La Estrella Roja Grand Opening + OOC Bingo Contest!
La Estrella Roja Grand Opening!

As summer draws to a blazing end, a new flame rises from the ashes of old Inferni. By daylight, the former schoolhouse, a building of red brick and wood swathed in ivy, stands with humble dignity, but as dusk falls the patchwork curtains work to contain the brilliant inner glow. The building invites wanderers to indulge their curiosity; one might be beckoned by the melodious siren song and warm firelight, raucous laughter and the cries of gamblers in their moments of glory or defeat, or the sweet smell of smoke known to soften reality’s edges. But this is no illusion, not at all. La Estrella Roja is a world of dreams made real and shines through the night like a falling star. Make a wish, dear traveler, for if Lady Luck smiles upon you tonight, your wish might just be granted!

We are happy to announce the grand opening of La Estrella Roja! Named for the Red Star event of 2016, this entertainment parlor is a new IC establishment open to loners and pack characters alike. Brought to fruition by members of The Troupe, your character is sure to find enjoyment in one of the many activities held within its bustling walls.

Located in the Sticks and Stones sub-forum, La Estrella Roja features a showroom with nightly song and dance, enticing courtesans, gambling games, flavorful smokes and mystical fortune, and so much more! Check out the Wiki for more information, and most importantly: have fun!

Guidelines Reminder
  1. All are welcome! There is a nightly IC entry fee of 1 Green Standard Item. This will give characters access to the entire establishment and a complimentary drink at the Cantina (if available)! 
  2. You may have as many private or all welcome threads here as you like.
  3. There is no requirement to include a Troupe member in your threads.
  4. If referencing Troupe members in your threads beyond passive instances (e.g. being handed a drink at the bar), please keep in mind these are player-owned characters and any interactions should be approved ahead of time with the player. Some characters may have pre-approved assumptions listed on the wiki: check it out!
  5. Anything goes in La Estrella Roja — within reason! While the revelry may be fantastical, characters will still face realistic consequences (eg. fights will typically be broken up and the offending parties kicked out)

OOC Bingo Contest!

Wait, there's more! In celebration of La Roja's launch, we would like to invite everyone to participate in OOC Bingo. That's right, it's (SA approved) bingo night at Souls! Read below for rules and instructions.

If you would like to participate, post a reply to this thread with a link to your card by Wednesday, August 19th. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! Good luck!

Bingo Instructions
Roja Bingo will work like regular Bingo with a small twist. If you've never played Bingo before, the rules are pretty simple: numbers are randomly drawn and announced, and when you hear yours called (or in this case, read), mark off your Bingo card until you get 5 in a row!

Participants can make their own Bingo cards using google spreadsheets (template example made by the amazing Song!) or this 5x5 card maker, or a card maker of your choice. Any card is acceptable as long as there is some way for you to share/show marks on your card.

Here’s the Roja twist: you must fill out your card by selecting from this numbered list of themed thread prompts. Choose the thread prompts that appeal to you and your characters! In order for these bingo spaces to count, threads utilizing your selected thread prompts must be started before the weekly drawing. If that's confusing, think of it like "activating" the spaces on your card. If it's unactivated by the weekly drawing, it won't count, even if it's called!

You can start making threads as soon as your card is ready. Gather up your buddies and have fun: the more threads you start and participate in, the higher chances you have of hitting Bingo!

Starting next Sunday (Aug 23rd) at 12PM EST, we will draw 2 numbers and announce them in this thread. If applicable, mark off the number on your card. When you mark off 5 across, 5 down, or 5 diagonally, PM San with the title “BINGO!” and a link to your card. We will continue to announce numbers until 3 people hit Bingo!

Bingo Rules
  1. For threads to count as a bingo space, they must be started before the weekly drawing. Once started, it will count for the duration of the bingo game. If you haven't activated the bingo space by starting/participating in the thread and your number is called, it won't count.
  2. Please clearly mark the thread prompt in the starter post.
  3. You can use any character for the thread prompts. Participation is by player, not character.
  4. Threads do not need to be completed before the weekly drawing; however, in order for the thread to count for each participant, they must reply with 1 post before the drawing. Starter posts do count.
  5. Threads can be with participants and non-participants.
  6. Threads must take place at La Estrella Roja.
  7. Participants are encouraged to plan and thread together (especially AW+!) for prompts they share.
  8. There is a limit of 1 thread prompt per person per thread. You can either do the same thread prompt with your partner, or each do your own thread prompt in the same thread.
  9. You must PM San (no DMs) for your BINGO to count! It is first come first serve. If there is a tie between two or more people, a randomized drawing will be done to determine a winner.

