Songbird Store [CLOSED]
Songbird Store
'Allo and welcome to my little birdshop! ^___^

Occasionally, I'll get hit with an artistic bug or find something I want to spend money on, and I'll open up a few slots! As my muse is a fickle thing and what I want to draw changes, I don't have any permanent items or set prices to be listed here. Instead, please pay attention to what I'm advertising for current styles and slots! <333

  1. I have the right to reject your request for any reason.
  2. PayPal only.
    • Prices are in USD. PayPal automatically converts foreign currency.
    • When I'm ready to start on your Commission, I will ask for payment. This ensures that you receive your commission in a timely manner after payment!
  3. I do not do lines or NSFW sexual content.
  4. Difficulty of the subject matter to my skill/comfort level may resort in some delay.
  5. Additional characters, complex clothing/accessories, or coloring/line/shading styles may add to base cost.

Commission Form (PM this to me once you've secured a slot)
[*] [b]Character Name:[/b]
[*] [b]Character Wiki:[/b]
[*] [b]Reference(s):[/b] (please provide a detailed description if unable to provide ref images!)
[*] [b]Desired Pose:[/b]
[*] [b]Desired Expression:[/b]
[*] [b]Anything Extra to Note?[/b] (ex. new scar not shown on ref, you want something specific to be drawn, etc.)

Currently Available Style(s):
» Simple Fullbody (Krita) - $30 USD
Lupus/Secui/Optime that would be done in Krita in the below style. Clothing and accessories can be added, however, they will be simplified.

  • Comm: Ryan
  • Comm: Salena
  • Comm: Mandi
  • Art Trade: Gen
Open for 3 Commission slots. Post to claim.

Open for 1 Art Trade slot. Post to claim.
Oooooo, lemme snag one of them there full body slots!
SOOOOONG! Can I get a full body slot?
I'd love to take a full body slot as well!
Thank y'all! PM me the template above with y'all's comm info<333

Still open for 1 Art Trade if anyone is interested in that!
I am hi

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