[RO] I just wish that I could see through you

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Thelma was not certain what to think -- things had been tense, and, keyed into this, the only Del Mar daughter was sparking like a live wire. Not, of course, that she could show this now; She'd been a disappointment (several times over, by now) - and found herself needing to hide it, to conceal her insecurities and the doubts.

How was she to know that the Ardoix patriarch had sent the Courtrights? Their intentions had seemed so close to her father's - their orders seemingly genuine. The trial once she'd managed to drag her father back home had blindsided her, left her off her game, compounded by that disappointment -

So deep into her thoughts was she, that she had not noticed Luciana staring at her with those big, yellow dandelion eyes.

"I'm not going home, am I?" she had said, and it shook Thelma from her momentary stupor, who blinked almost owlishly back to the silvery girl.

"What would make you say that, Luciana?" It was almost a demand, the way that Thelma had stated it - "Of course you'll be going home."

She had to go home. Her presence was a mistake. The prior thoughts she'd humored, ones of just ridding her and Ash of their little problem, were gradually abandoned the more she'd found herself almost attached to the scatterbrained girl and dressed her and shared her own clothes; Luciana was a doll, some sort of companion she'd never had before; a sister.

Her sister.

"It's just," Luciana hemmed and hawed over her words, putting a little more thought than usual, to pick at a loose thread of the shawl Thelma had loaned her, and pallid yellow eyes were pinned sharply to the girl.  "I miss my parents."

Thelma scooped up the silvery Tejada daughter's hand to clutch it between her palms.

"Don't worry about that - don't worry about a thing," Thelma soothed. "Buck up, Luci - trust in me-"

Her ears pinned at the sound of approaching hoofbeats.


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