I'm planning to join with a very specific character set-up...
Hello! Thanks for supplying details of what you want to do. This makes it a lot easier to address specific things. :)

Quote:A ship which departed from a dock in what was once the country of Montenegro...

A ship making a nonstop journey from Montenegro to Nova Scotia is a bit iffy just due to the length of the journey and necessary supplies. The flight distance for this journey would be 6,373 km, so the sea route would be considerably longer since they need to make it out of the Mediterranean Sea and through Gibraltar. Let's round up to 7000 km.

The types of vessels Luperci would be using to sail would probably average 4 and 6 knots over open water, and 3 to 4 knots while working through islands or along coasts (source). 4 knots is 7.4 kph, so 945 hours to go 7000 km, so 40 days of non-stop sailing assuming no difficulties at sea, which is unlikely. 50-60 days is probably more likely, and keeping 2 months of provisions for however many passengers and crew is a lot to pre-stock.

This is why we recommend multiple, shorter journeys.

Quote:...was beached on the coast of Shiloh hills.

This would not be allowed since Shiloh Hills is part of Playable Territories. Beaching a ship there would mean all of its crew and passengers are introduced (as NPCs) into territories, especially if they establish a community. This is the case even if you only refer to them generally in posts -- they can't exist on-board officially without being NPCs.

The nearest place off-board for this ship to land is probably northern Maine, where there are several existing player and staff-made communities. It's fine to add your own to the mix, though it may be more realistic for ship passengers to integrate into an existing community than establish a totally new one, depending on where precisely they land.

Quote:Instead of getting bulkier, her secui form is tall and lanky. The mass is there, but it's distributed in a concerning manner. She's got back pains and a slight limp in that form, but the claws, thick fur and large paws are still there. Her optime form, meanwhile, is somewhat monkey-like. Digitigrade and bipdeal, but her arms and fingers are disproportionately long and her stance is naturally hunched. She's also not blessed with much of a mane. Permanent butch haircut for her.

This seems to go against the breed's general physical traits, which are large and bulky. Secui and Optime forms should largely match characteristics of the Lupus form; the main difference for most breeds/species is "size equalisation" in Optime form, which minimises the difference in Optime size between species/breeds of varying Lupus sizes. For example, if a coyote is half the size of a wolf in Lupus form, it would not be half the size of a wolf in Optime form.

Getting longer limbs in Optime when the Lupus form is relatively compact doesn't make a ton of sense, imo. The other aspects, such as lack of mane, are fine though.

Rest of this seems fine as well.
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