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Okay, so we're on a new board!

All accounts, threads, posts, and other data should have migrated successfully. All logins should be the same. Please let us know if anything is missing!

As you can see, new board software means various new features (rich text editor! away status!), but also a lack of some old features (thread descriptions!). Some old features may return at a later time, but we've got a lot of things to iron out and get used to before tackling non-critical features.

User maintenance

To help clean up around the board, please:
  • Please remove HTML, especially <style> tags from signatures, and active threads as soon as possible.

  • Remove or replace instances of [size=]. BBCode font size adjustments via [size=] have been disabled because the old board and the new board parsed them in completely different ways. The old board interpreted the number as a percentage, so [size=50] meant font-size: 50%, but the new board interprets it as a point size, so [size=50] means font-size: 50pt. As a result, all size adjustments made text HUGE. >_> You can continue to use span to set font-size if needed.

  • Remove extraneous items from the Catacombs profile field. It should only be used for Catacombs. ;) Profile layout may still be updated or reshuffled to put different fields in different places. Using fields for their intended purpose really helps us to be able to rearrange the page appropriately.

  • In a similar vein, the profile field for "Other characters" only accepts text now, no images. Sorry.

  • Moving forward, all images and avatars linked from the board will require secure HTTPS connections. If you try to add or post an image using HTTP, it won't display. Old images embedded with HTTP will display a link. At some point, we may remove all avatars that aren't HTTPS, so update where you can!

Notable changes

  • Players can now delete their own posts and threads -- staff have a log of all of these, so any rule-breaking will still be logged, but now ya'll can fix "wrong account" posts yourselves ;)

  • Players can also change their account names -- we don't expect this will be a problem, but we'll disable it if becomes one -- name changes should only occur for IC reasons

  • The main board skin should be mostly mobile-friendly (still ironing out some things, mostly in UCP), so moving forward, all board skins should be responsive and there will not be a specific mobile skin. There is, however, an "lite/archive mode" browsing feature (linked from footer) that allows for discrete browsing if you're at work. ;)

  • Thread prefixes have replaced thread icons; this is a cleaner look + prefixes are searchable! The Open Threads feature will likely return at some point, but in the meantime, you can just search for [AW] prefixes!

Some new features may take some getting used to, like that rich text editor. Play around with it a little before reporting issues if you can, but when in doubt, err on the side of reporting it.

Known issues & bug reports

Please check this thread & report any problems over there.

This thread can be for general questions and comments. Thank you!

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