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Teagan had never been one for…noisy environments, particularly not for those like La Estrella Roja. The Stryder was as stoic and no-nonsense as most came, and had balked when she had been forced by her father to attend the few balls that she had. She did not dance. She did not sing or join in on any such embarrassing activities. She did not seek to be pleasured—nor did she normally let anyone get so close or intimate with her to begin with. She did not believe in magic or the otherworldly. Most of all though, she did not drink, and, if she so indulged herself, it was never into a stupor that left her handicapped or disoriented.

There were many things Teagan did not do, however, she had been drawn to the strange establishment all the same. Duty, she claimed, was her reason for traveling so far south, as the rumors had led to an influx of Caledonians running off to see the truth of them. Teagan had seen her share of similar places, knew of the dangers that came with them too. So, naturally, she felt drawn to become familiar with the new establishment, if only to know of what troubles her fellow packmates might get themselves into while enjoying its offered services.

She had made the trek down on her stallion, Kenyon, knowing that, in the neutral territory, if someone tried to steal him, they’d get a painful bite for their troubles. Leaving him outside, she had paid the entry fee and been let in to the low murmur of noise within the building. It was busy, though, she supposed, it shouldn’t have been a surprise given the tantalizing rumors that had likely spread like wildfire in the wake of Biff’s closed bar.

At first, she had simply perused around, letting her canary eyes rove over the various game tables, service bars, and patrons that occupied La Estralla Roja. The crowd didn’t look particularly rough, and seemed more like individuals gathering for a night of mere fun than something darker. Satisfied that it was not as terrible as Teagan had originally suspected it might be, the Stryder decided to indulge in one of the House Games.

She had just accepted a loss at a game of Star and Anchor when something caught her attention in another part of the establishment. Narrowing her eyes, Teagan excused herself from the game table and made a beeline towards the distant figure amongst the other patrons. Calan?” She asked when she drew close enough to the fellow Caledonian, her tone sounding less than impressed by what she had found.

Teagan Stryder
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party time! [+586]

Was this what it meant to be alive?

It sure felt like it. And if it weren’t, it was probably as close as he’d ever get.

The wood of the bar felt well-worn and polished under his feet as he twirled and spun, a blonde vision a good head and shoulders above the rest. His golden hair stuck to his forehead and neck, the air damp from the muggy, late-summer heat, while his braid swung to and fro. The patrons of the bar below him clapped and pounded along to the beat of the bawdy rhythm, egging him on. He only laughed and danced faster. “Hey! Ho! And away we go; Flee the big-man ‘for he wakes from his woes!” His voice, though shouting, was surprisingly musical as he lead the bar through the tune. All around him wolves laughed, whistled, and drank.

It had started as a dare - a silly drinking gamble from a fellow patron that a free drink would be in store for anyone who danced on the counter. They didn’t know Calan well enough to know nothing scared him off. Rather, he thrived on this kind of thing. Before the first chords of the song had even started, he’d jumped up, ready for his moment in the spotlight. And what a spotlight it was.

For the first time in moons, Calan was the centre of attention, doing something he was actually good at - drinking, flirting, and generally having the time of his life.

He never wanted it to stop.

But the song had to come to an end, and with it, Calan did too. Facing his miniature audience, he took a long, over-dramatic bow, before nodding his head to the Bard in thanks for the music. The crowd hollered. “Looks like you owe me that drink, Turner,” he called down to his better with a wink - but as he was helped down to the floor, the blond spotted a familiar face in the crowd. A familiar face that seemed hell-bent on making their way to him. 

“Oh my gods, Teagan,” Calan beamed, positively giggling at the unexpected sight of her. Her tall, straight-backed form looked entirely out of place in this kind of establishment; a knight, unsure of what she should be guarding. He went in for some kind of hug - never mind that they’d never made physical contact before - but only succeeded in sloppily wrapping his right arm around her mid-back for a moment, his face pressed against her armpit. She smelled strongly of the forest and the outdoors. “What're you doing here?” His voice vibrated against her chest as he spoke. The blond parted, but not so much that he couldn’t hear her over the din of the bar.

Whatever goal he’d had in mind before had swiftly been forgotten. Now, his only intention was to make sure that the fellow Oeglir had a good time, and damn all the rest. If she was happy, he was happy.

Calan tried to look up to her face, his grin sloppy and blurred with drink. His eyes, too, felt unfocused; if felt like multiple Teagans were looking back at him, their expression impossible to discern. He giggled. “Never mind that. C’mon, have a shot with me. There’s some fine shit behind the counter.” And tugging on her tunic, Calan tried to pull her in the direction of the bar, towards the group of cheering patrons he’d just left. After all, someone still owed him a drink.
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Teagan blinked. Had he just…giggled her name?

He moved in quickly, closing in for a hug that she easily dodged, though, had, clearly misjudged his determination in coming into contact with her. Like some sort of leech, he managed to wrap one arm around her back and bury his face into her. Her mismatched ears folded back and her canary eyes sharpened.

Teagan Stryder did not do hugs, much less, having a male take a nose-dive into her chest.

Their shared allegiance as Caledonians was about the only thing that had prevented the Oeglir from having his face have a sudden meeting with the floorboards. It had been his current state of mind that had been his one, true, saving grace though.

With a hand, she tried to gently—but also not so gently—push his head off of her person. “You’re drunk, Brecours,” she stated, deadpanned, ignoring his question. She could smell the alcohol on him, could read it in his unsteady movements. That, and the fact that he had giggled at the stony-faced Watchman, and had been dancing on top of the countertop and singing to an encouraging crowd.

Calan looked up at her, his face plastered with a sloppy, inebriated grin, and Teagan scowled. He suggested a drink then, tugged on her tunic—like a child—to lead her off towards the crowd that had been cheering him in his embarrassing act just moments before. She planted her feet firmly, and moving to grasp the arm that held her clothing. “You’ve drunk enough already, I think, Calan,” she said, shaking her head. “We should probably take you somewhere to sober up.”

Her canary eyes flicked coldly around the establishment, “I’d rather not have to carry your fluffy ass out of here.” Knowing that he was drunk, she wasn’t about to leave him in a foreign place so far from the pack. What kind of Watchmen would she be if she left him vulnerable to strangers? They could rob him blind, much less, what other nefarious things they could do to a blackout drunk Luperci.

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