Current Board NPCs

Current Board NPCs

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Board NPCs are available for use by all players provided that the scenarios for their use are in line with any designated board-wide events or plots.

bNPCs CANNOT be physically harmed, killed, or stolen from without permission from the 'Souls Assemblage.

Have a thread with these NPCs? Add threads to their respective Wiki thread logs so we can keep track of their adventures!

Strangers from the Sea

In early November 2020, the Double Down, a small ship from Savannah, Georgia, docks in Mersey Cove. Its crew of six set up camp and begin to explore the area. They say they're here to trade, explore, and learn -- and given that they've begun to fell trees for wood to build cabins, it seems they may be planning to stay a while.

Trade Opportunities

While the crew is still settling on the cove, they are not yet formally set up for trade and no open invitation has been issued for strangers to come visit. Nevertheless, they might invite individuals they meet while exploring to trade if conversation leads to opportunity.

Goods They're Seeking (Jan-Mar 2021)
  • Luperci-made books about the area’s flora/fauna
  • Luperci-made books in general
  • Luperci-made weaponry or tools -- especially rope and leather UPDATED!
  • Luperci-made glues, sealants, and other useful mixtures
  • Horse tack and maintenance supplies, like curry combs and hoof picks NEW!
  • Dawnsong may ask for medicinal herbs and tinctures

Goods Available for Trade (Jan-Mar 2021)
  • Lots of furs and hides
  • Woven cotton fiber/”cloth” (more expensive)
  • "Quilts" of scavenged and cleaned human-made fabric scraps
  • Waterskins and canteens
  • Axes and blunt weapons
  • Blueprints of simple cabins NEW!
  • Soothing/cooling salves NEW!
  • Wooden items (e.g. small pieces of furniture, boxes/chests, beads, buttons)
  • Jars/containers (some glass, including various intact mason jars, some wooden)
  • Various jewelry
  • Various assorted trinkets (items obtained from other trades)

Scenarios and proposals for trade can be requested with the following form. If approved, these trades don't need to be roleplayed explicitly (though players are certainly welcomed to!) and can be assumed to have happened.

[b]Character(s) involved:[/b] can be played characters or another type of NPC
[b]bNPC(s) involved:[/b]
[b]Item(s) to trade:[/b]
[b]Item(s) desired:[/b]
[b]Approx date:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b] e.g. any other interactions you want to assume to have happened between the involved characters, such as bNPCs telling PCs about themselves or their origins

The Crew

Name: Bluebonnet Mississippi
Species: Dog mutt
Age: 3
Sex: Female
Trade: Sailor, fisherlady
Personality: Straightforward and strong-willed, daring, but trying to reign it in a little. Wants to prove herself as a capable sailor and captain. She's proud of her skills, but well aware of her shortcomings and does not shy away from asking for help or advice in areas she believe warrants it.
Other Notes: She's the boss! But she often doesn't act like it and has a casual camaraderie with her crew, who openly tease her for being eager and a little bit brash.

Name: Melrose Ogeechee
Species: Coydog mutt
Age: 4
Sex: Male
Trade: Hunter, tracker, warrior-apprentice
Personality: Dutiful and steady, tends towards taking his time to make decisions and judgments. Doesn't like to be rushed or hurried. Not very wordy and sometimes comes off a little dull, but he's smarter than he looks and a shrewd judge of character.
Other Notes: Acts oblivious to Finn's crush, but IS HE?

Name: Finn McGuff
Species: Dog mutt with a smidgen of coywolf
Age: 3
Sex: Male
Trade: Warrior, fighter
Personality: Likes/needs to be the center of attention in social situations and very boisterous and annoying when off-duty. Surprisingly serious and attentive to details when it comes to his job.
Other Notes: Has a huge crush on Melrose and everyone is aware but Melrose, but Finn is actually pretty low-key about it because it doesn't want to be rejected.

