of Loners and Creatures has not been re-included on Game Stats page since there is an automatic page made from the usergroups which is linked from Game Stats already anyway.

Leaders -- if you see any irregularities or discrepancies in Game Stats, or if you want to change your pack's joining status, PM SA.
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Thread descriptions/subtitles are back and all the old ones from phpBB have been restored.

NOTE: Subtitles are currently not included in search. So if a thread has a subtitle "Billy Wolf" and you search for "Billy Wolf" it will not show up unless "Billy Wolf" also appears in the thread title or the body of the post.
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Some updates have been made to mobile view for various parts of UCP (subscribed threads, subscribed forums, edit options). Other parts of UCP will see some slight rejiggling for mobile optimisation in the coming days, so if something looks weird for a bit, try again later. Please only report if something remains broken for over an hour.

Also, the "Find All Threads" link in profiles now actually shows all of the threads an account has participated in, not just the ones it started. Because of [various technical dumbfuckery], it's not really practical to make edits so that profiles can show an accurate count of total threads -- they default to the # of threads started by the account, so I've just placed the count with "?".

OOC accounts will also show "?" for the number of posts because only IC posts are counted in post count, so the count on OOC accounts was always inaccurate anyway.
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