[NEWS] September 2020

Spotlights for September 2020

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Luca Knight (Melissa) of Casa di Cavalieri. He started out as an upstart, a troublemaker, and tail-chaser; not someone one would have thought to be synonymous with the word "leader." However, under Alistair's tutelage, Luca grew and came to lead the Cavalieri. With his wife, Lyris, at his side, his leadership skills were perfected. His respect from his followers was insurmountable. He was loved by his pack, but it was his love in return that eventually brought about his undoing.

Luca's fall from grace resulted in the murder of his own, and, for the first time, his leadership was, truly, questioned. His untimely and mysterious death has left his pack torn, shattered, and wondering...had he actually been onto something?

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
This month, the Staff was selected as the Community Soul. The leaders wanted to acknowledge the efforts in transitioning the forum to its current form. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to keep this game going, and the staff have been ensuring that things happen as smoothly as possible.

[Image: salsola.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Our featured adoptable this month is Azalea Eternity. One of three sisters born to high ranking members of Salsola, Azalea was the first to arrive. She is being brought up in an affluent household within her pack, and certainly open to exploring a plethora of routes as to where her future might lead. One thing is for certain for this pup -- there are just as many expectations as there are opportunities.

Azalea's parents are both actively played characters, and she has connections to many others both on and off-board. If you're interested in adopting Azaela, please contact Mel!

News & Updates

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Wowee, it's September! Fall is just around the corner!!

Migration dust

Thanks so much for everyone's ongoing patience with post-migration errors and issues. Various small problems and less-than-ideal interfaces remain, but for the most part, all core functions should be working and there shouldn't be anything impeding your ability to roleplay, which is most important.

The board will be temporarily offline tomorrow, September 2nd, around 11am ET for minor maintenance, but this should only be about 10 minutes at most.

OOC Accounts

In case you missed it, OOC accounts are now a thing and they are required for all active members. If you haven't already set one up, please do so as soon as possible to ensure you continue to receive any and all official communication regarding game membership.

Prospective members and lurkers are encouraged to have them as well, but they won't be required until you have an active character.

New Profile fields

Several new profile fields have been added, including fields for avatar credit, OOC pronoun preferences, and IC NPCs. All are optional, but the avatar credit and NPC fields really help us out by not forcing staff to guess about things with regard to rule enforcement.

Remember: All art requires credit, even if you're just crediting yourself! (This goes for art on the Wiki, too!) Photography should be credited as much as possible. Some Creative Commons licenses do still require attribution! Official artwork or screenshots from popular media can simply be credited to the series.

As for NPCs, all characters are permitted one canine NPC and "unlimited" non-canines within reason. Check the NPC guidelines if you need a refresher!

yNPC Update

While you're at the NPC guidelines, take note of this update: yNPC status now expires after two (2) years.

That is, yNPCs can no longer be attached to a parent character indefinitely. After they reach two years of age, children characters must obtain another type of NPC status (such as cNPC or pNPC) if they are to remain NPCs.

Add a reason for Mature Warnings

You can now include a specific reason when marking threads as mature using the [*mwarn] or [*mwarn-img] tags, both of which are easily accessible in the tool bar of the board's text editor ("M" and "MI").

A specific reason is not required, but it can be very helpful to your fellow players, since many people only have a few types of mature topics they wish to avoid.

Including [*mwarn]graphic description of wound and wound repair[/mwarn] will generate thus:

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: graphic description of wound and wound repair.


Map Updates & bNPCs

Haha u thought we were done terraforming didn't you?

Goodbye, Death Mountain

Though none of the area packs have felt anything too strange since the previous earthquake, it seems not all is safe. Over in the Eastern Realms, Death Mountain has apparently slid into the ocean and disappeared!

Those standing near the top of Halcyon Mountain around the morning of September 1st might see a cloud of dust rise from the east as the weakened foundation of land around its neighbouring mountain finally gives way. Over the next several days, Death Mountain gradually sinks into the sea, and while no terrifying ground-shaking accompanies its descent, a low, ominous rumble can be heard for miles: a long, drawn-out eulogy for the death of a mountain.

Over the next month, similar, occasional rumbles can be heard throughout the region. Those particularly sensitive may feel the earth tremble a little, but most creatures west of the Halcyon Mountains won't notice at all.


As the Eastern Realms are largely abandoned, few witnesses were present -- still, there were witnesses. However, the ongoing natural disasters and increasingly torrential rainfall has given those who did live in this area reason to flee. As they seek to resettle elsewhere, this small collection of loners will be passing by more populated areas and spreading word about the catastrophic event they saw.

Players will be able to interact with several board NPCs (bNPCs) as they make their way across the land! This ragtag group of loners had previously been scraping out a life in the mostly-abandoned Eastern Realms when the sudden and terrifying collapse of Death Mountain convinced them to leave. They have decided to flee the region, no longer confident that they will be able to survive if the earthquakes and earth-changes continue. However, disagreements between where to go have led to the group splintering upon reaching the Black River Reserve. 

Nelli Silva, a hybrid, mistakenly heads south. Originally from the Ozark Mountains, Nelli left home seeking adventure. She got into some trouble while in Portland and decided to take her chances living outside of a city. She joined up with the group early on, though after seeing various disasters, Nelli has decided it's time to go home. At Salsola's northern borders, she's confronted by guards and after some questioning, decides to flee as quickly as possible. She later stops at the rest stop run by Bête Noire, and then head on towards The Borderlands.

Oskar & Juliana Balodis, a pair of coyote hybrids, head northwest. These relatives left home intending to see the ocean but found themselves trapped by injury and ill-weather. They have decided to return, no longer willing to risk dying away from family. They stop at the Del Cenre Gang's Ugly Coyote and share their information before they travel off-board.

Torsten, an arctic wolf, travels directly north. Born somewhere in the Northwest Territory, Torsten came to 'Souls thinking he would be able to prosper in the more well-populated area. He met up with this group during the 2020 Blizzard, in which his expertise and natural adaptations proved vital in ensuring they all survived the harsh conditions. Before leaving for his homeland, he makes efforts to inform New Caledonia of the events he witnessed.

Gemini Korbea and Forest Fellwinter, a mated pair of mismatched hybrids, split from the group early on and head across the Halcyon.They stop briefly at The Troupe's establishment La Estrella Roja before heading south, where they pass by Casa di Cavalieri on their way to Ethereal Eclipse and the Fundy land bridge.


Map Notes

The map has, of course, been updated accordingly! Aside from the disappearance of Death Mountain, new rock has begun to connect the north end of Prince Edward former-Island -- newly known as the D'Laniger Peninsula -- to the Northern Tides territory.

This new connection is tenuous and treacherous in the high tide, but nevertheless, the "escape" of the island's horse and pony herds begins as a result. As these small populations spread out from the area, they might be spotted quite a distance from their former home. However, this also means they'll be harder to find overall, as they will no longer be concentrated in one area.

Black Rock Isle and St. Paul Isle have been removed from the map. They still exist, but they are no longer contained within Playable Territories. We know you'll miss them a lot, but you'll just have to deal. ;)

Finally, as the territory that comprised the Eastern Realms is gradually claimed by the sea, the land that remains is now included in the Sticks & Stones forum division.


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