Art by Mel
It's been a while since I've drawn 'Souls stuff, so let's get back into it. First up, my main dude O'Riley. His Secui form is one of the ones he most often uses.

The Secui form is also my personal favorite of the forms Luperci can take. They're just so big and cool!

[Image: iZvnnJ7.png]
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain

I love the way you've drawn his face, none of the structure is lost in the fluff! And my eyes keep getting drawn to the claws, I love that there aren't lines there, just the subtle color to distinguish them! Ahh he looks so good! <3
O'RILEY!!! *O* He looks so buff and fluffy! I love it! I love that front, right leg and then the foot on that back left one! Something about them is just so prefect and "mmmm"! I love his fluffy neck, his face, and just his strong and powerful-looking bulk!
it a handsome chad on the horizon ;D
Then why do I feel so immensely alone
This can't be the end of my story
Onward I go once again
Fighting my way to my F I N A L   B R E A T H
Thanks everyone! :>  That back left foot is my favorite too, Songbird!

Next up is Tattersall. Puppies are hard to draw because they're both chunky and not anatomically the same as adults. I don't think I've drawn a puppy since I drew a tiny O'Riley, so it's been a while! :eyes1:

[Image: pF8wkgd.png]
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
Awwww look at these!! I adore the little tho! HIMS HOWL LIKE A BIG BOY! x3 The way you drew Tattersall's mouth and face is on point! That's such a tough view for me and you nailed it.
Omg Tattersall looks so cute. Love the pose you did for him. Adorable pupper.

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