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The air surrounding the three grew into a thick mess that caused Inara to feel like she was suffocating. She saw how her brother was being nice, and yet, Percival the male she loved seemed to act in a way she could never seen before. He was becoming very protective of her. But this was her brother! How could he be dangerous to her? Percival's next words caught her by complete surprise, she pushed away from him and looked from Percy to Jayne. 

"What!?" Her eyes then bore into Jayne. "Is this true!?"

Percival clicked his tongue and Inara looked over to him the words coming from Percival were like knives to her heart. This was Jayne, she knew he was bad...she knew he did bad things. But Inara was forming excuses in her head already. He wasn't as bad as Percival was acting him to be. "No." She finally said firmly, straightening up herself her hands forming into fists at her side while her ears were tight to her head, "No!" She yelled not caring if she it caused everyone in the kingdom to come look. But she did. Inara closed her eyes tightly and took in a deep breath trying to contain herself and regain composure. 

"Percival, Jayne is my brother. He came all the way from the Erie. I have not seen him in many seasons. He is the only family I have left!Only blood I have left, to be precise." He opened her eyes and looked intensely into Percy's. "He was on his own! Gods know how long and when someone is on their own...sometimes they do bad things to get the things they need. You said it yourself the people weren't hurt...and he didn't take their horses or wagon. So..." She paused thinking for a moment, "..so, he didn't hurt anyone. He isn't that bad."

Inara wouldn't do something like that to get by. She isn't a thief, but Jayne isn't her, so she can't expect him to do the right thing like she strives to do.
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Jayne watched as this scruffy dog began to call him out. At first he wanted to slap that snarl off his face, but he didn't. Jayne was quite proud of himself as he remained calm during the accusations and name calling. His heart was hitched for a moment as he waited to see how Inara was going to act.

His hands came up as she looked at him and asked for the validity of Percival's word. He didn't respond yet as Percival asked to speak alone with her. Jayne's brows lowered and his lips lifted, Inara's no stopped his emotions from taking control. The Beng wanted to attack this scruffy asshole, he didn't need much of a reason, but he won't only for Inara's sake. If he could use this situation to his advantage he was going to. All he had to do was let Percival bury himself.

His eyes watched Inara as she began to defend Jayne's behavior, a cocky grin began to consume his features as he looked at Percival. Yeah...don't fuck with me scruffy asshole...you just put yourself on Inara's shitlist. He watched arms folding over his chest as he watched the scruffy man as if he was invisible now.

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