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Account Types

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There are two types of accounts on the board: In Character (IC) accounts and Out of Character (OOC) accounts. All active players are required to have an OOC account!

OOC accounts

OOC accounts correspond to individual players and serves as a primary point of contact for official communications, including activity checks.

  • Only one OOC account per player! If you choose to later go by a new name, you can rename your OOC account rather than create a new one.
  • Only OOC fields are shown in the profiles of OOC accounts.
  • If linking accounts, your OOC account must be designated the master account.     
  • Only OOC Catacombs should be included in OOC profiles.

IC accounts

As you might guess, IC accounts correspond to characters in the game.

  • All IC posts must be made from IC accounts.
  • Only IC fields are shown in the profiles of IC accounts.     
  • Each character should have their own account, which should reflect the proper name of the character. If the character's name is Wolf McWolferson, that should be the account's name, even if his friends call him Wolfy. Account name changes are only permitted if the character changes their name in the game, e.g. if they choose to adopt a partner's name or disown their family or whatever!
  • Only IC Catacombs should be included in IC profiles.

Linking Accounts

You can link accounts to make switching between them seamless and easy! This makes your life 100x better when you play a lot of characters.

  • Go to UCP>Miscellaneous>Attached Accounts.
  • If you're currently logged into your OOC account, select "Attach user to current account" and type in the credentials for an IC account.
  • If you're logged into an IC account, select "Attach current user to a master account" and type in the credentials for your OOC account.
  • Sometimes it gives you password errors despite you typing as correct password. :( Giving it a few attempts might work! If you're attaching an IC account from an OOC account, sometimes it helps to try the other way around.
  • If errors persist, post in Maintenance with the accounts you're trying to link and we'll link them for you. Only accounts with matching emails will be linked.

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