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(400+) OOC: Street Fare thread! Set at Pasillo Gris Trading Post in Charmingtown.

Though he'd spent the last few days back in his Trailside room and was significantly closer to the comings and goings of visitors to Del Cenere, the news of traders coming to spend a week within the borders was the current talk of the town and it would be impossible to be ignorant of it now (unless you were one of the few Ashen who seemed to find more solace in complete isolation, of which a few came to Hosea's mind). 
Curiosity often got the best of the freckled mutt, and he was looking forward to the event. While he wasn't unfamiliar with meeting strangers or canines from other packs, this was the pack's first street fare and that was to celebrated.

Back in Palisade, the community was big on trade. His own family worked as guards to those traveling, and he'd even accompanied a party up to the Gang's land while he was still a pup. He wasn't of much use, as he hadn't yet even shifted and would offer little to no protection to the traders if anything should go south, but his father thought it was a perfect opportunity for the youngster to see how this sort of thing was carried through.

But since his arrival to his current home, the coydog hadn't meddled as much as he'd like in the trading business.
So this was even more reason for him to be excited.

Readying up, Hosea sported his usual black trousers and off-white button up shirt. He opted not for his rawhide leather vest though, and instead wrapped his earth-toned serape around his shoulders.
He wasn't sure what sort of crowd these traders from New Caledonia would stir up, so he'd leave Voodoo at the stables and set out to explore the fare on foot. With him, though, he brought a satchel full of anything that may be attractive to the visitors; inside the bag were a few rabbit furs from his latest couple hunts, a handful of feathers from his lover's preening eagle, and a little extra tobacco he was apprehensive of giving up.

Having rolled himself a cigarette before departing, he'd have his fix for today, but after the burning of the fields at the start of drama with the Del Mars, the plant was a hot commodity.
With a drag and an exhale of smoke, he set off down the street to where he could see the others congregating already.

A confident looking female and a pale coated partner behind their booth grabbed the Courtright's attention.
Nearing the pair, he looked to the darker wolfdog and grinned, Howdy. Welcome t' Del Cenere.
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Trade was in her blood and she had not realized how much she had missed out on it when she had been Queen. It was so good to get out of New Caledonia, away from home, and out where people either didn't know her or didn't know her well. It was wonderful despite their pack of choice to visit first but with no other real choices close to home, Del Cenere was by far the most suitable and likely most welcoming. Salsola was a dark cloud and Casa was too far to justify going to for simple trade. Portland would have been the ideal, but that was a future venture when they had plenty of good stock to part with.

Calan and she had set up the booth with the wares that were probably the best to display without showing the decidedly more valuable things. Merely a taste, she thought, as she adjusted the couple of beaded bracelets she had lazily made whenever the pups had been napping and no one needed her attention.

Eulalie had brought enough sea glass on her last "breaK" from puppies to fill a basket and it meant plenty to work with.

She had dragged over a stump to sit on, curling a leg over the other and starting to work on a simple weave with the twine she had brought with her from New Caledonia.

The smell of tobacco burning made her glance up to see the Ashen come toward her, looking presentable and gussied up. She loosely secured her knot-work and stood, putting on that ever familiar, ever easy diplomatic smile. "Thank you for the welcome," she replied, eyeing him for a moment. Clearly come to trade. "I'm sure you know we're here to trade. Is there something you need? Or perhaps you have a vague idea of something you might want and we can help you with?" she asked, prepared to reach for any little thing nearby. The game began.


He let out a soft chuckle, That I do, Miss. It had excited him for some time now. While there wasn't anything he particularly needed, there were some objects in mind that he wouldn't mind getting his hands off, if given the chance.
Nothin' that I really need, but I, uh... The Courtright male suddenly started tripping over his words, growing nervous at the thought of trading for something his lover might appreciate.

Knowing Peony, she'd enjoy anything he picked out with her, especially with the intention of being thoughtful. But, despite that realization, he didn't want to give her just any old thing.
And he didn't know anything about what appealed to feminine folk.

