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September Prompt Wrote:Autumn has brought with it a storm system that haunts the Realm like a ghost. Despite the gathering clouds, it refuses to rain, and the air practically crackles with expectation!

Location: King's Bastion
Private for either/both siblings
Amal had stepped out and Eulalie was alone with six puppies running amok after what should have been a much longer afternoon nap. The air was crackling with some kind of energy that left them rather despondent and difficult to manage. They did not understand why they were so ramped up and energized, but they simply knew that they were overflowing with energy. It needed to be relieved and the only way they knew how involved rough-housing and play-fighting.

Except they were down a guardian. That meant more trouble to brew with a single person strained six ways to catch every little bit of mischief. Amal had stepped out, mentioning hunting or something; Dorian had honestly stopped listening at that point when he realized that she would be gone. Neither of their parents were in, hence why they were watched by their elder half-sister. Dorian just knew that Eulalie would be hard pressed to keep track of all six growing pups at once.

So, he waited for the door to open and Amal to exit, running in time before it closed all the way. The feeling of whatever it was in the air made his skin itchy. It was a good kind of itchy, but also a bad kind of itchy. It was really hard to explain. He just knew he felt it. Words were still hard, especially the complicated ones.

Regardless, Dorian managed to stop the door with his torso. It made his chest tight for a moment but the door never shut all the way. Neither Amal nor Eulalie noticed that the door had not quite closed. With the season still warm and the cross breeze refreshing, it was clear why they had not thought much of it.

He glanced back, eyed his siblings, and snickered as he went on out without a care, seeing the exposed sky above with its grey clouds that rumbled ominously.

Whatever strangeness was making them all antsy and on edge, Hokori was glad to feel it. She always wanted to scrap with the other puppies, happy to bowl over Yuki and wrestle with Valkyrie. Just like her parents had jobs she had hers: making things hard on her caretakers. Eulalie and Amal tried so hard to rein her in but there was just no way they could keep up! She was too small, too curious, too surrounded by squirming siblings for them to be able to stop all her adventures all the time.

The trick was to wait. With both parents out the chore load was doubled for the remaining adults, her half-sister and her father's blonde furred servant both juggling a number of tasks. They herded puppies with their hands full, verbal reprimands and nudges of feet scooting her and her siblings this way and that. Hokori played nice for the time being, keeping quiet as she waited for her moment.

Amal was off to hunt and Dorian was moving after her. Hoko scrambled to bring up the rear, managing to wedge a limb between door and frame before slipping out into freedom. The strangeness in the air propelled her forward, fueled her mad barreling towards Dorian. A few more steps and she was withing range to pounce, a dark blur launched at her lighter colored brother.


It was equal parts a greeting and a warning to prepare himself. 

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Like Leandra was ever going to make anything easy for anyone that was stuck watching her, especially when she was in the presence of her other siblings. She had to do anything and everything to make sure that she was the best one, playing rougher, speaking louder. She had to put herself out there, and anything else would just be unacceptable. It usually led her to getting into trouble, but that was basically her middle name at this point.

It had come to a slow point, Amal having made his way to the door so that he could go out. Her eyes followed him of course, and was quick to notice her brother pushing his body in the line of fire, so to speak, keeping the door open rather than closing all the way. It must have stung to take that against his body, but he had effectively given all of them a chance to get out of this place.

Hokori seemed to notice first, quickly following behind Dorian. No way was she going to let them get away with this without her tagging along too. They weren't going to out-do her. No sir.

The brown pup pushed her way past her siblings, squirming as she made her way out the door. She spotted her siblings, and her fur was quick to stand up when their darkest sibling called out. Head turned over her shoulder briefly before pushing herself forward. She pushed her head against Hokori, a means of ushering both of them forward. Her voice lowered, but that wasn't say too much, "Hush. Get moving before we get caught. We won't be able to get far if you make too much noise."

She moved past her siblings, eager to get at the head of their small line. She gave another look back before looking up at the sky, "Whoa, did you hear that? That was loud. I bet I can be louder."
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He was out! Now what? He had all of three seconds to ponder this weighty question when the entirely unwelcome and super unexpected voice of one of his sisters came rumbling behind him. He turned as quick as he could on his cumbersome oversized feet to glare as Hokori proceeded to run at him. She barreled into him but Leandra appeared, too, with her own warnings.

Dorian was the epitome of extreme displeasure. Why was his lovely time ruined by their incessant need to stick their noses into everyone's business? Never mind that he did the very same more often than not, it was an entirely different situation at that one moment and so he was justified in his irritation. Obviously he was.