Name: Tobi Goodboy
Species: Dog mutt
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Trade: Woodworker, tailor
Personality: A viviacious flirt who likes to drink. Super bi, but looser with men because he's afraid of accidentally fathering children. Acts like he hates work and is a slacker, but is actually very hardworking and serious about improving at his trade.
Other Notes: Friends-with-benefits with Finn.

Name: Dawnsong Pembroke
Species: Hybrid
Age: 3
Sex: Female
Trade: Healer, plant expert
Personality: Shy, unsure of her place among the crew; very obsessed with the idea that plants can be medicine
Other Notes: --

Name: Hurricane Cardiff
Species: Hybrid
Age: 9
Sex: Male
Trade: Jack-of-all trades dabbler, teacher
Personality: Sarcastic, but good-humored. Cares a lot about others and helping others learn and grow.
Other Notes: Always eager to learn; tends to hyperfocus on specific trades for short periods of time before moving on to something else. His current obsession is cartography.

Another Start

Gemini and Forest hung around near the Fundy Landbridge after the collapse of Death Mountain and ran into the crew from Savannah shortly after they land. The pair agree to help the crew get settled and are happy to share what they know about the local area, even though they're fairly new themselves.

Name: Gemini Korbea
Species: Coydog mutt
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Appearance: Typical coyote coloring but with a pure black tail, a jagged black pattern on her back, and one floppy ear. Blue-green eyes. Average height and build. Short, spiky black hair in Optime form, but it's more of a fringe than anything.
Personality: Blunt and straight-forward, doesn't mince words, but isn't aggressive without cause either. Values her time and isn't much for small talk, but is generally interested in others and learning from them. Will often ignore routine niceties and pleasantries and jump straight to the core of a conversation. Happy to share knowledge in exchange for other knowledge. Is very casual with Forest in mixed company so it often isn't obvious they're mates, but this changes quickly if anyone speaks a bad word about him.
Other Notes: Gemini and Forest were near the Yahraw when the mountain began to collapse. They'd already been discussing leaving the area and moving to the other side of the Halcyon, so they split from the rest of the group pretty readily once everything went down. They have few connections outside of the area though, so there's little motivation to travel too far.

Name: Forest Fellwinter
Species: Mostly a wolf mix with some dog in there
Age: 7
Sex: Male
Appearance: Mostly white, fur darkens to grey along his limbs and has some light speckling. Blue eyes. Broad-shouldered and somewhat intimidating. No real "mane" or "hair" in Optime form.
Personality: Reserved, thoughtful, well-spoken, but a little gruff. Prefers to let Gemini speak, but will back her up if necessary. Very patient and good at defusing situations, but once he's angry, he's really angry.
Other Notes: He really isn't a fan of horses and will sometimes get into grumpy staring matches with them if there's nothing else to occupy him.

Thread Prompts

[Image: unknown.png]

These prompts give a general idea of what these bNPCs are up to during a given month. Players are welcome to use them as a starting point for threads involving bNPCs. Where applicable, thread limits may be set for certain prompts. Players can claim prompts with limits by replying here once they've started a thread using a prompt.

Map reference: The red dot is the location of the ship and the mostly-finished dock. The X is their camp. Characters are likely to encounter bNPCs within the red border. The green line is where the bNPCs have begun to wear down a path.

New for: March 2021
  • Prompt A: Finn and Tobi are rooting around Clement's Park, scavenging straight bar pieces of metal. They're likely to ask about trade if they encounter strangers. (Unlimited)
  • Prompt B: Melrose and Dawnsong are looking around Halifax for similar supplies: usable pieces of metal, glass, bottles, fabric scraps, etc. They might err on the side of caution when encountering strangers, but will welcome trade if there seems to be no danger. (Unlimited)

