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Eden wasn't really sure what to think about what was going on. It didn't seem like too long ago that he and Aani were spending time with one another at the bar, talking and enjoying one another's company. It had been one of the bartenders that broguht the idea of them ordering a dessert to their attention, something that they both seemed to agree to try. He had thought nothing of it, assuming that it would be just that, a dessert that he had never had before. Salsola was grand during their feasts, so it was just going to be another treat like that...


His first that something was weird was when his company had split away from him, having gotten her's before he did. It seemed a bit weird, but maybe that was just how they did things. He was fine waiting for her to come back before his turn. In the meantime, he had enjoyed a little drink, letting his ears trail to the sounds around him. He didn't want to move from his spot just in case Aani was going to come back to where they were.

That didn't seem to be the case when he had been approached by a female. That should have been his second cue that this was not all that it seemed.

Still, the young male found a smile move along his lips, following along with her. He had straightened out his dress as he got up, making sure to get any wrinkles out. They had seemed to go to one of the other rooms, another woman there. His head tilted a bit to the side again, but turned his head over his shoulder to watch the first one leave. His tail swayed slightly behind him, turning his attention back forward. One hand moved out as the other fell at the side of his dress, "Evening miss. I had ordered one of the desserts and was brought here?"
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Prompt: Lady Luck is not with you tonight: do something embarrassing. For Gen/Adrianna. We can probably assume this takes place shortly after her time with Aani. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change.
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What a weird night it had been turning out to be. First, a woman wanted to get in on the business for a time to get laid. Then, she had a client who had ordered a dessert and Vivian was decidedly preoccupied at that moment. So, Adrianna did not return to the bar and went to the shared room for their "work" to prepare, clean, and spritz the tiniest bit of a lovely minty water on her wrists and hair. Refreshing and clean, exactly what a good lady of the night ought to be. Dirty girls got dirty boys and Adri was not that type anymore.

The man - was he? - was led in by one of their guards and left alone with the Madame, who sat on the edge of the bed with her loose dress layered around her and cascading off the bed. A strap coyly hung off her shoulder and she played with a coil of hair as she eyed Eden. A younger man, clearly, but in a dress that was more suited for a female personality.

Definitely a weird night.

Adrianna smiled at him and rose from the bed, reaching out to grab the young man's hands. "Of course, of course, please come in, tesoro," she said, pulling him in so that she could shift the divider to properly obscure them if needed.

She pushed him toward the edge of the bed, forcing him to sit as she started to run her hand down the side of his face and play with the curls of hair. "What delicious thing did you order, bello?" she cooed as she leaned in to whisper in his ear and press her cheek against his.
Eden wasn't really sure what he was supposed to expect, but it certainly wasn't this woman, nor the way that her dress, or at least the strap of it was hanging slightly off to the side. He couldn't help but feel a bit more nervous than he was before. He couldn't recall seeing any other woman in such a way, not even back home in Salsola. Maybe he just didn't look close enough, especially when it came to the celebrations, but he just couldn't place why this was making him feel so strange.

The woman pushed herself up from the bed, making her way to him. Pink gaze shifted down as her hands wrapped around his own. She pulled him over towards it, placing the divider across from them. Now he was left alone with this woman, and that feeling inside of him seemed to just keep growing. What on earth had he gotten himself into?

The young male felt himself being guided down onto the bed, sitting along the edge, not daring to take his eyes off this woman. He could feel his heart beating faster and faster. Eyes moved slightly to the side as her hand began to play with a small part of his hair, and soon enough her cheek was pressed against his own. His mind was racing. What was going on? Did Aani know about this? Did the same thing happen to her?