"Hoko! You're such a..!" he began, turning on Leandra and forcing himself to be quiet. Though, he had to agree she was right despite hating the thought.

Naturally, Leandra decided she wanted to lead their little band. Dorian only rolled his eyes because he didn't care. Really. It was just silly to fight over the spot and he would be watching while they were distracted.

"You can't be louder than the sky, Leah," he countered sharply, scoffing at her as he followed after her. "But you sure try," he added with a pointed glance at Hokori, snickering.

They were coming along so he might as well tolerate it.
Hokori adjusted her body so that she just missed Dorian, looking very smug indeed as she landed next to her brother. Her point had been made. If she wanted too she could have smushed him into the ground but she instead decided to be a good sister and spare him. "So what? Strong, fast, smart? Thank you!" She snickered as she batted the ground in front of her, challenging Dorian to do something about her. "At least one of us is." If Dorian was any fun at all he'd take the bait and pounce back.

She even gave him the perfect opportunity to do so, wheeling around to face Leandra with a toothy grin. "Hush yourself!" Not the best comeback but it'd do. "You might get caught, not me. If they come after us we can just split up and hide." That was one of the few advantages to being small; they could make like rabbits and wedge themselves in crevices too tight for bigger creatures to get into. The puppy stuck her tongue out at Leandra, nudging her back out of obligation to not take even the slightest challenge lying down.

And then they were off, Leandra naturally taking front but with Hokori edging right up alongside her. "Oops." She had "stumbled" in her attempt to pass up the other child, her shoulder knocking into Leandra in what was definitely an honest accident. "Speak for yourself Dori." 

Her smile hadn't waned for a second throughout her back and forth bantering, overcharged by the strangeness in the air and grateful to be letting it out with her siblings. They were just playing, having a good time teasing each other without their parents around to nag them. Life was going good.

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Leandra couldn't help but give a small scoff from behind her siblings. Of course Hokori would say something like that when their brother cut himself off. Really, she would have done the same thing, but didn't like it when her biggest competition was doing the same thing. She was clearly the best one of all of them after all. She was sure that Hokori would have heard her, but just gave a proud smile, like she wasn't ashamed of her obvious jealousy.

Eyes went a little wide when her darker sister spun around, giving a toothy grin to what had been said. It was a challenge, and she was never going to turn that down. She had been in the middle of pushing her brother forward, but in an instant, turned her attention on Hokori. She lowered her head when the darker one stuck her tongue out, finding her head pushing against her sister's chest, "There's no way I'd ever get caught. If I did, it certainly wouldn't be before you."

And there it was again once she had made it to the front of their trio group. She had seemingly accidently pushed her sister, but the brown pup was so sure she had done it on purpose.

Leandra turned her eyes on Dorian, seeming so sure that she couldn't be louder than the sounds in the sky. She gave an annoyed flick of her tail, though seemed a bit surprised when Hokori backed her up. A grin moved across her face, "See, Hoko gets it. Watch me."

Waiting until she heard the roar of the sky, her ears turned to the sound. She waited until it was over before she looked around. If she was really going to do this, then they had to be a good enough distance away that she was not going to attract any unwanted attention. She soon turned her head towards the sky, letting out the loudest, squeaky roar she could back at the sky, "There. See?"
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Being one of six was rough. Being one of two boys in that six was even worse. The girls were all sorts of loud, all sorts of rough. Somehow, they were far worse than Yuki and Dorian put together. Or, so he liked to think. He liked to think that he was somehow above them because he didn't fight for the privilege of dominance. He only watched until goaded to participate, only winning occasionally.

Hoko, Leah, and Val were probably the loudest half of their litter. Honestly, it was always a competition between them without any prompting from their parents.

Dorian rolled his eyes at Leandra, following after his sisters only because the idea of going back to the room was more insufferable than being outside with them. Even if that meant being subjected to their whims. Even if Hoko was really gunning for a play fight and she refused to take a hint.

Siblings were the actual worst thing in the world.

The sky rumbled threatening and then screeched out a horrible noise from nowhere and everywhere at once. Dorian winced at it, making a face at the shifting sk above them when Leandra echoed the sound with the most flatulence-resembling sound he had yet ever heard.

His face contorted and tightened until it cracked completely and he started laughing loudly at her. It was the tear-inducing sort of laughter that made gasping for air so much harder.

"Oh, oh, oh, Leah, you sounded just like that time Amal ate that really weird fruit and then started pooting!" he managed before choking on air as the laughter filled his belly.