Suddenly, his enthusiasm had died down and he felt a little foolish. Did the Braithwaite even enjoy trinkets like that? He was sure she wore a necklace sometimes, but he couldn't be sure.
His eyes were usually elsewhere.

Clearing his throat and smiling sheepishly now, Hosea tried to start again, I'd uh... Well, I'd like to pick out somethin' nice for...
...What where they?

Friends, for sure, but something more now? Was it strange to call her a lover, or did that imply there were no deeper feelings involved?
After a moment of thinking, he came to conclusion that this trader wouldn't care how the two were connected, and it would likely do little to help in his request if she did.
Why was he thinking so hard over such a small gesture?

I wanna pick up somethin' purdy for my gal. He settled with, straightening up and getting over his nerves, She's been busy 'bout and I think it'd be nice to surprise her with some nice little trinket or somethin'. I jus'... ain't exactly sure what she'd like.
Warm caramel eyes seemed to be pleading for assistance as freckled hands grasped the strap of his satchel tightly.
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Kalypso listened. As she did so, her smile grew wider and wider and her eyes grew more and more sly. Oh, a trinket for a girl? A lover? A partner? He didn't say wife, didn't say sister, didn't say anything else which meant that they were in that sweet courting phase when everything was fun, passionate, and emotional.

May he have a longer one of those honeymoon periods than she'd ever had.

"Ahh, I see, I see," she said, understanding thickly permeating her words as she nodded at him. She did not know him or the woman one bit, but there was plenty of ways to suss out exactly the sort of thing she would like. Men were not often very good at figuring out gifts for their lady folk, though she had also seen women struggle to do the same for their menfolk. Or womenfolk, or whoever was the folk at their side.

"Well, I don't know you or your lady so correct me if whatever I show you misses the mark," she began, grinning toothily at him as she pulled out a handful of things more forward and then reached under the table for a basket of individually wrapped up bits of work. "Here are a couple of simpler bracelets with some carved sea glass from the old Court's shores," she said as she pushed forward a trio of knotted cord bracelets with polished sea glass beads interspersed in the knots. They were generally a medium green or brown. One of the three had a pale green bead. Simple but pretty, if she did say so herself.

She unwrapped one of the previously hidden pieces, a necklace with more of the sea glass and the twine dyed a deep brown so dark it looked black. The glass itself was a mix of colors with a bright blue chunk in the middle and smaller beads of white and pale green running from it. Decidedly more lavish than the bracelets on display. "I can also make something if these aren't to your taste." She put a protective hand on the tying ends of the necklace as she gestured to the carvings.

The words she sought escaped her, making her pause with a slightly distant look in her eye for the briefest of moments. "My partner provided these carvings and wood things; he can also make something for you if you want a less functional but displayable piece for her." She thought about Tora's eagles, deer, and figured there was something between the two of them that would work.

As soon as she seemed to understand what he was searching for, he let out a sigh of relief. Perhaps this stranger would be able to help him after all.
I think I should be at least able t' do that for ya, Miss. The archer said with a smile, more comfortable picking out pieces that wouldn't suit his beloved Braithwaite over selecting something that she would appreciate the most.

The trader displayed some simple bracelets of sea glass first. They weren't complex, but they were anything from plain; they were colours he'd never seen in such a form. The beads were unique, and the mineral they had been crafted from had a sort of foggy appearance. He felt they would be less cumbersome than anything too flashy, and that Peony would be pleased with the soft colours.

Next on show was a necklace, crafted from the same sort of glass. It wasn't as simple as the bracelets before, but it didn't appear too gaudy or distracting. It was a conversation piece, he was sure, as he'd seen nothing it like before and figured others would be just as curious about it as he was now.

These are some purdy lil' thin's. I think she'd like somethin' like this. Hosea nodded, further inspecting a bracelet.

The carving offered were another idea, as the heiress and mother-to-be had just moved into her home fairly recently and had space to fill up with decor. Maybe something to set atop a mantle, or a trinket for her desk to see when she wrote her letters back home.
Initially, he had no clue what to seek out because he was overwhelmed with options. Now, he was struggling to decide what she would enjoy most from the objects offered.