He couldn't very well leave her hanging. His hands gripped at the dress hanging in his lap, not sure what he was even supposed to be doing. Between everything that was going on internally, he managed to get out his order, even though his voice had seemed to grow quieter, "The.. The Tiramisu miss..."
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Shy and bashful, it was quite a delight. Adrianna loved the young and inexperienced clients because they were so easy to impress and so easy to please. More often than not, they were quick to rise to the occasion, but often just as quickly bounced back eager for more. Plus, they were rarely fiddly, difficult, or even nightmarish with their requests. She had once or twice been forced to decline a generous patron because of the horrible things they wanted.

Not virgins, though. Virgins were the best.

"Ahh, that's a generous order. So then, do you know what you would like to taste first?" she asked softly, running her well-trimmed nails down Eden's neck and chest, snagging pointedly at the dress's collar. Such an odd choice of garment, but she supposed it was pretty and that was more than enough to sway her to liking a thing herself.

Her hand splayed flat on Eden's chest and she pushed him backward onto the furs and such that made up the bed. Without hesitation, she straddled his waist and forced his hands to cease their nervous antics.

"Have you ever had a sweet dessert before?" she asked, never thinking to question that there was some amount of misunderstanding of the situation. It was too obvious for her to think that Eden had no idea what was happening to him. "Do you know what you like or would you like me to find out for you?" she whispered hotly as she ran coils on the dress, bunching up the fabric and letting the whorls loosen.

Eden couldn't help but wish he could just vanish from the spot he was sitting. He was getting in way over his head, with something he clearly wasn't prepared for. Why hadn't Aani prepared him? Why hadn't he seen the signs before he stepped into the room? Well, there didn't seem to be much of an option for backing out, and he wasn't sure if doing so would be rude. He'd have to see this through.

Taking a deep breath, he let his eyes focus on the female again, only to feel her nails running along his neck and the front of his dress. His face felt hot, and he really couldn't understand if it was because of her motions, or the sheer embarrassment he was feeling at getting himself locked into this situation. His words came out a bit stuttered, trying to get a grip on his rapidly increasing emotions, "N-No.."

As if that hadn't been enough for her, she then laid a hand against his chest, pushing him down onto the bed, moving across his waist. He was sure if there were any other color to come to his face, it would be red with how hot his face was feeling. His heart seemed to race more, as if it would certainly burst through his chest. His hands fell at his side, still unsure of what he was even supposed to do. He could logically guess doing something similar to what she was doing, but he couldn't seem to lift his arms to do so.

Her voice broke through to him again, her questions ringing in his ears. He didn't dare take his eyes off her, but gave enough of a motion to shake his head, "No.. I haven't.. I.. I don't mean to sound... r-rude.. but I've n-never done... anything like this before.." He figured that would be enough to answer her second question.
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Oh, he was just adorable and sweet. Newbies were the most fun to play with and here was a boy that was so new it was practically radiating off of him in telepathic waves screaming "virgin, virgin, virgin".

He had no idea what to do with his hands, where to look, what to do, what to say. He was so inexperienced that it was almost sad, but who could blame him if he had no sweetheart at home or a parent keen to give their offspring a proper education. Well, who knew who had gotten him in that night? Maybe it was their way of helping him learn the ropes before he disappointed someone he actually liked.

Adrianna laughed as he stuttered, nervous as a goose about to be plucked, stuffed, and roasted.

"Oh, my sweet, sweet tesoro," she cooed as put her hand to her mouth to cover her amused laughter. "I could tell. You are so young. Did you even know what you ordered? Did you think it was food?" She had figured the deceptive menu selection would catch at least one or two now and again. Vivian had suggested a more clear-cut service list but relented when the Madam turned the suggestion away. It could have caused a loss of work for a moment or two but it would provide fun stories and laughter at the expensive of the novice who ordered in the first place.

"But, do you not want to try? Do you want to go to a marriage bed with this same expression on your face?" she teased, tapping him on the chin. "I can teach you if you want to learn." For a price, naturally.

Eden felt more than releaved that she was not at all offended by not only his words, but lack of experience. She even admitted that she could easily tell. Well, that certainly put her on a much higher plane than she was already on. Still, she had known, and was teasing him along anyways. He had paid for the service after all, so might as well give him what he had gotten.