Oh, oh, oh, but how many bite marks were his sisters going to give him for that statement?
Gender didn't factor into Hokori's constant struggle for dominance. The way she saw it all of her litter mates, boy and girl, were challengers to the position of Head Puppy that she decided was hers. She would tussle and bicker and trade remarks with anyone of them at anytime without a care for if was her sister or brother. The one exception to this truly egalitarian outlook was when she could gain an advantage by ganging up on Dorian. Then all sense of fairness went right out the window and she didn't even feel bad about it. If he could he would have been doing the exact same thing. It was just the way the game was played.

The darkest of the trio simply pushed back against Leandra, saving her playful venom for the most isolated target. "Dorian is just scared to try because he knows that he'll lose. Then again she wasn't exactly clamoring to give it a go but that was more laziness than anything else. If one of the two felt like directly challenging her then she'd oblige them. In fact she'd oblige them so loud that they wouldn't be able to hear anything but her voice ringing in their skulls for hours after!

Her plan of restraint was brushed aside by the sudden eruption of sky-screaming. Hoko's eyes narrowed as she threw her head back, howling a challenge up at whatever invisible monster had made the air crash with sound. She wasn't going to be intimidated by a loud noise, no sir! She was brave and strong and fierce and ready to take on whatever the clatter-creatures were going to throw at her!

The moment was somewhat ruined by Lea's attempt and Dorian's reaction, brave little fighter snickering despite herself at the comparison. "Oh that's really funny Dorian." She giggled. "She really does sound like that!" But even as she was agreeing with him Hoko was already leaning back on her haunches, launching herself forward like a coiled spring. There would be no intentional missing this time, Dorian would have to deal with the pounds of punchy puppy barreling towards him one way or another. 

"Get him Lea!"

And sure bring in the other sister, why not?

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This truly was the nightmarish reality that was her life. Why couldn't their parents have just been luckier and had a smaller litter of children? It would have made things so much easier, definitely far less chaotic. She could feel Hoko pushing back against her, which only caused her to want to get rougher. Her darker sister was always going to be her greatest competition, from now until the end of time. Her eyes did give a brief glance over to her brother, "He so would."

The brown girl could hear her sister's voice rising at her side. Oh no, she was not going to let her get all the glory, not when she had been the one to start this little competition going on against the literal sky. Her fur bristled when she had let her yell into the air, much to her sister's disappointment.

And that all seemed to come full circle when her two siblings were poking fun at her for the noise she had made. Eyes narrowed at both of them, though more so at Dorian. He had been the first one to point out what he thought it sounded like, and Hoko just so happened to agree with him. It probably also didn't help his case when the darkest sibling had been the one to instigate the notion that the two girls should jump him.

Leandra lowered herself down towards the ground, pouncing after her sister, "You're not going to get away with that Dorian!" Oh and she would be sure of that. Once she was certain she hand landed on top of them, she tried so hard to nip at whatever she could reach of her brother. And if Hokori managed to get in the way, well then maybe she should have thought this through a little more.
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Dorian rolled his eyes at his sisters. They loved to gang up on him, especially since he was one of the sole boys in a gaggle of six. He was also the youngest, the last born, and he wasn't even the smallest of them. Yet, he was still the lowest on the totem pole when it came to their ages and that was one of the easiest metrics to measure against one another. "I don't need to win at everything," he countered sharply. He liked to win but it was such a struggle with the whole collective that contests lost their appeal rather quickly.

Of course, it also made him stand out a bit more than normal when he insisted on not participating in their nonsense games. Teasing Leandra didn't go over well, either, and Hoko forgot her brief agreement to gang up on him with Leandra. It was as though she had never intended to leave him alone. Inevitably, it always turned into tussles and tumbles. He was just the unfortunate victim at that moment.

"Hey!" he exclaimed when Hokori launched herself at him, howling for Leandra to join in. It was absolutely not going to end well. Man, he just wanted to look at the stormy sky without being bothered and suddenly he was being extremely bothered. Life wasn't fair at all.

Hokori got him alright. There was no way to miss at close range and he barreled over as she knocked him down, making him tumble to the side. Flailing paws managed to get him back upright and he hardly felt any pain from the assault. They were small, rotund, and well padded so aches and bruises were mild and easy to forget. "Meanie!" he yelped at the dark sibling.

Dorian spun at Leandra as she snapped at him. He quickly fell to her determined pouncing. She started nipping at him and he growled out in those puppy growls as the pinches prickled at his skin. It wasn't enough to draw blood but it was enough to piss him off. "You guys are the worst!" he yelled as he kicked at Leandra, trying to snap at her feet.

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