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[+3] At the Clinic, mid-morning.
Pack Project: Clinic Root Cellar | Come do some more digging or help move debris!

While it had been all fun and games when the girls had been “helping”, plenty of actual work had been done once the puppies had been removed from the site. Grievous felt particularly responsible for pulling his weight after the slight delay in breaking ground properly, and returned to the Clinic a few days later with proper help in hand.

Of the many curiosities Salsola kept in their stables, Clarence was one of the most curious. Huge for what he was, the donkey seemed (to Grievous) a freak of nature. It was a strange sight indeed, with him being as tall as a horse, but he was vastly different. While Grievous thought horses relatively smart, they donkey was too smart for his own good. This made him lazy, and best suited for assisting the llamas with guardian duty, but Grievous wanted to keep all of the animals working.

He led the big donkey to the Clinic with the open cart in tow. Depending on what they ended up moving or needing to move, he thought this would be helpful – he had discovered quickly that moving rocks individually was a horrendous task and one made far less maddening by loading the bulk into something more easily moved. Besides this, he had brought several things to ensure his day was not wasted – things for the Clinic, a pile of foodstuffs for himself and the donkey, and a few sheets of working leather.

Grievous pulled the cart into the shade and hitched the donkey there, leaving him with a small pile of snacks. The Equinest dropped off his supplies for the Clinic and went to where the growing hole in the ground was taking shape. Whoever had worked on it between his last visit and now had made notable progress.

The wolf laid one of the sheets of leather down on the ground and began raking loose debris onto this while Clarence munched contentedly behind him.
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The Clinic almost seemed like a second home to Eden. It was one of the places he spent so much of his time, at least when he was working. There wasn't too much he could do outside of healing besides making sure all their supplies were accounted for and prepared for the colder months that were coming to them. They would be here sooner than they all expected. Perhaps he should find some time to return to the Blackwoods and interact with any lingering souls again. It had been some time since he was last there.

But that would be for another time.

Today, the young male had found his way towards the former place. He had heard news that Argive had started a project, and he couldn't believe he hadn't offered his services sooner. So long as he was going to be looking after the Clinic, he should be one of the first to lend what talents he could to make sure everything went smoothly. Perhaps he should seek out the man again sometime, see what more plans he had.

Pink gaze paused as the building came into view, and so too did a.. donkey? Maybe of the animals in Salsola were unfamiliar to him, as his sister was the one that primarily interacted with them, not him. Even so, if this animal was here, someone had to be watching it right? Had someone else come to help?

Coming more into view, Eden found a smile moving along his muzzle when he realized it was his mentor that was here. It wasn't hard to miss his pale fur. Of course he would be here to help with the Clinic, as he was a healer in his own right. After all, the younger one wouldn't have been able to get where he was if it wasn't for him. Evelyn could probably say the same. Waving, he called out to the male as he stepped over to the site, "Grievous! It's always so nice to see you. How's progress?"
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