  • Prompt X: Forest and Gemini are asking around for the general opinion on whether the peninsula is likely to break up further because of earthquakes. (3)
  • Prompt Y: Dawnsong scouts Broken Occident and Ethereal Eclipse and mostly tries to learn about the local flora and fauna. She takes extensive notes about trees, plants, potential prey, etc. She isn’t particularly keen to talk to strangers, but will ask about the area and area packs and mention timidly that her crew is here to trade. (Unlimited)
  • Prompt Z: Hurricane explores the coast and works on his map. He's happy to share what he knows about map-making, which is not much, but he's very enthusiastic. (Unlimited)

Have another idea for a thread with a bNPC? Just ask! We'd love to hear your ideas. :)

Played Threads with bNPCs

While we highly encourage bNPCs to be used as NPCs, each month, a limited number of played threads (PTs) are available with bNPCs, where the administration plays the bNPC(s).
  • PTs are available on a first come, first serve basis
  • PTs can follow one of the above monthly prompts or another idea
  • PTs will be archived at the end of the month after the month they're started in, giving them a maximum lifespan of 2 months; unfinished threads will not be revived

Interested? Let's plan a thread!

September 2021 Thread Limit: 0 of 3 PTs claimed


Messengers for Hire

Messenger bNPCs are free for players to use. No permission need be sought, but please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Log all use of messengers on the Wiki to maintain good records and to prevent weird timeline overlaps! (If you need help with the Wiki, you can PM us with the requisite info and we'll add it!)
  • All messengers require full, upfront payment for their services.
  • Messengers do not need to be used only for delivering messages -- if your character wants to randomly run into them, learn about their trade, etc, that's fine!
  • Messengers working a job can be interrupted by others while they're en route to their destination; however, they must be allowed to continue on their job. (E.g. if Messenger is running a message from Wolf to Coyote, it's permissible for Dog to have a random thread with Messenger while they are carrying the message, but Dog cannot hire Messenger until Messenger completes their in progress job, and Dog cannot prevent Messenger from continuing their quest. If Dog wants to bribe info out of Messenger, Dog's player must have permission from Wolf and Coyote's players!)
  • Messengers cannot be seriously injured or killed without permission, but you can rough them up a bit if you want.

Remember to be realistic with regard to travel times and traded items. Whether these bNPCs accept your trades or successfully deliver your messages is up to you, but they will try their best!

Current Messengers

Name: Robin Chrysanthemum
Sex: Male
Age: 2
Species: Wolfdog
Appearance: White wolfhound, pretty big, very shaggy, bright green eyes
Home base: Miramichi Valley, but wanders around often and actively solicits his services

Description: Robin is here to deliver your messages! Whether that's in the form of a letter or a memorized dictation, Robin is here for you! Though he doesn't exactly radiate "reliable," Robin is actually quite reliable, thank you! He has an excellent memory and is very quick on his feet. He will outrun those who might want to stop his messages from being delivered! His clients' privacy is important to him too! No one can bribe secure messages out of him! Probably!

Notes: Very friendly and eager. Tail waggin' all the time. Talks very quickly and uses too many words when a few words would do. Uses large or difficult words incorrectly, but never notices or corrects himself. Robin is usually in his Lupus form and wears a small leather satchel around his neck where clients can place letters. A slightly larger bag hangs around his chest for his personal items and goods. He will shift into Optime form to handle goods when necessary.

Price: 1 "worth" per day's travel. The following are items he desires and his personally assigned "worth" for each.
  • 1 worth: 3oz tree sap, 1 day's travel food, 1 fresh chicken or rabbit (he is gonna eat it)
  • 2 worth: 3 good quality fishing hooks, 5 yards of thin string or fine rope, 3oz honey
  • 3 worth: 1 fresh meal of veal or lamb, 1 leather sheet/"tarp" (for shelter), 1 strong rope net
  • 5 worth: Luperci-made small tool of good quality (knives, specialty tools like sewing or knitting needles), high-clarity gemstone (he's got a discerning eye! don't try to trick him with fakes!)
  • 7-10 worth: Luperci-made garment (prefers more fashionable than functional)

Name: Delilah "Dirt" Sorrowgrass
Sex: Female
Age: 5
Species: Dog (St. Bernard mix)
Appearance: Big, intimidating, massive jowls, thick coat hides some scars, brown eyes
Home base: Halifax, but prefers to move continuously from one assignment to the next

Description: Dirt is a very dedicated, no-nonsense messenger who keeps herself and her messages safe with intimidation and brute force. She's not particularly fast, but she is certainly reliable and keeps to her word. Cannot be bribed.