Hosea huffed and placed his freckled hands on his hips, Well, damn! I ain't gotta clue what she'd like best. He felt like the worst partner in the world, but it wasn't due to his ignorance of her likes and dislikes; he was just too focused on perfection. He wanted an ideal gift and was letting the pressure get to his head, confusing him.
With another deep breath, the Ashen looked again at the possibilities, then back to the trader.

If you was gettin' one of these as a gift, which'n would you like most? Maybe he was overthinking it, or maybe it was something that came easier to the female mind. Either way, he hoped her answer would help him decide.
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I am so sorry for the wall of dialogue, jeez.
She should not have given him quite so many options. There was just too much choice to offer him and he had clearly found them to be overwhelming. Wrought with indecision and variety, anyone would struggle to figure out exactly what they wanted from a trade. He had not come with a good idea to begin with and so was lost to her collection of trinkets and decorations. She frowned down at the stall table, brows furrowing for a moment as she listened to his huffing, puffing, and overall dithering.

Indecision was probably her least favorite trait and it often irritated her when she herself exhibited it. Decisiveness could be quick and reckless but at least there were no precious moments wasted on changing one's mind.

"What I would like most?" she repeated, brows rising as she looked up at Hosea with surprise. She did not often care to ask for gifts or even really expected them most of the time. She was a doer and she preferred people to help her rather than give her things. She could get things but work and time were more valuable commodities.

Kaly looked down at the offerings, humming. "Well, I think it doesn't matter necessarily what it is," she said flatly, picking up a simple bracelet and then putting her hand on the more valuable, more complicated necklace. "I think it's the thought behind it, cliche as that sounds." She sniffed, feeling the cold stones beneath her fingertips.

"This necklace is worth more than the bracelet. More time was put into making it. But what does it say about you if you give it to her? That you think she's got grand tastes? That she's worth the expense? Nice, sure, but what if she takes it as a frivolous waste of a gift if she's the practical sort? If she likes things simple, this-" she paused, patting the necklace "-will be more of a thoughtless gift than a thoughtful one. If she's the practical sort, the bracelet is simpler, pretty, and more suited to that sort of taste. It's less of a high value gift, with more thought into her nature. So, that way, it could be much better to go with the less valuable, but more appropriate, present." She didn't even bother adding in functionality to the whole argument. That would only have made it harder.

"So, is she the practical sort? Does she prefer things to be functional rather than pretty or does she like things to be neat, elegant, and a show of prosperity?" Or was she the sort that would have preferred a carving? "Does she wear anything like that now or maybe she needs something but hasn't had time to get it herself?" Too many questions and she knew she was overdoing it a little, but she saw a man that needed a guiding hand and her instinct to guide took over. Aggressively. One less confused man meant one more happy woman.

While she didn't outright tell him what she would appreciate most as a gift, the trader offered up reason behind each item that Hosea found to be even more helpful.
He never thought of Peony as one who enjoyed simplicity; she was an heiress after all, groomed and glamorous. She made it a point to wear nicer clothing, where most others would opt for nothing at all.
Her hair was always tidy, where some didn't mind theirs getting unkempt from time to time.

While some more like the archer didn't mind getting dirty with work, the princess was sure to keep hidden until she could make every flaw vanish, face fresh to show others without worry of humiliation.
His mind went briefly back to the scene of her washing her face free of ash only a moment after Boone's tobacco field had been burnt down; even in the most stressful situations, she was picky of her appearance.

He was almost certain that he'd seen her wear some sort of trinkets before, but he, of course, had never paid attention to the style of those accessories. Considering his lover's upbringing, though, he could be confident in assuming she only owned things that radiated as much beauty and elegance as she did.

Well, when ya put it that way... Hosea started, leaning in to better inspect the necklace, though he had no idea what he was actually looking for in it, I reckon she'd like this purdy thing better'n anythin' else.
And why wouldn't she? She deserved the best, after all, and if this was one of the most valuable things offered it only made sense she'd appreciate it most.

