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Leandra couldn't believe she had managed to do it. No scratch that, yes she did. Considering how often it seemed like the six siblings were trying to slip away from the adults, it seemed only right that she had managed to do so with Hokori and their father. He was sure to notice that she was gone at some point, but there wasn't much time to worry about that. The two of them were busy with something else, so it gave her a chance to wander away on her own. This was the place where her mother was supposed to be right?

Maybe she would find her while she was wandering. What was childhood if not giving your parents some kind of heart attack?

The brown pup wasn't really sure where she was going, not that she really cared about that fact. She was bound to come across someone in her exploration. This was far more freedom than she seemed to get back in New Caledonia, so she might as well see everything that she possibly could before the inevitable capture of her and being returned to her family. It wasn't like they were going to be staying here as long as her mother was.

Leandra had managed to find her way to the edge of the lake, having stopped to look at her own reflection in the water. The water was sure to be getting cold at this time in the year, and there was no way she was going to get knocked in and ruin her pelt. She would never hear the end of it from here sister. Hokori found any and every chance to take a jab at her. To be fair, she did the same, but it's not like it was right when he darker sister did it to her. So not fair.

She gave a flick of her tail, following along the shore, letting her blue gaze wander to see what more of this place would catch her eye.
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Jimena had done her best to get out and see the world, or at least Charmingtown, for the past few weeks. It felt as if nobody gave her any credit for her exploration efforts – in fact, she was now being shadowed by her elder sister. It would’ve been a significantly bigger problem for Jimena if she didn’t think Rafa was the coolest being on earth – but it was still frustrating to be babysat. As far as Jimena could see she was no longer a baby: she could walk, talk, eat and make a whole lot of mess - what more did most adults do anyway?

That was exactly what the young Escuella girl wanted to find out! And it couldn’t be done within the four walls of the Mill. The radius in which Jimena was allowed freedom would be ever-expanding soon but for now she didn’t know that.

Her trot, as she headed out with her big sister, was more of a slink than a bounce. Half of the pup wanted to resent the constant eye being kept on her; another part only wanted to emulate Rafa. She looked to the elder sibling often to gauge her reaction to things.

As the pair approached the lake’s shore Jimena caught sight of a shape – definitely canine – but the scent which wafted toward the young Coyote’s busy nose was not Home. Jimena straightened, every inch of her reaching to be as tall as possible. Rafa didn’t seem too concerned by the presence of the other youngster but Jimena couldn’t remember ever meeting someone who didn’t smell like some version of family.

She yipped as she strutted forward, her ember eyes bright with interest and her slim tail whipping from side to side in excitement.

“Where you from?” the youngster asked, standing tall as the speed of her wagging tail seemed to increase exponentially.

“You not family,” Jimena went on, without any hint of suspicion or discontent, by way of explanation: she was proud of the fact that she’d been able to discern someone who wasn’t Ashen and perhaps doubly proud that she’d joined up the dots that they must be from elsewhere.


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