Crush Their Hopes & Dreams
A game where the person above you wishes for something, and then you grant it with a "But" or a side-effect that renders it useless or pointless, and then wish for something as well.

For example:

"I wish the year 2020 would f***ing end already."

Wish granted. 2020 is over, but now you're time jumping all over uncontrollably and missing important events in your life. >_>

And continuing on!

"I wish I had some Inari sushi for lunch."
Granted...but you get food poisoning from it.

"I wish I was immortal."

... but you are a brain in a jar, fully capable of thought but unable to experience or interact with the world, being essentially trapped with your own thoughts. 

My turn; I wish I could fly.
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Wish granted. You can fly -- but you can never land, requiring you to be in perpetual flight forever.

I wish I could control animals with my mind. O_O
Wish granted, but you have to control them all at once!

I wish there were more days in the week
Wish Granted, there's more days in the week but you still gotta work them all

I wish plane ticket were cheaper
Granted, in fact, they're free, but all airlines now only have a single destination; Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I wish I could clean/organize my house with a snap of my finger!
Granted. Everything is now so clean and sanitized that it is impossible for any organism to exist within the house's walls without immediately dying, including you. Now you need a new home.

I wish quality, higher education was free for everyone.
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Viktory System
Hey there, we are the Viktory System! We are a system. That is to say, we are many people that live in one physical body. Just think of us as a team collaborating to write. Below are some links where you can find more information about plurality and systems like us if you're curious.

What is plurality?Plural jumpstartQuestioning?

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(Art is by me)
granted, but there's only one degree you can pursue: turfgrass management.

i wish it was fall year-round!

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