The Courtright straightened back up and cleared his throat, Alright then, whatcha lookin' to get for that necklace?
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I am so sorry for the wall of dialogue, jeez.
Her longwinded torrent of information had been useful. The man looked less confused about the whole thing when she had it all laid out for him properly. Clearly, he was not the most worldly or well-traveled man if he needed quite so much information on how to handle giving gifts to a woman. Kaly was happy to help, but she was somewhat wary of the thought she had pushed him toward the more valuable product when something simpler might have sufficed.

Still, she smiled at him when he asked the magic words any trader wanted to hear. "That all depends on what you have? Sea glass can be tricky to find and then work with on top of that." Somewhat true and somewhat false, the perfect grey ground for a trader to operate in. Who knew what was real and what was not? Still, she worried that the man might not even have anything she wanted.

"Though, just in case, I do have something smaller," she said suddenly, reaching down into a separate satchel and pulling out a pouch. She pulled out an incomplete bracelet with a handful of stones already worked into the knotwork. She grabbed a different pouch containing some sea glass, carved wood, and bone beads and flashed the colorful contents to the man. There was even an oblong shaped orange one, something that had been extremely hard to even find. "If you want, I can also finish this bracelet here for you before I leave." It would have been smaller, less flashy, but with the right beads already in her possession, it would make it more.. affordable for the man.

It should have been expected that something so elegant and unique would have a price telling of such. Considering what he had with him, the coydog chewed a bit nervously on his lower ilp, staring at the necklace, then back to the plainer pieces, then back toward the necklace...
Right. He muttered, before taking honey brown eyes off the sea glass jewellery and turning his attention to the trader.

He couldn't argue with her explanation; he'd never even seen sea glass before (at least not to his knowing), so to him it could have been as precious as gemstones. It was something handmade; time and effort and skill were put into the things, and he was no doubt aware of the necessity of supporting those with crafting hands.

He was sure nothing he had would be enough for the intricate necklace, but this new piece...
The bracelet wasn't finished, but so far appeared flashy and one-of-a-kind. It was fancy, albeit a toned down version of the necklace, but something the archer felt was both an appropriate gift for the Braithwaite heiress and something he could afford.
With a gentle laugh, the Palisade native nodded, I'd like that a lot, Miss!

Well, I ain't got nothin' that special. I got... The Courtright male mumbled through the cigarette held in between his lips, using a free hand to dig around the satch draped over his shoulder.
He huffed, paused to let out a gritty cough, and continued digging until he found what it was he had to offer.

Hosea smiled and gestured to the samples in his hands, Ha! Found 'em.
Freckled hands showed a few brown rabbit furs and some downy feathers. The pelts are cleaned up nice, had somebody here do that bit 'cause I ain't too great with my hands. So it's done right, I mean. He assured with a nod, As for the feathers, I jus' gathered 'em from my gal's bird.

The orange and ash coloured mongrel took a drag at the wrapped tobacco and exhaled a stream a smoke after turning his head for a moment. After allowing some time to contemplate his next offer, Hosea dug one last thing free from his bag; he pulled out a folded envelope of sorts, but the smell was enough to give away the contents inside.
I also got some tobacco if'n that's somethin' you're lookin' for instead. The Ashen said with another friendly smile, eager to bring the bracelet back home to Peony.
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The suggested trade of the bracelet was met so well that the High Lady wondered why she hadn't bothered to show it to him sooner. It was more intricate than the simpler ones but not remotely as heavy and ornate as the necklace. It was the perfect mix of sensibility for a work-minded man to give to a wealth and appearance oriented woman. She mentally smacked herself that it was both good business sense to have omitted it first. Why was she thinking so much about it? Was she so thick in the skull that she had started to doubt her own experiences?

She eyed the pelts and feathers with mild interest, though she truly did not want any of those things. It was not that she didn't think they were nice but they were just not worth it to her. She was not a leather worker and she did not use feathers for decorations. Shells, stones, pretty solid things like that were more her speed. And then she saw something of actual value.