Notes: Does not speak more than necessary and communicates in gestures when possible (nodding, shaking head, etc). Will only deliver short messages verbally, requires a written document for anything longer than two sentences. Refuses to deliver threats. Prefers Secui form when traveling and Optime form otherwise. Wears a large leather backpack in all forms.

Price: 1 "worth" per day's travel. The following are items she desires and her personally assigned "worth" for each.
  • 1 worth: 3oz common medical tincture or salve, 2 day's travel food
  • 2 worth: 3oz uncommon medical tincture or salve, 1 meal of food delicacy (pickled vegetables, pickled/fermented meat, other weird stuff, as long as it doesn't make her sick)
  • 3 worth: 1 leather sheet/"tarp" (for shelter), 1 strong rope net
  • 5 worth: Luperci-made woolen goods (scarves, blankets, sweaters)

bNPC Quests

These are single-use quests with bNPCs! Players may claim on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis by PMing the 'Souls Assemblage the form below.

Only one player should PM to claim a quest, but quest threads can involve any number of played characters and their NPCs. Please keep the following in mind:

  • To be considered completed, a played thread MUST have a minimum of 6 posts, and an RO thread must be a minimum of 1200 words.
  • Whether a played thread or RO, the scenario should be written out in full (i.e. the quest should actually be completed in the thread, not just started).
  • Quest threads must be started in the calendar month in which they are claimed.
  • Quest threads that are incomplete 65 days after they are started will be considered a failed quest (e.g. did not manage to do what the character asked) and the quest will be available to claim again the next month.
  • Some quests have different options for how players may choose to approach them; it is up to players whether to pursue them or not.
[b]Name of Quest:[/b] e.g. Get me off this peninsula
[b]Characters Involved:[/b] include both PCs and NPCs (it's fine if the actual thread doesn't end up following this exactly; we just want a prelim count)
[b]Options:[/b] Are you planning to do something unexpected?

If you have any questions or require any clarifications regarding the quest(s), please feel free to ask!

Current Quests


Name: Samuel McMoon
Age: 2 years
Species: Wolfdog
Appearance: Big, shaggy black coat with grey markings; red eyes
Location: Wabanaki Coast
Status: OPEN

Quest: Sam is dying, he is pretty sure. His heart shudders and jumps and he loses his breath in constant intervals. He's seeking a cure for his ailment (extremely persistent hiccups) and promises to reward his rescuer kindly!

Notes: All bark and no bite, Sam looks way more intimidating than he is.

Reward: Unused, but very worn Luperci-made notebook with a tattered leather cover and rough, fibery pages.

Options: Or Sam's condition is actually way more serious than hiccups and he does die??? Then you can take his stuff. :V


Name: Mickey McFarlane
Age: 4 years
Species: Hybrid
Appearance: Gray and white, with what appears to be sheepdog heritage. His shaggy hair hides his eyes.
Location: Flander's Fields

Quest: Mickey has lost an item of significance among the weeds and wildflowers that grow in the old cemetery. Unfortunately for him, it's been several months and he can't remember where he hid -- err, lost -- his goods!

Notes: Unwilling to describe exactly what was lost, Mickey just wants help finding his stuff. He'll be defensive about the whole thing.

Reward: The box containing his goods. Made of cedar, this is medium-sized and still in relatively good condition.

Options: You don't care about helping Mickey, you just want the loot! Kill or run him off and discover what he's hiding!

Quote:Players may claim on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis by PMing the 'Souls Assemblage ...

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