Now for the good stuff! Bingo ends once we have three winners. We will announce each winner in this thread after verifying their Bingo.

Third Place Winner
The third place winner will receive a grayscale sketch drawing of a scene of their choice, and a Roja Bingo Ball icon!


Second Place Winner
The second place winner will have a choice of either the third place prize or a colored chibi of a character of their choice! They will also receive a Roja Bingo Ball icon!


First Place Winner
The first place winner will have the option of receiving either a fully colored avatar or their pick of the second and third place prizes, in addition to the Roja Bingo Ball icon!


Most Completed Threads Winner
Whoever completes the most threads (complete meaning 3+ posts per person) will receive a simple chibi drawing and a Roja Bingo Ball icon!

Luck of the Draw Winner
Every participant will be entered into a Roja Raffle! One lucky person will be selected at random and will be given a surprise drawing!
Move aside, you whipper snappers, old bird coming through to play some Bingo! xDD

Here's my card!

Edit: Question! Can threads towards the first drawing next Sunday (Aug 23rd) be started before the last sign-up date (Aug 19th), or do threads towards this have to be started after August 19th?
Kamari Kaiser
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(15 August 2020, 07:36 PM)Kamari Kaiser Wrote: Edit: Question! Can threads towards the first drawing next Sunday (Aug 23rd) be started before the last sign-up date (Aug 19th), or do threads towards this have to be started after August 19th?

You can start them as soon as you got your card up! xD <3 <3
This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Another quick question: will numbers ever be repeated? Or once they're called, do we have the extra challenge of creating a BINGO around those we may have missed out on before?

here's my card, template courtesy of Song! i am AMPED for this ;D
Let's get the party started!
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Party time! Hopefully I filled this out right! Reghappy
Oh hells yes
AHH <3 <3 <3 I'm so excited, these cards look awesome and I can't wait to see the shenanigans!

Calan Brecours Wrote:Another quick question: will numbers ever be repeated? Or once they're called, do we have the extra challenge of creating a BINGO around those we may have missed out on before?

So for the time being, the numbers will not be repeated, but we'll keep an eye on how things are going and may change this as the game goes on!

Smike Wrote:Would it be okay if a thread is forward-dated but posted before the weekly drawing?

Yes! As long as the post date is before the weekly drawings, it'll count!

Nocturne Wrote:If I have “win a game” as my prompt and my partner loses, can they count the thread prompt “lose a game” for the same thread?

Sadly, it's 1 thread prompt per thread!

**Edit** We've decided to allow this, so the answer is yes! You can either claim the same thread prompt, or claim a thread prompt individually. There is a limit of 1 thread prompt per person in a thread.
Salena's Bingo Card I'm ready!!
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Small Update: After some thinking (you guys are amazing with questions and feedback!), we've decided to allow participants to combine different thread prompts in one thread!

For instance, player 1 is doing "win a bet" and player 2 is doing "lose a bet" in one thread, you can each claim the corresponding space on your card.

There is still a limit to 1 thread prompt per person, e.g. you can't claim both "play a private game" and "lose a bet" in one thread.

This will hopefully extend your options and make planning easier! <3 <3
Oh noes my character's in lockdown lol
I'll be watching anyway!
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Woot woot!

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Sian Damaichu Wrote:Oh noes my character's in lockdown lol
I'll be watching anyway!

<3 Aw, no worries Rat! You're welcome to flex date threads too, if you wanted to help others with their prompts or just get in on the action, but spectating is fun too! I am definitely enjoying stalking these threads XD

Last day for Bingo Card signups! You have until 11:59PM EST tonight to get your card in! If you need help, let me know :)
My bingo card!
Just wanna thank everyone again, it's such a joy to read all your threads! Y'all are amazing! <3

Let's goooo~!


