[AW] Asleep on the job
Memory could not have recalled the last time she felt so at peace in any one place. Despite the cougar attack she had witnessed only a few days ago, she hadn't felt any sort of fear when she had settled down and against the hollow of the old tree, roots twisted and gnarled around the whole area where it had been pulled from the earth by an age old storm or perhaps an old earthquake. As of late, she had heard stories of how the lands around the whole territory were changing. In just a few years time, the landscape had been twisted and changed beyond recognition. She had been unsure that even Calla would have known how to handle such things since she had originally traveled the area much more than she ever had.

The sun had fallen only an hour or so before and the sound of cricket song had filled the woods around her with music she couldn't quite remember having heard back home with her mom. At first, the sound had startled her but that fear had quickly faded the darker it had gotten. She had been left with a sense of peace, sat on the edge of a trees roots, legs drawn up and against her chest. Her dress had gotten dirty throughout the day, dirt stains from the very seam at the bottom hem right toward her knees and a little further up toward her thighs. Washing it hadn't been a priority and it hadn't seemed like a necessary task when she usually found herself doing so anyway when it came to making sure her herbs and flowers were clean of bugs.

Her eyes had closed only moments before, the song offering a momentary lapse in judgement about what she should have been doing and as peaceful as the evening had been, she had quickly dozed off.
The sun was down, a fading red splotch on the horizon hidden behind the treeline. Kalypso had been the sun once, but did not find herself waning with its descent and disappearance. There was plenty left to do anyway. The children had been corralled to bed and were being watched over by Eulalie as, one by one, they dozed off for the night.

Two-thirds were out like a candle when Kalypso left the last two to burn off their last bits of energy with Eulalie's watchful gaze over them. She knew they would be fine and Tora would be around soon enough, anyway, to relieve her if needed. Escape was important. Escape was necessary. Escape was not optional.

The crickets were chattering away and the merciful absence of wasps were soothing. And clearly it had been soothing to someone else.

The girl was older than her six children, but somehow simultaneously too young to really be about on her own. Kaly paused in front of her, tilting her head sideways as she gazed thoughtfully for a moment.

Then, the High Lady nudged the girl in the upper thigh with her foot. "You shouldn't nap out here," she chided, shaking her head somewhat.
She had known that laying against the tree would leave her stiff and uncomfortable after just a few hours of rest but once she had fallen asleep, nothing mattered but the remnants of thoughts and dreams that roamed her mind in the static that had taken residence behind her eyes as they closed. How long had she been there? How long had she been asleep, even? She couldn't have known, even if asked. All she would have known was that in the midst of a rather fleeting, wonderful dream, she'd felt the soft nudge of a random, strange foot that meant to wake her from such things.

"Just five more minutes, mom," she'd stated, her voice dry and crackly from a dried mouth and lack of water to whet her thirst. She'd awoken with a start after she'd realized she was still in the wilds, wind rustling the leaves and an old, fragrant scent that stirred the air around her with familiarity. Sea salt and brine, the same as her mother for those first couple of months before she had started using perfumes once again, before she had started wanting to be herself as her sister had stated. Her blue eyes had roamed the area in search of the stranger's presence before she'd realized that it was another pack member.

"I'm sorry.. You smell familiar," she'd stated after her body had shifted forward, hands pushed against the ground till she had been able to rise to her feet. The other woman was taller and her voice chiding. The shake of her head, more than anything else, had warned the young Valekoi woman that there would be very little leeway with her, if she decided to go against what she'd stated. "I didn't mean to fall asleep. I'm still new here... is it dangerous?"
The girl stirred, mumbling something about a few more minutes. Mom. So, the girl had a mother - well, everyone did, but not everyone had something like the memory of a parent waking them up. Was it a good thing or a bad thing, she wondered. A flash of a memory sparked something sad in her throat, but she pushed down the thought. Cidro had been young, too, when he had come to the Court, but his circumstances had been decidedly sad. She only hoped it was not so for the girl sleeping against the tree.

Kalypso snorted audibly. "I sure hope so since we're in the middle of New Caledonia." She had no idea that her scent was anything otherwise to the girl. Her brow raised somewhat.

"Not unsafe, probably not at least. But you're going to end up wet. Worse if one of the swarms of pups pass through and you're asleep." If even a third of her gaggle caught the girl unattended and asleep, it was really a mystery what they would do to her. Probably find berries to squish on her face or hair.

"Come on, I'll take you inside." Kalypso offered her hand to the girl. "Who did you say you were?" Not that she had actually said who she was either.

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