She even seemed to catch onto the mistake he had made. Why would anyone name something like this after a food item? His heart beat against his chest again, though this time more out of embarrassment more than the strange feelings he had been getting up to this point, "Y-Yes ma'am... I thought it w-was..." Next time around he would make sure to have it clarified to him before he decided on something. He would also have to have a word with Aani. There was no way she couldn't have made the same mistake, and she still let him go through with it.

Maybe she didn't know too. About him.

Bringing himself back into the moment, he was draw in by her voice. She offered him her help, to teach him what he was supposed to do. He took a couple deep breaths, if only to calm down his racing heart and stutter, which didn't really help when she had begun tapping him on the chin. He did manage to find one hand to reach up, taking her's into his. There was no turning back now. He gave a slow nod to her, "Yes.. I would.."

He waited a minute longer, finding the courage to move his other hand up, though not really sure what to do with it. He let his eyes meet her own, waiting for her, "Please help me.."
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Young, naive, but willing to work. That was a truly admirable trait in one with potential and an eagerness to excel. Adrianna beamed at him as though he were a pupil of hers. In a way, he would be. She laughed softly as he grabbed her hand and she let him stutteringly agree to the situation. It pleased her that she would both have a good night's pay and teach a young man how best to please a lady. So many came to her thinking they understood what it took to make her melt when all they could manage was to make her innards sore or her face muscles tight.

When one actually wanted to know? It was truly a gift. It wasn't even her birthday!

"I will help you, young one," she cooed as she took his questioning hand and guided it up her sides and about.

"This will work for anyone, but the most important," she paused, slipping her hand out of his grasp and running her nails gently down his chest. "Più importante is to ask." She swirled her index finger about. "If you do not ask, how will you know what they do and do not like? Maybe they do not find touching chest, tail, thighs to be pleasing. Maybe it is uncomfortable. Maybe they like soft here or hard there. You cannot know until you ask." Everything else was honestly less important. Little tricks were well and good until they struck a delicate spot that had nothing to do with the physical and everything to do with the emotional.

"Other than asking when unsure, the best you can do is to tease, tease, tease. Light touch, glancing touch, quick touch, roving without giving everything. Build the excitement." Adrianna slowly lowered her chest toward Eden before slowly gliding backward. She trailed a hand downward as she went.

She grinned up at him from somewhere near his midriff. "Suspense is good."
Eden's body felt hot now, not just his face. What little he had gotten of this sort of this from Aani was nothing in comparison. He felt so much at a loss, and by far more nervous than he ever had before. He couldn't believe this woman's kindness for him in this situation. Surely someone else would look to take advantage of how naive he had been to order this service in the first place. No one else aside from his company had to even know about this, especially not his own family.

Eyes trailed down to his hands when she had taken them into her own. She guided them to her sides, guiding them along. He could feel his fingers brushing through her fur, in a way liking the feel of it. His own didn't compare to a touch like this. They soon left her own hands, as she had removed them to play around with his chest. He.. he liked it, the way that her fingers twirled around in his fur.

Her advice was a sound one. He had no idea what he liked, let alone what another person he was with might like. The best thing he could do to understand a partner would be to ask what they liked. He gave her a nod, his gaze breaking away from her briefly to look once more at his hands, "L-Like this? Is this o-ok?" He guided them slowly along her sides, trying to go a little more inward, if only to experiment. His body just got hotter with each movement.

Pink eyes snapped back at her own movements, lowering herself down towards him before she moved backwards. It sent a shiver through him, but not one that was unpleasant. He found his hands moving more towards her back at this, as if not wanting her to potentially leave. He knew she wouldn't. He swallowed slightly, fingers twirling through her fur again, "T-Tease.. right. How do I do that?"

It was going to be a long night.
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We can go ahead and end this here.
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