16 (Get a Loan from the Shark) and 8 (Order a Salad)!!

[Image: giphy.gif]
Ganbatte everyone!!


2 (Your seance goes poorly/well) and 17 (Get tossed out by the Guards)!!

[Image: giphy.gif]
definitely didn't completely forget to draw bingo numbers amidst my packing AHHH How's everyone feeling? Anyone close to bingo yet? B)


42 (Help a drunk friend out) and 25 (Overhear some juicy gossip)!!

[Image: IE26VI.gif]
There was farmer who had a dog and BINGO was his name-o!


7 (Order a Cannoli, Tiramisu, or Gelato) and 12 (Make a new enemy on the dance floor)!!

[Image: giphy.gif]

29 (Bad Luck: make a pass at someone and strike out) and 4 (Win a game)!!

[Image: kxzNnrH.gif]

38 (Catch up with someone) and 32 (Visit the Hot Springs)!!

[Image: 8d40fa_25077bf0f2cf487782072500129724f7.gif]

21 (Lost a Bet) and 10 (Dance in the Showroom)!!

[Image: UnselfishOpenBarracuda-size_restricted.gif]
Woops! Where does the time go?


33 (Spill a drink on someone) and 5 (Play a house game)!!

[Image: zmqLrx.gif]

Quick Poll: Would you like for Bingo

1. To start repeating numbers
2. To call more numbers each week
3. Both

Post here or let me know on Discord! <3
C'mon lady luck, let's get a bingo winner! 8)


37 (Rekindle an old flame/friendship) and 14 (Recognize the subject of a song)!!

[Image: giphy.gif]

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has participated and helped to put this game together, you all are amazing <3 In the spirit of fun and Halloween, I would like to announce a BINGO BLITZ to conclude our Bingo game!

Starting on Friday, October 30th from 2 - 5PM, I will be announcing 5 numbers every hour, including those that have already been called. If we don't hit any winners during this time, there will be final drawings on Saturday, October 31st from 2 - 5PM EST!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please feel free to DM or PM me! Happy posting and good luck!


13 (Commission a song) and 35 (Cheat someone)!!

[Image: 200.gif]
Ready, set, BINGO!


18 (Strike a deal with the Broker)
27 (Go on a date)
37 (Rekindle an old flame/friendship)
10 (Dance in the Showroom)
24 (Lady Luck is loving tonight: do something amazing)

[Image: giphy.gif]

Go go Bingo gogo!


30 (Good Luck: make a pass at someone and get lucky)
11 (Make a new friend on the dance floor)
16 (Get a loan from the Shark)
36 (Get cheated)
23 (Lady Luck is not with you tonight: do something embarrassing)

[Image: giphy.gif]

19 (Make a bet)
13 (Commission a song)
34 (Run into someone you're avoiding)
4 (Win a game)
31 (Celebrate a special occasion)

[Image: tenor.gif]

41 (Find something that doesn’t belong to you)
6 (Play a private game)
32 (Visit the Hot Springs)
7 (Order a Cannoli, Tiramisu, or Gelato)
1 (Get your fortune told)

[Image: giphy.gif]

...And that's all for Bingo Blitz (day 1)! Check your bingo cards and tally them up, and if you hit the big B-I-N-G-O remember to PM me with your win!!

If we don't have all 3 winners tonight, we will do another round of Bingo Blitz tomorrow (same time, same place)!

Thank you all again, this has been fun!! <3
Hello everyone! Welcome to the FINAL Bingo Blitz (death match?)

Same rules as before! We do have one first place winner, so this is for our 2nd and 3rd place prizes! All winners will be announced at the end :)

If we do not have 2nd and 3rd place winners through this Bingo Blitz, the wins will go to whomever is closest! Ties will be decided by a randomize drawing! :) Good luck!


29 (Bad Luck: make a pass at someone and strike out)
33 (Spill a drink on someone)
21 (Lose a bet)
39 (Make someone jealous)
28 (Meet someone special)

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=15214736]


6 (Play a private game)
20 (Win a bet)
8 (Order a Salad)
22 (Go on a “trip”)
15 ("Lose" something valuable)

[Image: giphy.gif]

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