Current Board NPCs

Current Board NPCs

Board NPCs are available for use by all players provided that the scenarios for their use are in line with any designated board-wide events or plots.

bNPCs CANNOT be physically harmed, killed, or stolen from without permission from the 'Souls Assemblage.

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Escape the Eastern Realms

In September 2020, after the collapse of Death Mountain, these loners flee the area and bring news of the mountain's demise with them. Travel timelines are flexible. These characters are all traveling on foot and only have a few personal possessions.

Name: Nelli Silva
Species: 50% wolf, 50% dog mutt
Age: 4
Sex: Female
Appearance: Silvery-grey, standard wolfish coat with darker grey, shoulder-length hair. Golden yellow eyes. Average height. Wears a variety of plain and simple tops. Likes the idea of skirts, but they just get in the way!
Personality: Girlish, earnest, and emotive, Nelli can be a little overbearing in her enthusiasm and doesn't always notice others' need for boundaries or formality. Quick to trust others and eager to please, this has gotten her into trouble more than a few times.
Other Notes: She was in the Haunted Forest when Death Mountain began its collapse and thus felt the tremors and shakes quite acutely. Thankfully, no trees toppled in her immediate vicinity, and she clung to one of them for stability during the worst of it. However, this on top of her experience with previous quakes has left her fairly traumatised, and she may be extra skittish around loud shakes or rumbles, even if they're from horses or dropped tools or something equally benign.

Quote:At Salsola's northern borders, she's confronted by guards and after some questioning, decides to flee as quickly as possible. Nelli later stops at the rest stop run by Bête Noire, and then head on towards The Borderlands.

Name: Oskar Balodis
Species: Mostly coyote, with a bit of everythiing else
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Appearance: Tawny-grey, tall and lanky. Short, unruly dark grey hair with a few rust-colored tufts. Sharp blue eyes. Looks like of like a pushover, honestly.
Personality: Headstrong and impulsive, has a rude tongue but a generally friendly demeanor. Likes to make offensive and off-color jokes, but it's hard to take him seriously. Enjoys annoying his older cousin Juliana, but ultimately respects her a lot and will listen to her if she sounds like she really means it.
Other Notes: Was in the Concrete Jungle when the mountain began to collapse and narrowly missed being crushed by falling pieces of a building during the resulting tremors. Thinks he's pretty cool for surviving and will talk anyone's ear's off about this who will let him.

Name: Juliana Balodis
Species: Mostly coyote, with a bit of everythiing else
Age: 5
Sex: Female
Appearance: Warm grey with a tawny red head of long hair, tied back in a ponytail, to match the reddish saddle pattern on her back. Green-hazel eyes. Also tall and lanky, but somehow much more imposing than her younger cousin.
Personality: Tired. Has had just about enough of the ocean and forests and longs for the desert plains of her youth.
Other Notes: Is really quite eager to move along and get out of here. Is up to HERE with hearing Oskar telling his tale of narrow escape. She was with him at the time and it wasn't that dramatic. No, she's not ruining the story, shut up Oskar.

Quote:Oskar & Juliana Balodis stop at the Del Cenre Gang's Ugly Coyote and share their information before they travel off-board.

Name: Torsten
Species: Arctic wolf
Age: 4
Sex: Male
Appearance: White fur speckled with occasional darker hairs. No real "mane" or "hair" in Optime form. Yellow eyes. A little larger than average for his species, well-muscled and sturdy-looking.
Personality: Quiet, steadfast, reliable. Thinks carefully about his words and speaks slowly and clearly. Is really pretty depressed about leaving the area, but is trying not to be down about it. He's had an adventure and it's nice to head home with stories. (He might be a little extra sad about parting ways with Juliana, but he won't say that.)
Other Notes: Was on the coast near the west side of the Haunted Forest when the mountain began to sink. Thought it was another earthquake, but then watched as the horizon totally changed over the next few hours. Is still kind of incredulous at the whole experience and it shows when he talks about it.

Quote:Before leaving for his homeland, Torsten makes efforts to inform New Caledonia of the events he witnessed.

Name: Gemini Korbea
Species: Coydog mutt
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Appearance: Typical coyote coloring but with a pure black tail, a jagged black pattern on her back, and one floppy ear. Blue-green eyes. Average height and build. Short, spiky black hair in Optime form, but it's more of a fringe than anything.
Personality: Blunt and straight-forward, doesn't mince words, but isn't aggressive without cause either. Values her time and isn't much for small talk, but is generally interested in others and learning from them. Will often ignore routine niceties and pleasantries and jump straight to the core of a conversation. Happy to share knowledge in exchange for other knowledge. Is very casual with Forest in mixed company so it often isn't obvious they're mates, but this changes quickly if anyone speaks a bad word about him.
Other Notes: Gemini and Forest were near the Yahraw when the mountain began to collapse. They'd already been discussing leaving the area and moving to the other side of the Halcyon, so they split from the rest of the group pretty readily once everything went down. They have few connections outside of the area though, so there's little motivation to travel too far.

Name: Forest Fellwinter
Species: Mostly a wolf mix with some dog in there
Age: 7
Sex: Male
Appearance: Mostly white, fur darkens to grey along his limbs and has some light speckling. Blue eyes. Broad-shouldered and somewhat intimidating. No real "mane" or "hair" in Optime form.
Personality: Reserved, thoughtful, well-spoken, but a little gruff. Prefers to let Gemini speak, but will back her up if necessary. Very patient and good at defusing situations, but once he's angry, he's really angry.
Other Notes: He really isn't a fan of horses and will sometimes get into grumpy staring matches with them if there's nothing else to occupy him.

Quote:They stop briefly at The Troupe's establishment La Estrella Roja before heading south, where they pass by Casa di Cavalieri on their way to Ethereal Eclipse and the Fundy land bridge.

#2 Nelli stopping by BN :3
[Image: 4PQhq5B.png]
Nelli is questioned at Salsola's border:
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
In the Wabanaki Coast region, Nelli Silva comes across a fellow Loner, whom she tells about the happenings in the northeast before being given a fish and sent on her way:

Note, this happens between the Salsola encounter and the Bete Noire encounter.

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