Kalypso's eyes locked on the packet that the man flashed briefly. The telltale sight and the smell that wafted from the man's burning cigarette told her all that she needed to know. Tobacco was not one of her vices by any means, though she had sampled it more than once in her life. It just didn't hold the same amount of appeal to her as it did to others. But one of those people happened to be Tora.

She gave a slight laugh as she gestured to the dried plant matter. "It's funny. I think I would happily take that in exchange for finishing the bracelet. And it wouldn't even be for me since I don't really smoke," she added, shaking her head as she eyed the envelope. "It'd be for my partner, actually. He's got quite a taste for it." She laughed again. "Gift for a gift. I will take the tobacco from you when I complete the bracelet." It sounded smart to not exchange goods just yet.

Kaly put her hand out, brow raised. "Shall we shake on it?" If those terms were acceptable at least.

The bracelet was so perfect that he'd immediately decided he'd trade anything it took to have it in his possession.
It would compliment his lover so well; an elegant, beautiful, and unique piece, but nothing so showy and expensive that it would be suitable enough to wear daily. It wasn't just a conversation piece for special occasions, but it was no mere knotted hemp bracelet one youths would exchange in Palisade to their puphood crushes either.
Peony was soft and exceptional; she was stunning, but had settled with a simple life with a working man.
It was perfect.

Though while it pained him somewhat to see the trader's eyes lock on his precious tobacco, the idea of surprising his Braithwaite princess with a bracelet that was practically made for her smothered any slight regret.
Imagining coming home later with the foggy glass bracelet and seeing her lovely moonlit face beaming brightly enough to compete with the lunar light illuminating her fine features was a thought far more romantic than Hosea was used to, but Peony had that effect on him...
Her happiness was worth more to him than a bit of a plant he could eventually replace.

Finally, she'd said it; the tobacco was requested. But what came after was pleasantly surprising.
The visitor wasn't a smoker herself, but knew somebody who was.
Her own partner.

The Courtright mutt grinned, any hesitation muted by his amusement of their situation.
Well, it seems t' me this is a right perfect lil' deal we got then! The archer said with a joyous laugh, taking her hand in his for a brief shake.
Sounds good t' me. It's all yours, Miss. He nodded, offering his tobacco over almost excitedly now.
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We could probably wrap up here and assume they traded the goods when it was completed?
Kalypso beamed back at the man. For someone of a wolf-hating clan, he hardly seemed bothered by the blood that made up her being. Maybe it was just a policy that did not reflect the majority. Or he was a minority? Either way, it didn't matter to the woman one bit. He had been polite and respectful regardless of whatever beliefs he had. As such, she was more than happy to barter away with him.

Their hands clasped in the customary gesture of agreement. She would jot his name down after he had left in a ledger just to make sure they recorded the transaction, and then she would make a note of when he picked up his purchase.

She put her hand up, though, when he began to offer her his tobacco on hand. She pushed it back toward him. "When I complete it, I'll accept it then. I might say I'm trustworthy, but I'd rather we exchange it properly when there's something to exchange." As much as she wanted to secure the tobacco for Tora, she was not going to overdo herself.

But she gave a toothy grin. "Fair is fair, right? I'll make sure to make something your lady will love."
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The prejudices of his pack were not as strong with him as with most of the other Ashen. While he was weary of wolves, often times he forgot of this apprehension when engaging with one, simply because they had never done anything to wrong him personally.
He was raised cautious of them, and his family and friends and packmates all displayed discomfort around wolves, so any negativity toward them from the archer was just a reflection of his environment.
This stranger was here with permission, and with good intent, so he made no judgement based purely off her lineage.
She had been kind and fair. That was good enough for him.

Raising his brow at her dismissal of his goods, Hosea listened to her point.
Oh, um. He nodded, Right. Only fair then.
He'd been so ready to trust this trader, but only because he was so eager to have his gift for Peony ready to present. He'd have to be patient, but it would all be worth it in the end.

I'm sure ya will. I'll see ya then. The Courtright mongrel smiled excitedly, planning to meet up in the same place after some time to pick up the finished piece and finally give up his offering.
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